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How to Prevent a Wine Headache: 8 Tips That Work

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Wine complications suck, there’s no doubt about it. If you expertise complications each time you drink wine, it could even be time to determine why. Wines are made with a quantity of grapes, preservatives and different ingredients. It’s possible that you could be delicate to sure types of wine due to what they’re made of, and that’s why experimenting with different wines is key. Dry, pure wines are usually a good bet, as they’re freed from sugars and different additives. Sticking to those wines, together with utilizing different preventative tips can cease a wine headache in its tracks. Take a glance at our greatest tricks to prevent a wine headache!

What Causes Wine Headaches?

Although there’s no single explanation for what causes wine headaches, there are a quantity of theories as to why wine makes your head hurt, particularly red wine.

1. Histamine
Histamine is a compound current in grape skins. Red wine contains extra histamine than white wine or champagne because it’s made from the entire grape, together with the skin, not simply the juice. Some people have a scarcity of the enzyme that breaks down histamine within the small intestine. Alcohol additionally inhibits the enzyme, so the mixture can boost histamine ranges within the blood, dilating blood vessels and inflicting a headache.

2. Tyramine
Tyramine is an amino acid produced all through fermentation and if not damaged down properly, can have an effect on blood pressure in a way that results in headaches. The physique wants a particular enzyme to course of tyramine, so if it doesn’t have sufficient of that enzyme, tyramine will constrict then dilate your blood vessels. This can result in barely higher blood pressure, which often triggers a headache.

3. Tannins
Tannins are one other compound current in grapes. They’re plant chemicals that give flavour to red wines and contain antioxidants. However, they additionally immediate the discharge of serotonin, which in excessive ranges can set off complications in some people.

4. Sugar
Headaches can additionally occur if you drink wine that’s excessive in sugar. This causes your physique to make use of a big portion of its water supply, which finally ends up dehydrating you and inflicting a headache.

5. Sulfites
Sulfites, a preservative in wine, may even be to blame. Sulfites are both naturally current in wines or added to it by winemakers as a preservative. Although experts say sulfites usually tend to set off breathing issues like bronchial asthma and allergic reactions than headaches.

How to Prevent a Wine Headache: eight Tips

1. Drink Water Before and As You Drink Wine
If you’re already dehydrated earlier than you begin drinking wine, it’s a recipe for a headache. Wine is a diuretic and can dehydrate you, which in itself can result in headaches. Drink loads of water all through the day earlier than you begin drinking wine, and have a glass of water between your glasses of wine. You can additionally sip water as you drink your wine to make sure you keep as hydrated as possible.

2. Coffee Before Wine
Caffeine constricts blood vessels, which can weaken the vascular signs caused by the wine. Drinking two cups of espresso earlier than you drink wine has been discovered to reduce your wine-induced headache.

3. Figure Out Your Trigger
Pay consideration to the types of wines that give you a headache. If wine has become a common headache trigger, you may have to keep away from sure types of wine. If you always get a headache when you drink red wine, however you really feel fine when you drink white, it could even be time to take red wine out of the equation. Experiment with different types of wine so that you can discover some that don’t set off a headache and stick to those.

4. Opt for Dry Wines
If you drink wines that are excessive in sugar, you’re extra likely to get headaches. Avoid dessert wines, white wines labeled candy or semi-dry and mass-produced red blends. Stick with drier red and white wines and see in case your complications persist.

5. Go Natural
When you attain for wine, make sure it’s pure and never full of chemicals and additives. Natural wines contain a quantity of polyphenols, together with Resveratol, which lowers inflammation, Procyanidins, that are strong antioxidants, and Ellagic acid, which helps regulate blood sugar. Natural wines are sometimes a bit extra costly and also you may have to go to a specialty wine retailer to discover them, however it’s worth it to go headache-free.

6. Don’t Eat Sugary Foods
While the considered cake or chocolate with wine might sound like a scrumptious combination, mixing sugary meals with wine can exacerbate the potential for a headache. If you’re already delicate to wine, steer away from desserts or any different type of sugary meals whereas drinking vino.

7. Don’t Drink on an Empty Stomach
Make sure you’ve eaten well all through the day and eat a good dinner on the nights you have wine. When you drink on an empty abdomen a lot of the alcohol passes quickly from the abdomen to the small intestine, the place most of it’s absorbed into the bloodstream. This intensifies all of the side results of drinking, together with headaches. Having meals in your abdomen causes the alcohol to be absorbed extra slowly.

8. Some Final Thoughts
Other methods to prevent wine complications are to sip your wine slowly and cease drinking on the primary signal of head pain. If you’re going to have a second glass of wine, attempt to attend an hour between glasses and drink a full glass of water earlier than your second glass. Don’t combine wine with different alcohol and keep away from drinking wine if you’re not feeling well or if you really feel stressed or upset.

Wine complications are no enjoyable at all. Use this information and these tricks to steer away from wine complications in any respect costs.

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