How to Make Decorative Ice Cubes: 17 Tips and Ideas!

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Want to dress up your favourite drink? Try including some ornamental ice cubes! They not solely make the on a regular basis beverage a little extra fun, however they additionally make an easy drink garnish for particular occasions.

Whether you select a conventional dice form or one thing extra playful, a easy ice dice can add a pop of color and a splash of flavor. We’re teaching you how to make ornamental ice cubes with these 17 enjoyable tips and ideas.

What Are ‘Decorative Ice Cubes’?

For most of us, ice is an important a half of nearly any beverage, serving to to maintain our favourite drinks completely chilled. But why accept your common ice cubes?

You can add ornamental elements like fruit, flowers, herbs, and even glitter, to create your personal ornamental ice cubes. These playful cubes can dress up even the easiest of beverages, including color, flavor, and stopping it from getting watered down.

Get began making your personal ornamental ice cubes with these 6 essentials.

6 Decorative Ice Cube Essentials to Invest In

  1. Silicone ice dice trays – It’s important to begin with the basics. Grab a set of those stackable and versatile silicone ice cubes trays to assist you create that ideal ice dice form every time.
  2. Ice sphere molds – This silicone mold will have you ever creating completely spherical ice spheres in no time. The tray is easy to fill whereas avoiding any leaks, and due to their size they will soften slowly, keeping your drink chilled longer.
  3. Water air purifier – While you can certainly use any type of water to make ornamental ice cubes, purified water will assist you keep away from any white cloudy spots. If the water you’re utilizing contains impurities, air bubbles usually tend to form because the water freezes, creating not-so-clear ice. Instead, use filtered water out of your fridge or a water air purifier such as a Brita pitcher when creating your ice cubes.
  4. Edible flowers – One of the easiest methods to spruce up your ice cubes is with edible flowers. It’s important to make sure that the flowers you’re utilizing are food-grade and safe for consumption. You can discover an assortment of edible flowers on-line or through your native backyard center.
  5. Electric kettle – Boil water for your ornamental ice cubes quickly and simply with this electrical kettle. Easy to use, it will assist purify your water, making it crystal clear.
  6. Playful ice molds – Get creative not solely with what you add to your ice cubes, however additionally with the shape. You can discover loads of enjoyable molds available, together with these beautiful rose-shaped ice molds.

How to Make Decorative Ice Cubes

  1. Prep your water – If you’re not utilizing filtered water to create your ice cubes, you can boil your water instead. Boiling water will assist to take away impurities that create cloudy ice. For the best results, boil your water once, let it cool completely, then boil it a second time.
  2. Clean your molds – Make sure your ice molds are completely clear earlier than you begin. Wash and dry your molds forward of time to take away any dirt or impurities that could make your ornamental ice cubes hazy.
  3. Do it in stages – Start by filling every part of the ice dice tray midway with water. If you’re including an ornamental element such as fruit or flowers, dip them in water first earlier than placing them within the sections. Finish by filling the remainder of every part up with water then freezing.
  4. Add a few flowers – Edible flowers or flower petals add a splash of color and texture to an in any other case boring ice cube. Learn how to make your personal with this tutorial from Baking for Friends. Like we talked about before, always make certain to purchase food-grade flowers. You can additionally develop your own, ensuring to keep away from utilizing any pesticides.
  5. Make a greater iced coffee – Forget watered-down iced coffees and lattes. Instead, try making a batch of those Coffee & Milk Ice Cubes from The Sassy Life.
  6. Get creative with fruit – Adding berries to your ornamental ice cubes will assist sweeten your beverage with out the additional sugar. These Fruit Ice Cubes are refreshing for summer or any different time of the year.
  7. Have a spa day – You can really feel like you’re on the spa anytime with these Flavored Ice Cubes. Filled with cucumber, lemon, ginger, and even inexperienced tea, they’re easy to make, and so very pretty.
  8. Make them sparkle – You may have seen edible glitter used on baked items like cakes and cupcakes. But do you know that it additionally works well when making ornamental ice cubes? Grab some edible glitter in a number of colors, together with rose gold, yellow, and turquoise.
  9. Add some herbs – If you have a backyard full of fresh herbs, try including some to your ice cubes for a fresh dose of taste and a burst of color. They make the perfect addition to any cocktail or mocktail. Try including some mint, lavender, or basil with this recipe for Herb Ice Cubes.
  10. Create some layers – Fruit juice is the star on this recipe for Layered Ice Cubes. You’ll have enjoyable coming up with your personal favourite mixture of colourful fruit juices.
  11. Avoid lumps and bumps – As water freezes, it expands, often creating little lumps and bumps across the outside of the ice cubes. To take away them, use a knife to carefully faucet or cut the surplus ice off, after which put again into the freezer till you’re prepared to make use of them.

Now that you know how to make ornamental ice cubes, you can have enjoyable mixing and matching to create your personal enjoyable drinks.

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