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How to Give Yourself a Manicure at Home: 5 DIY Manicure Tutorials

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Do you really feel like your hands and nails are needing a little bit of love? Why not try an at-home manicure! Whether you want a easy polish look or extra extravagant nail art, there are many DIY manicure tutorials to take benefit of on Youtube! Doing a manicure at house is simple, affordable and with these step-by-step tutorials, you’ll get the hang of them quickly. It will look like you’ve had your nails professionally done, with out spending a ton of money! Take a glance at our greatest tips and tutorials for a gorgeous at home manicure!

5 Best Products for an At-Home Manicure

1. Keiby Citom Manicure Kit
For a real at-home manicure experience, use this superior manicure kit. Stocked with stainless metal mani necessities from nail clippers to cuticle cutters to a nail file and peeling knife, this stylish and elegant kit will guarantee a flawless at-home manicure!

2. Seche Clear Base Coat
Before making use of your chosen nail polish, make certain to use a base coat. A base coast creates a barrier between your polish and nail, stopping polish staining and discolouration. It additionally provides a smooth base so your nail color can unfold easily.

3. Seche Dry Fast Top Coat
If you want your at-home manicure to final so lengthy as possible, a solid top coat is key. A top coat prevents your polish from chipping and can present a excessive shiny finish to your nails! The fast dry formula permits you to get again to your life as quickly as possible and is designed to be ran into with out chipping!

4. Cuccio Revival Cuticle Oil
Healthy cuticles are so important! They protect new nails from micro organism and assist your nails keep wholesome all around. This cuticle oil has a complex mix of oils and nutritional vitamins that nourish, moisturize and protect your cuticles and nails!

5. iEGrow Nail Dryer Lamp
If you’re going to be doing a gel manicure at home, a UV nail lamp is a necessity! This one will cure your nails with out doing any damage to your eyes or hands. It additionally prevents pores and skin darkening!

4 Manicure Hacks Every Girl Needs to Know

1. Fix Mistakes Quickly
You don’t want to finish up with nail polish on the sides of your fingers when you finish your manicure. That’s a sure signal of a DIY mani, and one you don’t want to flaunt. As quickly as you discover a mistake, use a Q-Tip and nail polish remover to create a clear line across the nail for a skilled looking finish!

2. Apply White Polish Under Coloured Polish
If you want your nail polish color to pop more, try making use of a coat of white polish beneath as your base coat. This will improve the colour, making it extra vibrant and beautiful!

3. Create a DIY Hand Scrub
For the final manicure experience, make a DIY hand scrub to exfoliate dead pores and skin and assist your hands look and really feel rejuvenated. Use a mix of lemon, sugar, coconut oil and argan oil to enrich and exfoliate your hands!

4. Wear Gloves in Water
To guarantee your manicure lasts so lengthy as possible, put on rubber or latex gloves whereas washing dishes or cleansing across the house. This will keep your manicure in tip top form and prevent split nails!

2 Cuticle Care Tips

1. Moisturize Your Cuticles
If your cuticles are cracked or peeling, use a moisturizer or cuticle oil on them each day. The space across the nail mattress is very delicate, so know that cracking and peeling is normal. If it’s actually bad, you can try making use of Vaseline in a single day to restore broken cuticles.

2. Soften Before Trimming
If you’re going to trim your cuticles, make certain to melt them first by soaking your nails in heat water. Apply cuticle remover in addition to a moisturizer in case your cuticles are dry. Use a cuticle pusher to push again the cuticle alongside the nail mattress and trim the surplus skin.

5 Step-by-Step Manicure Tutorials

At Home Manicure Tutorial | Sarah Brithinee

If you’re looking to do a simple, fuss-free manicure at home, follow this tutorial. From sprucing up your cuticles to making use of the perfect coat of nail polish, you’ll learn how to do an at home manicure from begin to complete with ease. She makes use of the LA Girl Calcium Nail Builder as a base coat and the Inm Out the Door Fast Dry for the highest coat, in addition to drying drops so as to add an additional layer of safety against smudging!

Easiest French Manicure Tutorial Ever | RitaBeautyx

French manicures are again in a big way! If you want to get this trendy ‘90s nail look, we discovered a fast and easy tutorial with no skill needed. She shows you an easy way to get the coveted perfect white tips so that you can rock them on a daily basis. You’re going to want binder reinforcement stickers, white nail polish (she makes use of the Wet n Wild White Creme), and a sheer pink polish to complete it off!

DIY Gel Nails at Home | Simply Allie

While gel nails solely used to be done professionally at nail salons, it’s now possible to do them your self at home! This easy and affordable step-by-step tutorial shows you precisely how to get a gorgeous at-home gel mani that will final as lengthy as three weeks! You’ll want a UV nail lamp in addition to gel polish in your chosen colour. A UV Base and Top Coat are additionally wanted for the perfect gel mani!

5 Floral Nail Art Designs Using Only Toothpicks | cutepolish

Have you always desired to learn floral nail art? Now is the time! All you want is nail polish, toothpicks and a top coat to get these beautiful nails perfect for spring! With 5 different floral designs, you can switch it up all season long!

How to Ombre with Dip Powder | Manis by Megan

Love the look of ombre nails? Now you can get the look your self at home by following this tutorial! She demonstrates how to obtain a solid color ombre by utilizing Revel Dip Powder (you can select your personal colours!) and an ombre dipping powder brush. You’ll additionally want a base coat and top coat to perfect the ombre look.

Doing a manicure at house is easy with these tips and tutorials! Your nails will look professionally done and also you can present them off proudly!

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