Spiritual Minimalism. What the Heck is It and How Can It Totally Change Your Life?

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People often discover it actually bizarre when I share that my minimalist journey didn’t actually start with the desire to get my home in order. It’s true, that when we moved into our big, beautiful four bedroom, four bathroom dream house, it wasn’t lengthy earlier than I discovered myself drowning within the overwhelm of attempting to maintain it up. There was always one factor that desired to be picked up, updated, cleaned…the entire course of appeared by no means ending. That alone despatched me into the occasional random bursts of decluttering madness, for sure. The truth is, we didn’t actually have a lot of stuff to start with.

I guess I was always a minimalist

I guess for the primary time in my life I’m admitting that when we lived in our bigger house, I was already kind of a minimalist. I was minimalist in my home everywhere besides in my closet. That was not minimal at all!

While I was feeling the overwhelm of getting a a lot bigger space to care for the actuality of why I began minimalism was a lot bigger and I would love in order that you can pause and consider if any of this is applicable to your life as well.

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The Excess Reality

One of the primary issues that began to hit me was the wasted space of our house. I have counted a number of times, and together with our beautiful entryway (that appeared to gather stray toys and dust) we had a complete of 17 rooms and a massive storage room. Now we have 9 and three of them are basically one cozied up area.

My entire life I had dreamed of getting a beautiful, grand home like this. It was everything I had always fantasized about, particularly whenever I noticed anybody else who had a home like this.

In my mind, individuals who owned these homes were additional alongside than me, they were happier, and higher off. They had made it. This was fortunately ever after.

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Happy FOREVER after

Funny factor about fortunately ever after is I remember a second when I was probably round four or 5 and my mother was studying me a narrative earlier than mattress and of course, on the end, she said, “…and they lived Happily Ever After.”

I requested her, “Does that imply they were happy FOREVER after?” The concept that as soon as people collected all of the things: the prince, the clothes, the house, they would forever be happy made me really feel so excited.

Of course, at this time in my life, everything in my life had been fairly great, however my tiny little thoughts loved the idea of reaching a final vacation spot of happiness. After that, life turned into one sucker punch after the next, however nonetheless some a half of me believed that happy FOREVER after was nonetheless attainable, and the extra stressful my life got, the extra I wanted it.

I remember being a kid, my dad within the midst of a divorce – and my mother wasn’t removed from one, when the film Father of the Bride got here out.

In the movie, Steve Martin’s character, George Banks said this, “This is our house. 24 Maple Drive. Annie was simply in grammar school when we purchased it. A few years later, we got a shock package. Our son, Matt. I love this house. I love that I taught my kids to ride their bikes within the driveway. I love that I slept with them in tents within the backyard. I love that we carved our initials within the tree out front. This home is heat within the winter, cool within the summer, and appears spectacular with Christmas lights. It’s a nice house. I by no means want to move. But the factor I think I like best about this home are the voices I hear when I stroll through the door.”

Dream House? Or…

As a child with divorced parents and divorcing parents/step-parents, I heard this quote and all I heard was, “This home made all these wonderful issues possible.”

When Tom and I would do our Christmas Eve custom of driving through neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights, these that looked simply like the Bank’s home were these that stood out to me. I would always hug my hot cocoa a little tighter, lean in towards Tom and say, “That’s my dream house.”

Little did I know all of these years that a subliminal message had snuck into my mind as a child that told her that this particular style of home meant a happy family. Growing up in a lot of dysfunction, there was nothing extra I wanted than a happy household and I believed a home was a half of making it happen.

Giving Tours

When the realization that perhaps the home wasn’t what I wanted began to sink in was throughout home tours. It was humorous how when we moved proper into a big home extra people desired to get a tour. People got extra excited, checked out us differently, talked to us with extra respect.

I want it wasn’t true, however it is.

However, what I quickly got here to realize was that I got bored of listening to myself talk about our space. I would stroll through our main level, upstairs after which when I’d put my hand on the basement door this icky feeling of, “UGH, are we nonetheless doing this?” got here over me.

The enjoyment of showing off my space…my perceived standing was short lived and actually quickly felt gross, boring and excessive.

This feeling of extra spilled over into my photography enterprise the place I continually was collecting extra and extra backdrops and props and feeling this underlying feeling of grossness about all of it.

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Say cheese

To top it off, my days as a photographer appeared to quickly really feel full of fake smiles, and compelled togetherness.

Most of the households I labored with were laid back, gracious and loving. Let me simply say that.

However, there was with out fail so many individuals screaming at their kids, husband or spouse all within the name of a good photo. In two weeks they would share the photos to social media with some sort of, “Live Laugh Love” quote and also you couldn’t assist however really feel prefer it was all a lie.

Now, let me simply say, as a mother who’s well-known for her occasional freak outs, I am not saying that these parents were faking it or weren’t actually grateful for his or her household and little ones. I’m sure they 100% were. Still, it began to really feel fake. Like they were saying cheese in entrance of the camera and I was saying it after I put the camera away.

I was faking happy forever after and I was feeling it on every level.

What we’re made for

I know not everybody will purchase into the actuality that I am somebody who permits myself to be extra and extra lead by intuition. I know this can sound hokey, crazy, and even too woo woo for people to handle, however the actuality is, I believe we’re naturally meant to be lead by our intuition.

If we glance at nature, and animals, they present up for this life with a lot much less hustle, strife and anxiety than we do and it’s largely due to the actuality that they merely listen to their instincts. Their knowledge.

Just like turtles instinctively flock towards the water, and child birds practice flapping their wings, I believe that we as people are all meant for something. Our instincts particularly want us to present up for this one life in some way.

The trouble we run into is that because we’re all humans, we’re all watching what different people are doing as a sign of what we ought to or shouldn’t do. Kind of like me and the big house. We fill our house, schedule, and workload with issues that we believe are the ticket to success because another person said so.

We fill our closets with the newest trends because, well, that’s what everybody else is wearing. We get peer pressured into drinking, smoking, or binge watching Game of Thrones. If everybody else is doing it, it’s probably what I ought to be doing.

Well, the extra I discovered myself studying spiritual material, the extra I began second guessing everything I had ever thought I wanted and it began with this one belief.

If I have a sense I was made for greater than what I currently have. Then, I was.

More than this

Sitting there in my beautiful home, the home I had always dreamed of living in, I was overwhelmed by this concept that all of these thoughts, dreams, and ideas in my head actually might be a pre-programmed message from God.

Like what I was meant to do, swim or fly, was etched into my DNA and but I was ignoring it. Why was I ignoring it? Well, because everybody else was ignoring it. And, of course, everybody was telling me that any big hope or dream was unrealistic and impossible. Stick to one factor extra solid, extra grounded.

The factor is, for me, all of that solid groundedness was making me really feel like I was drowning. It was like I was a bird who had been forced to tread water within the ocean, being gaslit into believing that was the place I belonged.

Every fiber of my being fought me on the concept that perhaps I actually did have a purpose, but, a small voice inside kept saying, “What if…what if….”

What if I simply tried? What if I simply tried living life how I wanted to? Things might fall apart, sure, however they kind of already were, so I may as well try.

Spiritual Minimalism

This is the place Spiritual Minimalism got here into play.

If I had been filling my life up with what everybody else told me I needed. If I had been dressing for everybody else, chasing what everybody else told me to chase, the one way I was going to discover myself and my purpose was by eliminating no matter I had been attempting to fill my life with that didn’t really feel aligned.

So I headed to my closet.

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Finding myself within the closet

I want to say, almost instinctively. I slammed down my book, grabbed a rubbish bag and headed upstairs to my closet the place I did the most backwards decluttering ever:

  • I grabbed all of the items that I always desired to wear. The stuff that made me really feel the most comfortable or happy to be in.
  • I pulled out any equipment that might want to go with a few of these favourite items.
  • I removed the rest!

This was the start of my three year clothes freeze the place I went chilly turkey on shopping for new garments (which I talk about in episode 49).

I would settle for hand me downs from friend which gave me this amazing alternative to try new styles that I beforehand wouldn’t have and I discovered new issues that I liked. One of them being high quality items.

As a self proclaimed bargain shopper, I was usually scooping up any leftover clothes that didn’t promote and had been marked down.

One of my friends always purchased clothes from extra costly locations and I loved the way they looked and felt and fit!

Another friend had a actually enjoyable vintage-type style and I loved the chic, classical feeling they gave me when I put them on.

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Let’s promote the house

This continuous letting go course of introduced me to an epiphany one day. A second that would forever change my life. The second the place I raced up the steps to the double doorways of our primary bedroom, sat down subsequent to Tom and said, “Let’s promote the house!”

No, I didn’t think moving would save us. No, I didn’t blame all of our issues on the house.

I merely realized that what mattered the most to me the entire time had been family. Having my household shut to me. That shut household unit that George Banks was REALLY speaking about in Father of the Bride, that was what I wanted. What I had always wanted.

Coming from many damaged homes as a child all I wanted for my marriage and my children was a solid household unit and this home wasn’t helping.

We were unfold additional aside than ever before.

Weekends were spent catching up on projects, updating the yard or the house, attempting to maintain issues clear or me working extra hours to make sure we could keep affording to live there and nonetheless do enjoyable things.

The hustle of sustaining the home was taking its toll on all of our household members and I knew we desired to at least try life with out the home to see if we might be able to restore what was being broken.

Life after the big house

Of course, if you have been following me for a while, you know life has gotten fairly superior after downsizing from the big house.

We freed up sufficient income to repay debt. I had extra time to learn how to make passive income on-line – no screaming photography clients necessary.

In the final 6 years since we moved, we have learned to slow down, take breaks, and throughout enjoy life more. We haven’t completely escaped the hustle mindsets we used to live by, however we’re dangerously close.

I have constructed work that feels significant and fulfilling and Tom is teetering on the sting of that too.

With our kids, we have traveled more, had extra experiences and way fewer monetary worries.

We aren’t attempting to maintain up with anybody else, we’re solely attempting to focus on living our lives within completely the best, most fulfilling way we possibly can for ourselves and that really feel completely amazing.

So, yeah, I didn’t start minimalism as a way to get extra organized, or to clear much less (although that was a half of it). I began eliminating stuff from my life in order that I could spiritually join to my inner calling on a deeper level.

Never will I say that materials wealth is bad, however whether it’s running your life, if you end up hustling to maintain up or match in, then you are living out of alignment.

Taking the time to discover myself, listen to my intuition, perceive my purpose and my calling a little extra every day after which shopping for issues from a spot of peace and self understanding – that’s true abundance.

Continuing the Minimalist Journey

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