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How to Take a Social Media Break to Improve Your Mental Health

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Scrolling is addictive, isn’t it? It’s easy to get misplaced in a trance of scrolling one account after another. Before it’s too late, we get up forty five minutes later, worrying about misplaced time and everything we nonetheless want to do. Social media can additionally really feel like a difficult behavior to reduce. We may become so accustomed to scrolling that we’re not conscious we’re doing it or when we have to take a break. But studying how to take a social media break provides many life-enhancing advantages for your psychological well being and overall wellbeing.

What Are The Benefits of Taking a Social Media Break? 

While social media can be a highly effective tool in spreading awareness, creating positive social change, and connecting communities, it can additionally leave you bodily and emotionally drained. In fact, social media usage is linked to poor self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and loneliness, to name a few. Thankfully, research current the many advantages a break can provide. 

  • A weeklong break reduces anxiety and depression.
  • A 2023 study found many college students reported a positive change in mood, reduced anxiety, and improved sleep throughout a break.
  • Another study found significant enhancements in depression and loneliness.

8 Signs You Need To Take a Social Media Break 

Ever really feel jealous, angry, tired, or irritated after scrolling? It could additionally be time to take a break from scrolling. Here are a few extra tell-tale indicators you want to chop back. 

  1. You can’t cease comparing. 
  2. You scroll with out realizing it. 
  3. You expertise separation anxiety when you can’t check it. 
  4. You struggle to benefit from the current second with out posting about it. 
  5. You seize your phone very first factor within the morning and final factor at night. 
  6. You become irritated and upset by everything you see. 
  7. You struggle to form your personal opinions. 
  8. You expertise difficulties placing your phone down.

How to Take a Social Media Break 

1. Identify your goal

First, ask your self why you want to take a break from social media. Do you acknowledge that it’s affecting your life negatively? If so, be particular and write it down. For example, “I want to restrict my social media utilization from one hour to half-hour a day, so I can be extra mindful in my daily life“. Once you have a goal, it will be simpler to remain motivated when you end up reaching for your phone.

2. Change your settings

Thankfully, Instagram has made it a lot simpler to take a break. Their settings actually support you in doing so. For example, go to your settings, choose “time spent”, and from there, you can set a reminder to take breaks and specify a daily time limit. When you’re scrolling, notifications will pop up, reminding you to stop. It’s very useful when the device you’re attempting to step away from encourages you.

3. Review the time spent

After altering your settings, look at how a lot time you spend on social media. It shows you the common time you spent per day within the final week. The quantity might shock you into reducing your daily limit. It may additionally trigger you to self-reflect on how social media impacts your life. Have you noticed indicators that you’re upset? Do you really feel like you’re not living within the current moment? Does your phone really feel like an extension of your body? Consider how social media impacts you.

4. Replace a habit

Ask the reason you scroll. Do you use it since you want to relax, connect, or for entertainment? When you have the reason, swap social media with a extra positive and extra wholesome habit. For example, if you scroll to relax, full a yoga workout, take a walk, read, journal, stretch, or do something you discover relaxing that won’t negatively impact you.

5. Place your phone away from you

When you’re winding down for bed, place your phone throughout your room at night to eliminate scrolling. Keeping it out of your arm’s attain will assist you fight the urge from checking it if you’re fighting insomnia. Even more, this easy redirection will additional prevent you from scrolling as quickly as you wake up. It provides so many wins.

6. Leave your phone at home

If your goal is to spend extra high quality time with your loved ones, consider leaving your phone at home from time to time. For example, when assembly a friend for dinner, ask yourself, do I actually want it? Chances are, you don’t. Therefore, deliberately leave it home and enjoy a gift night out with your loved ones. If you expertise separation anxiety, that is one other indicator of how important it’s to eliminate the time you spend checking your phone.

7. Use a different alarm

One of the best methods to cease checking your social media at night or when you get up is to change your alarms. Don’t use your phone for your wake-up anymore. Get a separate alarm clock so your morning routine doesn’t contain your device.

8. Turn off notifications

Did you know when you get a notification, it creates a dopamine response? This stimulus is definitely similar to drug use. It can trigger addictive feelings, making it harder to interrupt the habit. But it will be simpler to learn how to take a social media break in case your phone isn’t constantly reminding you of what’s going on. Therefore, go to your settings and switch off the notifications. Don’t think twice and stick with your goal.

9. Consider social etiquette

Many of us forget social etiquette when utilizing our phones. We check it when we’re at dinner, speaking to friends, in a meeting, etc. Consider the times checking your phone is inappropriate. For example, if you’re having a face-to-face dialog with a loved one, chances are pulling out your phone mid-way is rude. This behavior tells your friend you’re bored and no longer want to proceed the conversation. Even if this isn’t the case, that’s the message you’re relaying. Think about the way you want to deal with the people round you, and resist the urge to check your phone.

10. Swap with self-care

Instead of reaching for your phone, check-in with your self and ask how you’re feeling. Have you spent any time in your self-care? If not, choose an exercise that makes you really feel good. For example, name a friend to attach with them face-to-face, take a hot bath to relax, cook a wholesome meal with your partner, or go to the gym to sweat out your stress. Any one of those actions will current a mood-boosting effect.

Remember, studying how to take a social media break advantages your life mentally and enhances your overall wellbeing. It can assist you reconnect to the current moment, really feel happier day-to-day, and really feel extra grateful for the life you have. While reducing your time spent scrolling, use anybody of those accessible methods to support you.

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