How to Make Tie Dye Shirts: 8 Patterns & Tutorials to Try with Kids

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If your little ones are obsessive about all issues tie dye like my daughter, and you’re interested in studying how to make tie dye shirts at home, this post is a nice place to start! With so many beautiful tie dye patterns to decide on from, and tons of various DIY techniques you can try utilizing supplies you probably have already got at home, tie dyeing is a nice weekend exercise you can enjoy with children of all ages. You can use unhazardous supplies like meals coloring and Kool Aid with youthful kids, and experiment with extra conventional techniques utilizing conventional dye and bleach with older children, creating distinctive clothes for the entire family.

If you’re prepared to learn how to make tie dye shirts, keep studying for our favorite tips, techniques, and tutorials!

4 Beginner Tie Dye Patterns

The first step in studying how to make tie dye shirts is to decide on a pattern. There are so many different tie dye styles to decide on from, which can be overwhelming. If you want a few newbie choices to experiment with, right here are four easy patterns that produce beautiful tie dye shirts.


This might be the best tie dye sample for beginners, and it outcomes in a beautiful, splotchy design. To create this look, lay your shirt flat, after which twist, turn, and crumple the supplies till you discover yourself with a flat, disc-shaped piece of material. Secure everything in place with a number of rubber bands, after which squirt your dye as desired. You can use one color, or a number of – the sky is the limit!


If you want to know how to make tie dye shirts, this classic swirl look probably involves mind. You could make this sample by laying your shirt flat, pinching the middle of the fabric, after which twisting the supplies across the pinch till you discover yourself with a flat piece that resembles a cinnamon roll. Next, wrap rubber bands across the supplies in a criss-cross fashion in order that you’re left with 6 wedges/quadrants. Finally, squirt a different color of dye onto every quadrant, being cautious to saturate each the again and entrance of your shirt.


I personally love this tie dye pattern, and it’s so easy! To create this look, all you want to do is place your shirt flat, after which fold it into pleats, as if you were folding a fan. Once you have a long, skinny piece of folded fabric, safe it in place with rubber bands, being cautious to create equal space between every rubber band. Finally, squirt dye on the supplies between every rubber band. You can use the identical color, or a number of colours relying in your private taste!


Also known because the circle technique, this tie dye sample is additionally very easy to create. Lay your shirt flat to start, after which pinch the supplies within the center, twist, and wrap a rubber band across the material. Continue twisting the supplies and making use of rubber bands, spaced equally apart, after which squirt dye onto every piece of uncovered material.

8 Beginner Tie Dye Tips and Supplies

Find a Good Work Space
Learning how to make tie dye shirts can be extraordinarily messy. Many people opt to tie dye of their backyard, however when you have a crafting space in your home, that works too! I suggest laying down a drop cloth (or 2) to catch any spills, particularly if you’re tie dyeing with your kids!

Choose Your Dye
As you’ll see below, there are many different supplies you can use to create your personal tie dye shirts. Whether you use a tie dye kit, or want to experiment with bleach, meals coloring, Kool Aid, or Sharpie markers, make sure you have all of the colours you want on hand to create your masterpiece.

Choose The Right Fabrics
If you’re attempting to learn how to make tie dye shirts, it’s important that you select supplies with pure fibers (100% cotton is a nice option). While different supplies will work, they could be a bit trickier, so I suggest utilizing one thing basic to begin off with. Keep in thoughts that you’ll have a lot of dye in your hands, and your first few makes an attempt at tie dyeing may not go as planned, so the extra clothes you have to experiment with, the better. And be certain to save your best items for the finish when you’ve mastered the process!

If you’re looking for a set of cheap white cotton kids tees, we’ve had a lot of luck with these Fruit of the Loom tee-shirts. Make certain to wash them first to take away any chemicals so your dye will set properly into the fabric.

Gather Your Supplies
While it’s easy to learn how to make tie dye shirts, there are a few provides you’ll need, including:

  • Gloves. Since you’re working with dye, you’ll want one thing to guard your hands to make sure the colour doesn’t stain your skin. Grab a field of disposable gloves for yourself, and a field for your kids!
  • Squirt Bottles. One of the best techniques for beginners who’re attempting to learn how to tie dye shirts is to squirt dye directly onto the supplies you’re working with. This set of 6 plastic squirt bottles is ideal for the job!
  • Tongs. You’ll want a pair of tongs handy whereas tie dyeing – belief me.
  • Rubber Bands. Most tie dye techniques require rubber bands, however you can additionally use string if you don’t have any rubber bands on hand.
  • Cooling Rack. Placing your shirt on a cooling rack whereas you apply dye is a nice way to permit the dye to flow through the supplies after which drip off, rather than collecting on the underside and creating an unattractive blob of color.

Tie-Dye 101 for Beginners

If you want to know how to make tie dye shirts, that’s a nice introductory video by Hobby Lobby that’s filled with tips and tricks. From pre-washing your fabric, to working with damp material, to determining how a lot dye to use, this tutorial covers it all, with tons of hacks you can use to create beautiful designs.

How to Make Tie Dye Shirts: four Techniques to Try

How to Make Tie Dye Shirts with Food Coloring | Samantha Martin

If you want to know how to make tie dye shirts with meals coloring, this tutorial will wow you. The directions are tremendous easy, and it’s a nice choice to try if you’re crafting with youthful kids and are worried about utilizing poisonous dyes and bleaches. All you want is a white tee, meals coloring, a plastic bag, and rubber bands!

How to Make Tie Dye Shirts with Kool Aid | Joey Graceffa

Did you know you can learn how to make tie dye shirts with Kool Aid?! It’s true! This is a nice craft to enjoy with your kids, and it smells amazing, lol!

How to Make Tie Dye Shirts with Bleach | JennaMarbles

If you just like the reversed tie dye look and aren’t against working with bleach, that’s the tutorial for you! This is a enjoyable technique to try with tweens and teens, and it’s a nice way to refresh old garments you don’t put on anymore however can’t appear to half with.

How to Make Tie Dye Shirts with Sharpie Markers | Martha Stewart

If you want to create a tie dye sample that’s a little extra particular or unique, this tutorial by Martha Stewart is for you! She teaches you how to make tie dye shirts with Sharpie Markers and rubbing alcohol. This is a nice technique to make use of with youthful kids as it’s not as messy and permits for extra creativity. You can additionally use this technique on different types of attire such as socks and shoes, and it makes a nice birthday party or sleepover activity!

If you’re attempting to learn how to make tie dye shirts, I hope the tips, patterns, and tutorials on this post proved helpful to you!

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