How to Stop a Panic Attack: 8 Tips and Remedies that Help

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Your coronary heart begins racing. Your palms get sweaty, and also you really feel such as you can’t breathe. You might imagine you’re dying or having a coronary heart attack, however the likely reply is a panic attack. Not solely do they often happen with out warning, however panic assaults are scary and can negatively disrupt your life. Yet studying how to cease a panic assault can give you extra details about when it begins and the way to reduce the severity earlier than it turns into too overwhelming. 

What is a Panic Attack? 

Part of studying how to cease a panic assault is recognizing what they really feel like and what to expect. A panic assault is a sudden expertise of intense fear and anxiety in a situation that doesn’t pose any actual threat or danger. It creates a mixture of bodily and emotional symptoms, and whereas most are short, usually lasting round 10-20 minutes, some can final longer. 

There are two types; anticipated and unexpected; 

  • Expected assaults happen when somebody has direct expertise with triggers. For example, somebody afraid of bees might have a panic assault if one will get close.
  • Unexpected assaults happen with out warning and may even happen when somebody is calm.

14 Symptoms of a Panic Attack 

Nearly 5 percent of adults experience a panic assault at a whereas of their lives, and studying about the signs can assist you or a loved one really feel safer and extra in control; 

  1. Feeling disconnected from life round you 
  2. Loss of control 
  3. Fear of “going crazy” 
  4. Fast breathing
  5. Dizziness 
  6. Shortness of breath
  7. Racing heart 
  8. Sweaty palms 
  9. Chest pain 
  10. Nausea  
  11. Blurred vision 
  12. Muscle aches  
  13. Shaking or trembling body  
  14. Chills or hot flashes  

What Causes a Panic Attack? 

While there isn’t an exact cause, there are a number of theories; 

  • Mood disorder. Panic assaults are a symptom of panic disorder. But can additionally happen in different psychological disorders, such as main depressive disorder, social anxiety disorder, and bipolar disorder, to name a few. 
  • Consistent stress. Extreme stress over a very very lengthy time can set off attacks.
  • Lifestyle. Overusing alcohol, nicotine, or caffeine can all increase anxiety.

How to Stop a Panic Attack 

1. Identify your triggers 
It may really feel like your panic assault is popping out of nowhere, and whereas sometimes they do, there are particular triggers that set off it. And knowing these triggers could teach you how to cease a panic assault and assist you gain control. Here’s how to identify them; 

  • Think about your most up-to-date attack. What were you doing? How were you feeling? What ideas did you have? Journal these sensations, situations, and thoughts.
  • Next, if you discover bodily sensations, inform your self what you’re experiencing is a regular response and that it’s temporary.
  • Then, examine your ideas and their consequences. If you fear having a coronary heart attack, ask your self if this outcome occurred in your earlier attacks.
  • Lastly, if you’re conscious sure conditions set off panic attacks, remind your self you might get anxious, however it’s okay, and it’ll pass.

2. Breathe  
If you expertise panic attacks, your fight-or-flight response prompts and often creates short shallow breathing. To interrupt this response, try stomach breathing. Not solely will it floor you within the current moment, however it will lower the depth of your attack. 

  • Place one hand in your stomach and one in your chest 
  • Slowly breathe through your nostril and out your mouth. As you do so, discover your chest rising and your stomach falling  
  • Repeat these steps till you really feel safe

3. Ground yourself  
When you’re on the height level of an attack, it may really feel prefer it won’t ever stop. It will, and relaxation techniques will assist make the method simpler by calming your breathing and slowing your racing heart. Here are a few examples you can use; 

  • Use your senses. Focus in your environment, and name 5 issues you can see, 4 issues you can feel, three issues you can hear, two issues you can smell, and one factor you can taste.
  • Visualize. Think about an actual or imagined place that makes you happy. Focus on every element as a lot as possible to refocus your attention.
  • Aromatherapy. Smelling strong scents like peppermint or lavender can cease your thoughts and physique from specializing in the symptoms.

4. Practice feeling uncomfortable 
A a half of getting a panic assault is often the fear it will happen again. If you had a panic assault whereas dancing with friends, you might both keep away from dancing publicly altogether or end up going out much less and less. Instead of declining social invites, try slowly introducing your self to the place your panic assault occurred. Start by going to a small bar with a friend or two to ease your self again into socializing, then try a barely bigger social outing, and so forth. Take your time and teach your mind it has nothing to fear.

5. Prepare phrases of encouragement 
While it’s difficult, you want to inform your mind that you’re not in danger. If you expertise constant panic attacks, put together a script beforehand to learn throughout the moment. For example, if you really feel like you’re dying or losing control, repeat “I’m safe, and I’m in management of how I reply to my environment”. Put your script in an simply accessible place, such as in your phone or your wallet.

6. Distract yourself  
In a panic attack, our ideas have a tendency to go haywire, leaping from one conclusion to the subsequent till we discover ourselves on the ER asking for help. Instead of permitting your thoughts to attain this point, distract yourself. To do this, listen to soothing music, squeeze a stress ball, name a friend, or take a stroll – something to assist you cease the chatter.

7. Don’t fight 
If you’re experiencing a panic attack, your go-to response could additionally be to fight the panic assault and prevent it from continuing. But panic is the response to your body’s fight-or-flight response malfunctioning and can solely worsen if you attempt to fight it. In contrast, let it happen and provides it time to run its course. It may really feel counterproductive, however letting it happen tells your physique it has no actual reason to fight or flee, it’s safe.

8. Move your body  
Interesting fact, you can outsmart your mind by moving your body. Licensed therapist Jodi Aman states, “Don’t keep still. Doing one factor changes the chemicals within the brain. It releases the GABA hormone that places the breaks on the adrenaline.” The GABA hormone is a neurotransmitter that calms anxiety by reducing active cells within the nervous system. So, subsequent time you expertise panic, transfer your physique and inform your self you’re safe.

When to Seek Help 

If you expertise frequent panic assaults and the fear of getting them impacts your ability to function, it’s worth seeking assist from a psychological well being professional. Through cognitive behavior therapy, you’ll learn how to identify your triggers, problem your thoughts, and the way to cease a panic attack. While panic assaults are scary, they don’t want to management your life. By studying extra about your triggers and thought patterns, you can really feel extra at peace.