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Migraine Diet 101: 10 Best and Worst Foods for Migraine Sufferers

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If you’ve ever had a migraine (or are a fixed migraine sufferer) you know how horrible they can be. It’s an almost-unbearable headache that may leave you with a horrible sensitivity to light and sound and even result in nausea, vomiting and imaginative and prescient loss. There are sure meals you can eat to prevent and subdue migraines, and sure meals you ought to keep away from as well. Read on to learn extra about the migraine diet and the way it can assist you get again to yourself.

What Is a Migraine?

A migraine is a extreme headache that causes throbbing pain, usually on one side of the head however sometimes on both. Migraines can often be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, irritability, lack of imaginative and prescient and excessive sensitivity to light, sound and even smell. Migraines can final for hours and even days and can interfere with day to day activities.

Some people will get a warning symptom called an aura that happens earlier than or with the headache. An aura can set off visible disturbances such as flashes of light, blind spots, tingling on one side of the face or arms and legs, and difficulty speaking.

16 Migraine Symptoms

There are different stages of a migraine and signs that go together with every stage. Here is a rundown of each:

(Can happen one or two days earlier than a migraine)

1. Constipation
2. Mood changes
3. Food cravings
4. Neck stiffness
5. Increased urination
6. Fluid retention
7. Frequent yawning

(Can happen earlier than or throughout migraines. Each symptom builds up gradually, builds up over a quantity of minutes and lasts as a lot as 60 minutes)

1. Visual phenomena, such as seeing various shapes, bright spots or flashes of light
2. Vision loss
3. Pins and needles sensations in arms or legs
4. Weakness or numbness within the face or one side of the body
5. Difficulty speaking

(Can final four to seventy two hours if left untreated)

1. Severe, throbbing ache on one or each sides of your head
2. Pain that throbs or pulses
3. Sensitivity to light, sound and sometimes smell and touch
4. Nausea and vomiting

12 Migraine Causes

The definitive set off for migraines hasn’t been found, however, it’s believed to be a situation that’s due to irregular mind exercise that impacts nerve signalling and chemicals and blood vessels within the brain.

Here are some migraine triggers that are sometimes reported:

1. Bright lights or loud sounds
2. Severe warmth or different excessive temperatures or weather
3. Dehydration
4. Hormonal changes in people assigned feminine at birth, together with earlier than or throughout menstrual periods, being pregnant and menopause
5. Drinks together with an excessive amount of alcohol and caffeine
6. Excess stress
7. Intense bodily activity
8. Skipping meals
9. Changes in sleep patterns
10. Weather changes
11. Medications such as oral contraceptives
12. Food components likes MSG and aspartame

Migraine Diet 101: 10 Best and Worst Foods

Best Foods for a Migraine

1. Dark Leafy Greens
Dark leafy greens together with spinach, Swiss chard, and kale are nice sources of magnesium, which can assist lower or prevent migraines. Studies have discovered that individuals who suffer migraines have low magnesium levels, so upping your magnesium consumption through meals is key. Other nice sources of magnesium are avocados, tuna, nuts and tofu.

2. Fatty Fish
Fatty fish together with mackerel, cod and salmon are wealthy in omega three fatty acids that may assist when you have a migraine. A diet wealthy in omega three fatty acids has been proven to reduce the frequency and depth of month-to-month migraine attacks. If you’re plant-based, you can get omega 3s from sources like walnuts, flaxseeds and chia seeds.

3. Watermelon
Watermelon contains tons of water and getting sufficient water (through drinking it and consuming meals that contain lots of water) is important for curbing migraines. Watermelons are ninety two percent water, so are nice for serving to you keep hydrated. Dehydration can be a main set off for migraines, so upping your water consumption is crucial.

4. Bananas
There are loads of advantages of bananas for migraine episodes. They’re about seventy four percent water, so are good for hydration. They’re additionally a nice meals for fast energy restoration so can assist you stave off an energy assault or an episode of hypoglycemia, which can result in a headache. Finally, they’re excessive in magnesium, which we already know is good for migraines.

5. Legumes
Legumes like lentils and beans contain protein and fibre that assist maintain blood sugar levels, and potassium and magnesium to alleviate blood vessel constrictions. Legumes additionally provide coenzyme Q10, which is good for mind well being and may reduce the variety of days a migraine lasts.

6. Herbal Tea
Drinking adequate quantities of water is the best way to remain hydrated and natural tea is one other excellent way to spice up your hydration. Certain types of tea have additional benefits. Peppermint tea can relieve signs like congestion and pressure, that are common signs of a sinus headache. Ginger tea has additionally been discovered to assist with tension headaches.

Worst Foods for a Migraine

1. Artificial Sweeteners
Many processed meals contain synthetic sweeteners. These are sugar alternatives such as aspartame that are added to meals and drink to set off sweetness. Aspartame in particular is known to set off migraine symptoms, so be certain to keep away from synthetic sweeteners as a lot as possible.

2. Alcohol
Alcohol, particularly red wine, is a common set off for migraines. Alcohol can additionally set off dehydration, which is a significant contributing issue to headaches. Try to keep away from alcohol as a lot as possible if you’re prone to migraines.

3. Salty Foods
Salty foods, particularly salty processed meals can set off migraines in some people. Consuming excessive ranges of sodium can increase blood pressure, inflicting complications or migraine attacks.

4. Aged Cheese
Aged cheeses like cheddar and manchego contain a compound called tryamine, which can contribute to headaches. The longer a excessive protein meals ages, the extra tryamine it contains. Tryamine may set off migraines by altering the extent of sure neurotransmitters within the brain. Parmesan and brie cheese may even be culprits.

If you suffer from migraines, try consuming and avoiding these meals to see if it helps!

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