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Strength Training at Home: 7 Full Body Medicine Ball Workouts

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When you consider medicine balls, do visions of highschool gym glass pop into your head? While many people remember the rather scary medicine balls from our youths, today’s medicine balls are one of many most enjoyable and versatile items of exercises equipment you can use! Medicine ball exercises work your entire body, engaging your core and firming your higher and decrease body. You can add a medicine ball to the exercises you already do, or try medicine ball exercises like ball slams and tosses. There’s no lack of selection when it involves medicine ball workouts. Check out our favourites below!

What is a Medicine Ball?

A medicine ball is a weighted ball that’s utilized in strength coaching and aerobic/anaerobic exercise, in addition to rehabilitation. They come in a single pound increments, so that you can use different weights for various exercises, plus they’re available in a vary of textures. Medicine balls are one of many most versatile items of train equipment and can be utilized to tone almost any a half of your body. They can even be used seated, standing or mendacity down. Medicine balls are a nice tool for constructing strength, balance, stability and coordination, and also you can simply combine them into exercises you’re already doing!

What are Medicine Ball Workouts Good For?

One of the explanations medicine balls are so popular is because they are often utilized for strengthening your entire body. They’re particularly helpful for explosive movements, and exercises like ball slams (where you slam a medicine ball into the bottom as hard as possible) are a nice way to get rid of stress.

Although medicine ball exercises are excellent for firming your entire body, they’re particularly amazing for your core. They engage and strengthen your core no matter the first muscle group being targeted, and enhance your stability and coordination. Medicine ball exercises make sure you get a full physique workout, which means you burn extra energy and enhance your overall fitness!

7 Full Body Medicine Ball Workouts

Medicine Ball Abs Defined – Best Way to a Flat Stomach | shortcircuits_fitness

This difficult medicine ball train combines core and cardio to actually work and outline your abs. You’ll do 10 exercises with a 45/15 interval, and you’ll begin with a warmup! She makes use of an 8lb medicine ball, however use no matter weight you’re comfortable with! You’ll do strikes like standing rotations, stroll out burpees, Russian twists and stand up paddling. Get prepared to really feel the burn!

Medicine Ball Workout for Abs, Arms and Lower Body | Holly Soto

This medicine ball train targets your entire body, out of your legs and arms to your core and glutes. Use a lighter weight for mobility and toning, or a heavier weight to construct muscle and power. The exercises include weighted sit-ups, single deadlifts, squats, wall balls, and more. Along with upping your strength, these exercises are additionally nice for coordination, balance and stability!

10-Min Beginner Abs & Core Medicine Ball Workout | GymRa

If you’re simply beginning out with medicine ball workouts, this 10-minute newbie routine will be perfect for you! You’ll construct a flat stomach, agency abs and a strong core with this quick, but efficient workout! This train includes exercises like leg thrusts, alternating leg jackknives, crunch-trust-twists and more!

Ariel’s Medicine Ball Workout: 30 Minutes | Qinetic Live

For this workout, you’ll want an eight or 10lb medicine ball for a 30 minute full physique workout. Get prepared to work each inch of your physique with strikes like deep lunge twists, excessive knees, and ball tosses. The strikes take a lot of control, and can work your coordination in addition to construct strength and cardio. It’s a well-rounded train that’s certain to make you match and toned!

Medicine Ball HIIT Workout | Full Body HIIT | Heather Robertson

With six different medicine ball exercises, you’re going to burn some serious energy with this workout. It’s a full physique HIIT routine, and you’ll do three rounds total! You’ll do a series of exercises together with toe taps, ball crunches and dead bugs, for 30 seconds on, 10 seconds off. She makes use of a 12lb medicine ball for this routine, however really feel free to make use of the weight that works for you!

Medicine Ball Workout: 7 Exercises to Flatten and Strengthen Your Core | Autumn Calabrese 

This killer train will work your core muscles like crazy! With exercises like indirect twist press ups, squat curl presses, and mountain climbers, this medicine ball train will tone your core and entire body! Your abdominals will get torched and all you want is one piece of equipment! She makes use of a 4lb medicine ball for this one!

10 or 20-Minute Medicine Ball Interval Circuit Workout (Full Body) | Nicole Pearce

This routine is filled with 5 killer exercises that you can undergo two or 4 times for an amazing full physique workout. You’ll do forty five seconds of labor and 15 seconds of rest, with exercises together with jump lunge twists, lateral burpees, squat slams, soccer drill faucets and V-up spreads. You’ll love this mixture of strikes that works your arms, abs, core and legs!

Medicine ball exercises are a nice way to strengthen and tone your entire body! They’re enjoyable and versatile, and are nice routines to do if you wish to switch up your workouts. Try these routines and prepare to see your physique transform!

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