Panic Attack or Anxiety Attack? 10 Strategies to Help

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Am I having a panic assault or anxiety attack? This query is extra common than you might think. Often people get the 2 mixed up and even use them interchangeably. It’s okay if you do as well. But it’s important to know they’re not the same. Indeed, this text sheds light on the distinction between the 2 conditions, together with giving you many tricks to handle the overwhelm. If you’ve ever skilled a panic attack, an anxiety attack, or both, this text is for you.

Panic Attack or Anxiety Attack: What’s The Difference?

While each conditions share common symptoms, they’re vastly different from one another. But how? The biggest distinction is the various depth and size of symptoms. For example, panic assaults are sudden and often happen with out a trigger. You may not know what caused your assault – it can really feel prefer it got here out of the blue. Furthermore, whereas the signs of a panic assault are intense, they solely final for a few minutes. They accompany signs like fear of dying, a way of detachment from oneself and the world round you. An anxiety attack, on the reverse hand, gradually builds in response to a particular threat with signs like muscle tension, irritability, and fatigue. It doesn’t happen with the identical excessive fear, signs similar to a coronary heart attack, or sense of detachment that a panic assault brings.

5 Tips to Manage a Panic Attack

1. Don’t ignore what’s happening

When you’re having a panic attack, you may really feel tempted to disregard what’s happening. But this can trigger you to really feel extra overwhelmed in case your signs are longer than expected. Therefore, observing your signs as they arrive can assist you reverse the overwhelm. It sounds counterintuitive, however it works. So, the subsequent time you really feel one coming on, don’t attempt to show it off. Instead, acknowledge every feeling and repeat, “This is my anxiety, and it’ll pass“.

2. Ground yourself

One of the best methods to beat a panic assault is to attach to one thing outside yourself. Panic assaults could make you really feel out of control, and practicing a grounding technique will assist you counteract that feeling. For example, engage within the current second by rubbing your feet or hands on a surface. Notice the texture, and ask yourself, “Is it heat or cold, tough or smooth?”. Allow your self to actually really feel what you’re feeling to assist launch the panic. 

3. Use your brain

You have panic assaults because your flight-or-fight response is out of sorts. In different words, you think there is hazard close by when there isn’t. Yet even although one a half of your mind is spiraling, different parts of your mind are working completely fine. This means verbally talking to your self through the panic or engaging in a skill that prompts your motor or cognitive skills will assist ease the panic. For example, count backward, write a letter to yourself, or repeat, “Hey, I’m panicking again, however that’s okay. It will be over soon“. 

4. Slow deep breaths

Panicking creates fast and shallow breaths that make your anxiety worse. Yet, shifting your consideration to your breath and breathing slowly and lengthening your exhale will cease that feeling of detachment. It reminds you that you’re right here and you’re okay. To practice this, count your inhales and exhales. For example, breathe in and count 1-2 and exhale and count to 6. Each time you exhale, try counting extra and lengthening your breath a little longer every time.

5. Slowly embrace the fear

Panic creates avoidance, and avoidance creates extra panic. Think of a situation that caused your panic attack. Perhaps you were on the gym – did you cease going? If you did, take child steps towards going again. For example, if possible, full the identical routine at home. Then take a category with a friend. When you really feel comfortable, maybe go for a run to your gym, then face the gym. Ease your self by slowly embracing the fear and teaching your mind that no actual hazard exists.

5 Tips to Manage an Anxiety Attack  

1. Get to know your anxiety

Knowing your triggers can current useful information and can assist you reduce their frequency. To increase your awareness, bring consideration to your physique when you really feel anxious and journal what comes up. Try to full this each time you really feel anxious and search for a pattern. When you’re conscious of your triggers, you can begin to handle your feelings earlier than your anxiety controls you.

2. Self-soothe

When you really feel anxious, it can really feel difficult to consider something however what’s inflicting your anxiety. But one of many best methods to alleviate your stress is to self-soothe. Watch a humorous comedy, your favourite feel-good movie, name a friend and vent, pet your cat or dog, or take a bubble bath with aromatherapy candles – self-soothe with something that makes you really feel happy and relaxed.

3. Improve your internal dialogue

Your ideas have a significant impact in your anxiety. If your ideas are self-defeating or catastrophic, your anxiety can worsen. But if they’re supportive and calming, you can reduce your stress. So, the subsequent time you really feel anxious, talk to your self in a loving way, “As I relax and slow my breathing, my anxiety releases – I am in control“. And if you discover you’re talking to your self badly, repeat the reverse of no matter your thoughts stirs up – that is a useful tip for a panic assault or anxiety attack.

4. Create a routine

When you have a morning or night routine, it may be simpler to handle your anxiety levels. For example, work on going to mattress and waking up on the identical time every day, full a morning meditation, a fast yoga session, or repeat a few affirmations whereas listening to calming music. Familiar routines and practices train your physique to know what to anticipate throughout stressful periods.

5. Take care of your overall health

Self-care doesn’t contain pampering yourself. It involves taking motion that improves your overall emotional and bodily well-being. Therefore, prioritize what makes you and your physique really feel good. Eat well-balanced meals, train consistently, get sufficient sleep, meditate, and reduce caffeine and alcohol. All of those behaviors will put you in a greater state of thoughts to handle your anxiety attacks.

Seek remedy for a panic assault or anxiety attack

If you’re consistently experiencing panic assaults or anxiety attacks, search assist from a psychological well being professional. Through cognitive behavior remedy (a popular go-to for anxiety), you can learn what causes your stress, how to shift your thoughts, and enhance your behaviors. While it can really feel difficult to ease the overwhelm, it’s possible. Be patient, love your self through the process, and take it one day at a time. Whether you’re experiencing a panic assault or anxiety attack, you could make decisions that will assist you really feel better.

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