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How to Get More Deep Sleep Naturally: 8 Tips and Hacks 

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Experiencing poor sleep can actually throw off your entire day. Your eyelids really feel heavy, napping sounds wonderful, and finishing duties feels like you’re moving through molasses – everything is slow and difficult. What you’re experiencing could be a lack of deep sleep, an important stage of sleep our our bodies want to really feel productive, energized and focused. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. Around 37.9% of adults report falling asleep at work within the final 30 days. Read on to learn how to get extra deep sleep to tackle the times ahead.  

What Is ‘Deep Sleep’?  

There are four stages of sleep that serve particular functions we have to really feel our best. The first is non-rapid eye motion (NREM) which contains three cycles, and the final is rapid eye movement. Deep sleep, additionally known as slow-wave sleep, is the repairing sleep cycle that happens throughout the third stage of NREM. During this stage, electrical mind exercise produces slow waves, and your coronary heart rate and breathing decrease.  

When you enter this stage, you are much less likely to wake up, and if you do, you’ll really feel groggier and expertise the half-asleep feeling. It is additionally through deep sleep that your physique receives a number of benefits, bodily and mentally. For example, your physique heals extra effectively, and your reminiscence strengthens.  

While deep sleep is critical to feeling rested, many people struggle to enter the deep cycles we need. 

10 Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Deep Sleep 

Not getting sufficient deep sleep is greater than an inconvenience, it causes a slew of unlucky signs that may disrupt your work productivity, motivation, and overall ability to enjoy your day.  

  1. Brain fog 
  2. Weight gain 
  3. Heavy eye lids  
  4. Cravings 
  5. Decreased motivation 
  6. Short fuse  
  7. Forgetfulness  
  8. Low intercourse drive  
  9. Increased desire to nap  
  10. Trouble waking up  

4 Reasons You’re Not Getting Enough Deep Sleep 

If you’re experiencing a constant lack of deep sleep, there are a few reasons that may function an explanation;   

  1. Stress. Anxiety and poor sleep work hand in hand. You may stress about not sleeping and toss and switch extra as a result. And in case your anxiety is high, you may expertise trouble sleeping. 
  2. Sleep disorders. Sleep apnea, insomnia, and stressed leg syndrome can all disrupt your ability to obtain deep sleep. 
  3. Substance abuse/withdrawal. Several substances may reduce deep sleep, together with opioid medications, caffeine, and even a few antidepressants. 
  4. Age. As we get older, we’re much less likely to obtain deep sleep. 

How to Get More Deep Sleep Naturally

1. Modify your diet
Your daily habits like your diet can have a significant impact in your ability to float off to sleep faster and extra deeply. For example, eliminate any stimulants such as coffee, alcohol or sugar a number of hours earlier than bed. Additionally, lighter meals at dinner can additionally make it simpler to snooze quicker.  

2. Prime your mind
You may not realize it, however your internal dialogue can impact your ability to obtain deep sleep. Catastrophic thinking and anxiety can each keep your ideas running on repeat and your energy ranges high. Therefore, it’s exceedingly important to restrict your stress and prime your thoughts for rest. In fact, bedtime yoga, journaling, and meditation earlier than mattress can give you a positive outlet to decompress, destress, and relax. Try any of those techniques or a mixture of a number of to discover out which method works best for you.  

3. Remove the light
It could additionally be tempting to go to sleep to a film and even scroll on social media, however light earlier than mattress tells your mind to remain awake. As a lot as possible, try limiting any screen time to maintain you relaxed and adjusted to a darkish room earlier than dozing off. Even a small quantity of sunshine from a pill can disrupt your melatonin ranges (a hormone wanted for deep sleep).  

4. Take a warmth bath
A warmth bath or bathe at least one hour earlier than mattress not solely reduces your stress ranges however can additionally increase slow-wave sleep. Research shows the warmth from the bath stimulates warmth to your hands and feet, which reduces your core physique temperature and helps you put together for an ideal cozy rest.

5. Move your body
There is growing research to suggest that train can increase your chances of receiving deep sleep. For example, moderate cardio will increase your slow mind waves, boosts your mood, and reduces anxiety. However, make sure you end your train a number of hours earlier than your designated bedtime because it can present the reverse effect.  

6. Prepare in advance
One of the most important tips you can practice to make sure you obtain deep sleep is to put together in advance. Chances are, your work schedule, lifestyle, or habits may not support your want for a deeper sleep. We often deprive ourselves of adequate sleep, believing we can function on fewer hours than necessary. However, it’s critical for your long-term well being to obtain at least 6-8 hours of sleep a night. But don’t attempt to transform into an early bird if you’re an evening owl or vice versa. Instead, try going to mattress an hour earlier every night to enhance your chances of receiving deeper sleep. Start small and provides your self space to work on sleeping better.  

7. Stick to a schedule
This tip for how to get extra deep sleep may appear obvious, however it is effective. When you go to mattress and get up on the identical time every day, you restrict the period of time you spend tossing and turning earlier than falling asleep. Even on the weekends and your days off, attempt to hit a constant snooze time. While plans and life may get within the way, your physique will thanks throughout the week.  

8. Bed is for sleeping
You might want to lounge in your pajamas all day and work out of your bed, however it’s higher to designate separate areas for work and sleep. When you do so, you train your mind to affiliate your mattress with deep sleep. This cognitive trick additionally helps, in reverse, with elevated productiveness in designated work areas. Additionally, any stressful actions accomplished in your bedroom, together with work can increase your cortisol levels, making you extra alert than usual.  

Learning how to get extra deep sleep is a game-changer and can make your day-to-day life extra pleasant, productive, and enjoyable. If you’re not getting sufficient sleep, it’s worth making a few changes and utilizing any of those tricks to assist you really feel your best, each bodily and emotionally. 

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