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Restless Leg Syndrome 101: 21 Signs, Causes and Treatment Options

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Imagine winding down for bed, and suddenly, you really feel an uncontrollable urge to maneuver your legs. The sensation is so intense that you can’t assist however transfer your legs for relief. Unfortunately, moving them provides temporary consolation till the aches return – it’s a fixed battle. This scenario is what somebody with stressed leg syndrome (RLS) experiences. RLS causes extreme discomfort, sleep problems, and interference with daily functioning. But thankfully, there are treatments to assist you or a loved one really feel higher everytime you really feel these aches.

What Is ‘Restless Leg Syndrome’?

Restless leg syndrome (RLS), additionally known as Willis-Ekbom disease, is a sleep problem that causes an intense, uncontrollable, and often overwhelming urge to maneuver your legs. You may even want to maneuver your arms or body. The urge is a response to painful sensations occurring inside your physique like throbbing, aching, itching, burning, or tugging. You may really feel these sensations when sitting for a lengthy time, like driving, sitting in an airplane, or whereas watching a movie. These sensations sadly can trigger extreme sleep deprivation and different stress-related problems.

What Causes Restless Leg Syndrome?

Often, there is no cause, and when there is no cause, it’s known as primary RLS. Others have secondary RLS, and researchers believe a number of factors and theories might clarify why some are extra vulnerable than others;

  1. Studies have discovered that 63% of patients with RLS have a relative with the identical sleep disorder, and when this occurs, signs seem earlier than forty years old.
  2. Underlying well being conditions like depression, renal kidney failure, hypothyroidism, Parkinson’s disease, fibromyalgia, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis can contribute to or trigger RLS. 
  3. Researchers believe there could additionally be an imbalance of dopamine, which sends signals to the mind for managed muscle movement. 
  4. Anemia and iron deficiency can actually trigger or worsen RLS. There’s additionally a connection between kidney failure and iron deficiency, which disrupts the iron ranges in your blood when your kidneys aren’t functioning well.
  5. Some women are extra vulnerable to RLS throughout pregnancy. Yet, signs may disappear after delivery. 

6 Restless Leg Syndrome Signs and Symptoms

While the main symptom is an overwhelming urge to maneuver your legs or arms, there are different indicators and symptoms;

  1. Sensations that happen whereas resting and sitting for lengthy periods.
  2. Relief after movement
  3. Sensations that happen at night
  4. Sleep disruption, insomnia, or daytime drowsiness
  5. Periodic limb motion (PLM) causes somebody to switch their legs periodically to alleviate discomfort – many individuals with RLS additionally expertise PLM
  6. Sensations that accompany RLS are sometimes described as tugging, pulling, aching, throbbing, itching, or burning.

10 Treatment Options for Restless Leg Syndrome

1. Prioritize relaxation

Like many bodily and psychological conditions, stress performs a critical role in RLS. It can agitate your signs and make it difficult to discover relief. Before bed, prioritize a handful of relaxation techniques to reduce stress and prep your thoughts for a deeper sleep. Breathing techniques for anxiety, taking a heat bath, and progressive muscle relaxation are all beneficial methods to wind down and reduce your symptoms.

2. Apply hot or chilly compresses

When an uncomfortable sensation starts, don’t wait and seize both a hot or chilly compress. Even if you’re sleeping, take a second and place a compress on the affected area. The preferred temperature relies upon on the person, so that you may want to mess round to see which temperature works best for you. Some individuals with RLS even enjoy a chilly bathe earlier than bed.

3. Establish a common sleep routine

Anyone who goes to mattress and wakes up consistently on the identical time sleeps better, and this tip additionally applies to these with RLS. While establishing a fixed routine may not reduce your signs entirely, it will assist alleviate the fatigue that continued leg motion causes. It will additionally reduce stress and train your thoughts for deeper sleep – a win-win.

4. Check your iron levels

If you have secondary RLS, you could even have an iron deficiency. Many research discovered connections between iron dietary supplements and decreased RLS symptoms. Therefore, contact your physician and full a easy blood test to rule out any underlying well being conditions or vitamin deficiencies – it’s worth the trip.

5. Exercise consistently

Moderate and common train can alleviate your symptoms. Studies discover lighter exercises, together with walking, jogging, yoga, and weight-lifting, resulted in much less leg motion and deeper sleep. But be careful, high-intensity train can additionally trigger muscle cramping and stiffness, which makes issues worse. Find what works best for you and make it a habit.

6. Consider yoga and deep stretching

A common symptom of stressed leg syndrome is insomnia and difficulty sleeping. But a gentle yoga practice or deep stretch earlier than mattress can assist alleviate the aching sensations. Also, if you’ve been sitting for a while, stretch your calves and higher legs for relief. Although it’s not clear why research present stretching helps individuals with RLS.

7. Avoid caffeine

This tip applies to stimulants, such as tea, sugar, alcohol, and coffee. While they may give you a burst of energy to fight the daytime drowsiness, they can additionally worsen your signs and disrupt your sleep even more. Therefore, attempt to chop out espresso at least three to 7 hours earlier than mattress to make it simpler for a deeper sleep.

Massage is one other tip to ease your signs and assist boost relaxation earlier than bed. While you’re winding down at night, both give your self a therapeutic massage or commerce massages with a loved one. One study suggested that massages present an elevated launch of dopamine that counteract the imbalance of RLS. It additionally improves circulation, decreases stress, and preps you for deeper sleep – a trifecta of benefits.

Thankfully, some companies created foot wraps called restiffic and vibrating pads called Relaxis pads to assist counteract your RLS symptoms. The foot wrap locations pressure in your foot and sends messages to your mind to calm the overwhelming urge to move. And the vibrating pad goes on the painful space and sends vibrations to assist relieve the aches. Both merchandise support deep sleep by masking the uncomfortable sensations from RLS – your thoughts shifts to the vibration rather than the discomfort.

10. Seek skilled help

If your RLS disrupts your functioning, together with your ability to sleep, it’s worth seeing a doctor. Many sufferers with RLS forgo receiving skilled assist for fear of not being taken seriously. But the aches and pains related to it can trigger daytime drowsiness and interfere with your ability to work and live your life. Therefore, consider seeing a physician in case your RLS makes your life extra challenging.

If you’re experiencing stressed leg syndrome, you know how irritating and painful it can be. Therefore, treatment ought to be a priority. But keep in thoughts that you could be want to discover and experiment to discover the proper treatment plan that works for you.

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