Kids Reading Challenge – How’s It Going?

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We are midway through the primary month of our studying challenge. How’s it going?

Hopefully your child is having fun with a enjoyable book for this month. If not, it’s not too late!

*The problem this month is to learn a book that has been made right into a film or television series. 📚📺

Print out the entire problem here! Don’t forget to have your child track and rate their book.

🌟Kids Monthly Reading Challenge.pdf 🌟

This kids studying problem is about giving your child choice and enjoyment. Peek the photo for extra of our household favorites. ⬇️

For the final list, check out the Best Kids Books That Are Movies For 2023.

Is your child struggling to pick up a book?

  • Continue to allow them to select interesting books for them.
  • Read tothem AND with them. Kids of all ages love learn aloud.
  • Make a plan to watch the screen model of their book after they end reading.

*Plan forward for subsequent month’s challenge! We’ll be studying an inspiring book for kids. This can include kids biographies of amazing people.

Stay tuned! We’ll have a list of the best inspiring books for your kids soon!

Would you want to take part within the studying problem together with your child?

🌟Adult Monthly Reading Challenge.pdf 🌟

Happy Reading!