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How to Ask For Help When You Are Struggling: 15 Tips to Try

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Asking for assist can always be a little challenging. Yet asking for support regarding your psychological well being can really feel frightening…to say the least. You may fear about how they’re going to react, what they’ll say, or if you’ll really feel any higher after the conversation. Indeed, it’s regular to have anxiety, sweaty palms, and an upset abdomen proper earlier than you vent. But studying how to ask for assist when you are struggling will bring significant light to what in any other case feels like a darkish moment. Let’s uncover how to ease the overwhelm.

How to Recognize You Need Help

While all of us cope with change and life occasions differently, there are warning indicators that point out it’s time to obtain support for your psychological health. 

  1. Feeling unhappy or depressed
  2. Social withdrawal 
  3. Inability to deal with stress 
  4. Problems concentrating 
  5. Paranoia or hallucinations 
  6. Changes in intercourse drive 
  7. Suicidal ideas and ideations
  8. Using drugs or alcohol to cope
  9. Excessive fears, feeling responsible or unworthy
  10. Significant excessive and low temper changes
  11. Significant changes in consuming habits
  12. Difficulties sleeping or excessive fatigue 
  13. Lack of curiosity in actions that as soon as introduced joy
  14. Struggling to work or maintain responsibilities 

8 Tips for Overcoming The Worry of Being a Burden

When we want help, we may assume people don’t want to assist us. We both think our feelings are “too much”, or we’re worried we’re complaining about one thing others would understand as minimal. Whatever the case, right here are a few tricks to assist you get previous this limiting mindset and obtain the support you deserve.

  1. Repeat positive self-affirmations
  2. Limit social comparison
  3. Spend time with these that uplift you 
  4. Challenge negative thoughts 
  5. Set achievable goals and problem yourself 
  6. Prioritize your psychological well being and healing 
  7. Adopt a routine with wholesome habits like train and nutrition 
  8. Journal about your feelings and why you really feel like a burden 

How to Ask For Help When You Are Struggling

1. Practice through writing

Practice makes perfect. Even if you really feel extremely anxious, sit down and write out what you want to say. Sometimes it’s simpler and fewer intimidating to practice what you want to say to the person through writing inside the consolation of your personal residence rather than talking on to them. It will additionally present an alternative to mirror on the pain, collect your thoughts, uncover new perspectives, and reduce the overwhelm.

2. Choose somebody you trust

Discussing your psychological well being struggles is an intimate and deeply vulnerable discussion. Therefore you’ll want to decide on somebody who you really feel comfortable with and your self around. For many, this can be a member of the household or friend, however it doesn’t essentially want to be somebody in your shut circle. It could even be a therapist or mentor. The key is to decide on somebody who’s supportive, trustworthy, non-judgmental, and has your best curiosity at heart.

3. No one is a thoughts reader

After you select somebody you trust, remember that nobody is a thoughts reader. It’s important to recollect this earlier than you open up. When we confide in someone, we have a tendency to have excessive expectations of how we think an individual ought to act, what they want to say, or what sort of recommendation they want to offer. But everybody processes everything differently and may not reply the way you would. Therefore, the best approach is to allow them to know what you need. For example, do you want advice? Or do you want somebody to sit and attentively listen to you? Define what type of support you want and talk it.

4. Choose how and where

There may not be a “great time”, particularly when sharing one thing deeply personal. But there are tips on how to ask for assist when you are struggling to ease the process. For example, earlier than you sit down with your support system, select a time and place that’s comfortable for you. Maybe you really feel safer and safer talking in your house or at your loved one’s. Or maybe you would prefer a serene setting in nature. The choice is yours, and reflecting on what makes you the most relaxed will ease anxiety.

5. Alter your mindset

One reason why we expertise a difficult time asking for assistance is our mindset. We might imagine needing support is an indication of weakness. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, being open about your feelings is an indication of strength, emotional regulation, and self-awareness. If we bottle up our feelings, we become extra hostile, reactive, anxious, and vulnerable to additional consequences. Yet recognizing we want a support system builds our emotional resiliency, self-confidence, and coping skills. All in all, remember that there’s strength in vulnerability.

6. Provide examples

Not everybody seems to be trained in navigating difficult conversations or is aware of precisely what to say to ease the pain. Therefore, one of many best methods to assist the dialogue for you and your support system is to present examples of the way you feel. For example, if you really feel depressed, clarify how it’s affecting your life. Or reference a book, movie, or present that resonated with you. Whatever method works best for you’ll ease the overwhelm and assist the listening party higher understand what’s happening. And remember that you additionally don’t want to have everything figured out. It’s okay to say, “I don’t know what I need, however I’m actually hurting proper now. Can you be there for me”? Just voicing this sentence can present insurmountable relief in a interval of psychological confusion and struggle.

7. Contact exterior support

If venting to a loved one isn’t possible, that’s okay. There are a number of methods to ask for help. Hotlines are a free and accessible path to obtain support quickly. In fact, contacting a hotline can be a nice safety measure to assist you cope with your feelings earlier than it spirals and turns into a crisis. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and Find a Helpline offer methods to contact somebody relying in your metropolis and time zone. Other choices include talking with a therapist or psychological well being professional. Therapy is a wonderful tool to assist you understand what’s happening inside you, obtain coping mechanisms, and learn methods to handle the feelings you feel. 

Learning how to ask for assist when you are struggling can be a scary process, however it can even be rewarding and therapeutic. Therefore, don’t carry the burden of your ache alone. You can select a loved one, contact a helpline, or attain out to a therapist. There is support available.

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