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How to Reverse Leptin Resistance for Weight Loss & Maintenance

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Our hormones have an effect on just about everything in our body, from metabolism and weight loss, to fertility, blood pressure, sleep and more. Leptin is a hormone that helps to regulate physique weight and energy balance by inhibiting hunger. Its main role is to regulate fat storage and what number of energy you eat and burn. If your physique turns into resistant to leptin, it stops receiving and responding to its signals. Leptin resistance is thought to be one of many main causes of weight gain today. We’ve rounded up some recommendation on how to reverse leptin resistance for weight loss, so that you can live a extra wholesome life.

What is Leptin and Why Is It Important?

Leptin is a hormone produced by the fat cells in your physique that helps you maintain your regular weight on a long-term basis. It does this by regulating starvation by offering the feeling of satiety (feeling full). It helps prevent starvation and regulate energy balance in order that your physique doesn’t set off a starvation response when it doesn’t want energy.

Leptin primarily targets the brain, particularly the hypothalamus. When you have sufficient fat stored, it’s supposed to inform your mind that you don’t want to eat and also you can burn energy at a regular rate. High ranges of leptin inform your mind you have loads of fat stored, whereas low ranges inform your mind that fat shops are low and also you want to eat.

What is Leptin Resistance?

Leptin resistance is when your physique doesn’t reply to leptin, and it’s believed to be one of many main causes of fat gain. Since the quantity of leptin in your blood is directly proportional to the quantity of physique fat, weight problems outcomes in excessive ranges of leptin. This can set off a lack of sensitivity to leptin, which can result in you being leptin resistant.

Leptin signals your mind to cease consuming as quickly as you’ve replenished your energy stores, however solely when the signalling mechanism is working right. Things break down in case your mind stops receiving leptin’s signals and responding to them accordingly. Your mind struggles to acknowledge the hormone signalling, so that you discover your self feeling hungry all of the time, even when you eat greater than sufficient meals to fuel your body.

What Are the Signs of Leptin Resistance?

1. Obesity and stomach fat
2. Trouble losing weight no matter how a lot you exercise
3. Constant weight gain even with no change in diet or exercise
4. Constant fatigue and low energy
5. Chronic ache disorders, such as fibromyalgia
6. Constant meals cravings, even after a big meal
7. Cravings for junk food
8. Feeling stressed out
9. Feeling sleep deprived

What Are the Causes of Leptin Resistance?

The Western diet in particular is excessive in sugar and processed foods, which is one of many biggest causes of weight problems and can result in leptin resistance. Other than diet, there are a few different issues that may contribute to leptin resistance:

1. Overeating
2. Inadequate sleep
3. High stress (and ensuing excessive cortisol) levels
4. High insulin levels
5. Too little or an excessive quantity of exercise
6. Excessive snacking, particularly at night

How to Reverse Leptin Resistance

1. Limit Sugars and Processed Foods

The typical modern-day diet is filled with sugar, refined carbs, preservatives and chemicals. Eating these sorts of meals consistently can ruin your body’s leptin response. Sugary meals flood your physique with a temporary burst of energy, however result in crashes and you’ll discover your self hungry quickly after. Surges of leptin force your physique to adapt by making your physique resistant to the hormone. Replace these meals with nutrient-dense, slow-burn energy meals to keep away from leptin spikes. Focus on vegetables, leafy greens, grass-fed meats and wholesome fat like nuts and avocados.

2. Eat More Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids present in meals like salmon, flax seeds, walnuts and avocados are important for your well being and can assist balance leptin. Most people are consuming too many omega-6s from processed foods, vegetable oil and factory-farmed meat. Omega-3s are important for mind well being and they additionally support different functions like digestion and immunity.

3. Increase Your Fibre and Protein

Eating lots of protein and fibre can result in weight reduction since they assist to fill you up and keep you satisfied. Protein is additionally nice since it will assist you keep away from energy slumps, meals cravings and blood sugar spikes. Focus on consuming meals like eggs, fish, lean meats, whole grains, legumes, greens, nuts and wholesome oils.

4. Get Enough Exercise

Physical exercise can assist reverse leptin resistance. It’s so important to get your coronary heart rate up, whether or not it’s with walking, jogging, biking or Pilates. Strength coaching particularly is beneficial for leptin resistance as lifting weights can assist increase leptin sensitivity, making it simpler for your physique to inform your mind when it’s full and assist you lose weight.

5. Manage Your Stress

Find methods to maintain your stress ranges under control, particularly in taxing times. High stress can skyrocket your cortisol levels, negatively affecting your body’s response to leptin. Try your best to maintain your cortisol ranges in check by practicing yoga, taking daily walks, doing meditation, exercising and consuming well. Properly managing your stress will assist you sleep better, boost your temper and administration your weight.

6. Get Adequate Sleep

Poor sleep can result in issues with leptin, so focus on getting a good night’s rest. Avoid large meals, caffeine and alcohol earlier than bed, take away digital devices such as laptops and telephones out of your bed room and create a dark, comfortable atmosphere in your bedroom. Try to maintain a constant sleep/wake cycle and focus on clearing your thoughts as a lot as possible within the evening. Read a book, take a shower or try some bedtime meditation.

7. Reduce Toxins

Toxins can wreak havoc in your hormones, together with leptin. Toxins live in everything from plastics to processed foods, detergents, dryer sheets, deodorants and cosmetics. Start reducing the toxins in your life by investing in excessive quality, all-natural products. Shop for detergents and private care merchandise that are “fragrance-free” and learn labels to keep away from ingredients like parabens, sodium laureth sulfate and oxybenzone.

If you think you may have leptin resistance talk to your physician and try implementing these well being and diet tips for weight reduction and maintenance.

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