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How to Transition a Toddler to a Big Kid Bed: 11 Tips and Ideas

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The transition from crib to big-kid mattress is a big second in a toddler’s life.

Unlike different developmental stages, there isn’t a particular time to expect your toddler to be ready. Your toddler could additionally be anywhere between 18 months and three years of age.

Every child is different. Some may have a strong attachment to their present sleeping preparations and can resist the change. Others are itching to make the big move.

So how do you know in case your toddler is able to make the switch? These three indicators will assist you know when to leave the crib behind.

3 Signs Your Toddler is Ready for a Big Kid Bed

  1. They are too tall – If your child is at or merely below three feet tall, they’ve most likely outgrown their crib. Pay consideration to your crib’s mattress placement and suggestions for size.
  2. They’re attempting to make an escape – This one is all about safety. If your toddler is scaling the side of their crib and can propel themselves over the crib rail, it’s time for a big-kid bed. They are nonetheless small and will simply hurt themselves, so be careful for escape artists.
  3. They ask for it – Pretty straightforward, right? Some kids will merely ask you to make the move. This is much extra likely if they’ve an older sibling in a big-kid bed.

How to Transition a Toddler to a Big Kid Bed: eleven Tips

You can assist your little one transition from crib to big-kid mattress easily and safely by following these eleven tips:

  1. Timing is everything – If possible, keep away from attempting to make the transition in case your toddler is currently going through one other big change such as potty training, a brand new school/childcare, or they’re weaning off of a bottle or pacifier. If you’re anticipating a brand new child and also you want the crib, start transitioning them at least three months earlier than you are anticipated to give birth.
  2. Start a conversation – If your toddler is showing no indicators of wanting to switch to a big-kid bed, you can slowly introduce it by beginning a conversation. Talk with them about a brand new bed, learn books about it, and take note of how they react. It could additionally be all of your little one must be ready to make the switch.
  3. Don’t forget your routine – Keep issues constant by sticking to your regular bedtime routine. Toddlers thrive on routine, so sustain the bedtime rituals they’re used to. Also, be certain to permit some extra time to prepare for mattress as they’re certain to get overly excited or distracted.
  4. Find the proper bed – There are loads of choices on the market when it involves a toddler bed. Some allow you to reuse your crib’s mattress, saving you money. You can additionally select to make use of a twin-size mattress with a guard rail. No matter what you decide, keep security in thoughts – place the headboard against the wall, guarantee it’s put collectively securely, and keep it away from windows, curtains, lights, or heating elements.
  5. Give them a choice – This is the enjoyable part. Let your toddler pick out sheets, bedding, and pillows they like to assist make the transition extra comfortable and exciting.
  6. Introduce it early – If possible, earlier than making the switch, place the brand new mattress of their room. Let your child know this will be their mattress – practice laying down and resting, present them how to be safe by not jumping, and make it a half of bedtime by studying books on it. You can additionally start utilizing their new mattress for naps earlier than they start sleeping in it at night.
  7. Childproof the space – Now that your toddler can entry their room (and rooms beyond!) extra easily, you want to make sure that they’re going to be safe. Add security gates to stairs, safe heavy furnishings and televisions, and guarantee drawers are latched.
  8. Set an alarm – Many parents wonder how to maintain their children from leaving their room at night. Locking their door, whereas it may appear to be the best option, is each a security and a fire hazard. You can connect bells to their door or use a monitor to alert you when they leave the room.
  9. Reward their behavior – If your toddler is staying of their mattress for naptime and bedtime, allow them to know how happy you are. You can additionally encourage them with a reward system such as a sticker or particular deal with every time they sleep of their big-kid bed.
  10. Don’t be afraid to switch back – It doesn’t occur often, however sometimes the switch occurs too soon. If your toddler is constantly throwing tantrums or is unable to sleep at night, you might want to consider bringing again their crib and trying as soon as extra in a month or two. If this happens, it’s OK. You will know when the time is proper for your toddler and your family.
  11. Have patience – Easier said than done, we know. Just remember, like something else in your child’s life, this too is a process. You might want to be ready to place your toddler again to mattress when they inevitably get out again, and again, and again. Take them again to mattress calmly and leave quickly. It may take a month or two earlier than they learn to remain in bed.

Knowing how to transition your toddler to a big child mattress is simply the beginning. Remember, you know your toddler higher than anybody else. Follow their cues and be certain to concentrate to their consolation levels. By doing so, you and your toddler will each relaxation easy.

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