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Anasayfa » Manicure Monday: 10 Genius Press On Nail Tips and Hacks

Manicure Monday: 10 Genius Press On Nail Tips and Hacks

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Love the look of getting your nails done, however can’t always make it to the salon? Want to have the ability to quickly change the look of your nails for occasions and even on the daily? It’s time to get acquainted with press-on nails. With loads of patterns and designs to decide on from, press-on nails are the best way to make your hands stand out. Whether you want short, long, almond formed or coffin shaped, there’s a press-on nail kit for you. Plus, they’re simpler to take away and don’t trigger as a lot damage to your nails as acrylics do. Check out our greatest press-on nail tricks to get the salon look at home.

10 Genius Press On Nail Tips and Hacks

1. Pick the Right Brand
There are loads of press-on nail manufacturers out there, and the standard definitely issues to make sure longevity. KISS is one of many hottest manufacturers round and has amazing choices for nude press-ons and French tips, in addition to different shapes and lengths. Glamnetic press-ons are additionally tremendous excessive high quality and available in tons of various colors and designs from butterflies to marble to vibrant French tips. PaintLab is one other amazing brand, particularly if you’re a fan of nail art. They boast designs from florals and avocados to hearts and strawberries.

2. Prep Your Nails
To guarantee your press-ons adhere correctly to your nails, the proper preparation is key. Once you’ve clipped your nails and eliminated any earlier polish, push again your cuticles to take away extra skin, then cleanse your nails with an alcohol prep pad. This ensures there’s no oils or dirt in your hands. You can additionally press a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol onto your nails to clear them.

3. Choose Your Nail Size
Press-on nails come in different sizes to suit your fingers. Choose your nail sizes earlier than you begin making use of them so you’re not looking for your size with moist glue in your hands. The press-ons shouldn’t be wider than your nail bed- you want them to suit snuggly beneath the cuticle. You may want to file the sides of the press-ons to suit your nail beds for a extra perfect match. Just make certain to attend to file till you’ve utilized the entire set. Contour the nails from the sidewalls for a extra pure look.

4. Shape and Length Matter
When deciding in your press-ons, actually take into consideration your lifestyle and what you do with your hands on the daily. If you’re constantly typing, washing dishes, or doing some sort of manual labour, tremendous lengthy nails likely aren’t the proper match for you. You’ll probably be higher off with a shorter, extra pure nail size and shape. Otherwise, you can likely get away with press-ons that are longer and extra tapered.

5. Proper Application Makes All the Difference
Try making use of your nails with your non-dominant hand first, because it will be simpler to use the press-ons with your pure nails than with longer nails. You may additionally consider leaving your thumbs for final for simpler dexterity. One finger at a time, cowl your whole nail with a skinny layer of glue. Gently apply pressure evenly over the press-on for a nice seal and wait 30 seconds for the glue to set.

6. Keep Your Nails Dry
To guarantee your nails final so lengthy as possible, try to not submerge your nails under water. Press-ons are designed to come off with cleaning soap and water, so letting them sit in soapy suds for longer periods can shorten their longevity. Skip baths whereas you’re wearing press-ons and put on rubber gloves whereas you’re washing dishes to guard them.

7. Remove Gently
It’s important to take away your press-ons correctly and gently to prevent damage to your nails. First, soak your nails in warm, soapy water (a liquid dish cleaning soap works best). Keep your fingers submerged for 15 minutes. At 10 minutes in, you can begin loosening the tips out of your precise nails by urgent the tips up and down. Do this very gently. For a faster process, you can additionally do that with a few inches of pure acetone. You can then use an orange wooden stick to softly lift off the press-ons. If they don’t simply come off, soak them as soon as extra for a few minutes. You can additionally try a drop of cuticle oil under the press-on to assist create slip.

8. Be Picky with Your Glue
Although most press on nail kits include double-sided tape or glue, take into consideration utilizing a greater glue for higher keep power. The KISS Powerflex Brush-On Glue bonds quickly and brushes on evenly to prevent air pockets. The Mia Secret Nail Glue is additionally known to be one of many best, leaving you with long-lasting salon-like nails each time.

9. Sometimes Tape is Best
Glue is the best option if you want your press-ons to final for a lengthy time, however when you wish to have the ability to change them quickly (on the daily or for a sure event), the double sided tape that comes with the press-ons is perfect. The tape lasts for about 7 hours with out issue. They solely require a heat water soak, nail oil and a gentle tug to remove. A fast note to prevent pain: pull the nail down and outward rather than ripping them off side to side.

10. Re-Hydrate Your Hands
Press-on nails are a lot much less likely to damage your nails than acrylics, however the removal course of can nonetheless result in some dryness. Make certain to make use of a good moisturizer just like the Weleda Skin Food Ultra-Rich Cream after you take away them to maintain your pores and skin barrier in tip top shape. You can additionally re-hydrate your nails with a good cuticle oil.

Press-on nails are the best way to get the salon look with out the cash and time it takes to actually go to the salon. Be certain to make use of our tips and hacks for the perfect at home mani!

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