Hair Loss During Perimenopause: 8 Tips and Remedies

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Your hair changes through different phases of life and if you’ve noticed hair loss all through perimenopause, you’re not alone. It’s regular to note small shifts all through this transition interval earlier than menopause, whereas your hormone ranges continuously rise and fall. And your hair is amongst one of many many issues your hormones can have an effect on all through this time, on top of your mood, physique temperature, and sleep patterns. If you’ve been noticing hair thinning, lack of density, texture changes and dryness, we’ve got eight tips and remedies so that you can try!

What is Perimenopause?

Menopause marks the finish of your menstrual cycles, when your ovaries cease producing eggs and the manufacturing of feminine hormones decline. It typically develops gradually between the ages of forty five and 55, a transition time called “perimenopause”.

During perimenopause, which can final eight to 10 years, your menstrual periods become extra irregular and start to taper off, and it additionally outcomes in different changes, together with hot flashes, temper changes, complications and hair loss. Perimenopause varies greatly from one person to the subsequent and can final for years, however when you go a full 12 months with out a period, menopause has begun.

Hair Loss During Perimenopause: The Facts

Hair loss all through perimenopause happens due to hormonal fluctuations. Estrogen and progesterone keep hair inside the rising phase, however when these ranges decline hair growth slows and hair loss turns into extra prominent. Your ovaries start to produce much less estrogen as you age in preparation to cease releasing eggs entirely.

A lower in these hormones additionally triggers a rise inside the manufacturing of androgens, a group of male hormones. Androgens shrink hair follicles, leading to hair loss on the head. Most women expertise overall hair thinning rather than bald spots, and also you may discover hair falling out in large clumps all through brushing and showering.

When To Worry About Hair Loss During Perimenopause

Hair loss is common all through perimenopause and menopause, however it could even be an indication of one thing extra serious going on. In these cases, hair loss is accompanied by different signs such as rashes, lack of energy or muscle aches that won’t go away. If you discover hair loss on different parts of your body, such as your eyebrows or eyelashes, that is additionally trigger for concern. If you discover any of those signs together with your hair loss, you ought to talk to your physician as quickly as possible.

4 Tips to Prevent Hair Loss During Perimenopause

1. Reduce Stress
Stress can worsen hair loss, so it’s important to maintain your stress ranges in check to prevent a hormonal imbalance. A lower in estrogen manufacturing can result in temper swings, anxiety and depression, so it’s important to deal with your self and determine out the best methods so that you can reduce stress. Yoga, deep breathing, meditation and daily train are a few of the best methods to restrict stress and anxiety.

2. Regular Exercise
Exercise is key for sustaining hormonal balance. Plus, it helps prevent different signs of perimenopause and menopause such as temper swings, weight gain and insomnia. Healthy hormone balance promotes wholesome hair growth, so discover the type of train that works best for you and attempt to get some type of bodily exercise in each day, whether or not that means a stroll or easy yoga sessions, or longer, extra intense exercises like an HIIT or cycle class.

3. Healthy Eating
A healthy, well balanced diet is one of many best methods to maintain your hair lush and prevent hair loss. Make sure you’re consuming an adequate quantity of whole grains, fruits and greens at each meal, in addition to important fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids play a essential role in sustaining hair well being and can be present in meals like salmon, tuna, flaxseed oil, walnuts and almonds. Drinking inexperienced tea and taking vitamin B6 and folic acid supplements can assist with hair growth as well.

4. Avoid Hair Tools and Treatments
Hair instruments like blow dryers, straightening irons and curling rods can result in drying and breakage. Chemicals present in hair dyes and perms or everlasting straighteners can additionally weaken your hair and compromise your scalp. Avoid hair instruments and coverings as a lot as possible, or completely if you can. And if you’re outside inside the solar for prolonged periods of time, make certain to remain inside the shade or put on a hat to guard your hair from drying and breakage.

4 Tips to Deal with Hair Loss During Perimenopause

1. Consider Supplements
There are sure dietary supplements that may assist with hair loss all through perimenopause. Biotin, additionally known as vitamin B7, can assist stimulate hair growth and enhance the situation of your hair and nails. Viviscal is one other complement known to assist with hair loss. It contains biotin in addition to calcium and vitamin C and is said to strengthen and replenish vital vitamins in thinning hair. Nutrafol has additionally been proven to focus on thinning. It makes use of extremely concentrated botanicals, such as vitamin E, ashwagandha (a type of herb), biocurcumin, and others, to address each stage of the hair growth cycle.

2. Update Your Hair Washing Schedule
It’s time to reevaluate your hair washing schedule. No one must wash their hair on a regular basis and doing so can actually trigger extra hurt than good. Washing your hair too frequently is hard in your strands and can strip your hair of necessary moisture. However, this doesn’t imply you ought to go weeks with out washing your hair either.

Keeping your scalp clear and eliminating products, dead pores and skin and oil construct up is tremendous important for wholesome hair. So what’s the happy medium? You know it’s time to wash your hair when the scalp turns into itchy, the hair seems oily, there’s noticeable buildup or flaking, otherwise you discover a smell coming out of your scalp or hair.

3. Regular Scalp Massages
Massaging your scalp regularly may assist with hair regrowth because it stimulates blood flow, relieves stress and improves hair thickness. Massaging dilates the tiny arteries inside the scalp, increasing blood flow to the hair follicle and prolonging the expansion cycle of the hair. The boost in blood circulation to the floor of the pores and skin aids in delivering extra nutrients, plus it’s tremendous relaxing. You can book scalp massages at a salon for final relaxation, and also you may even do them your self at home.

4. Change Your Hairstyle
Switching up your hair with a brand new style or cut could make hair thinning much less noticeable. Long locks can weigh down fine hair, so consider getting a shorter chop. Trim it frequently and add layers for extra volume, which will additionally assist with the look of thinning. Lowlights and highlights will add depth and dimension and make your scalp look much less pronounced. You can additionally attempt to switch up your hairstyles. Try switching your half to the opposite side for extra volume, and a half pony with the highest pulled up excessive creates extra fullness and height.

Hair loss all through perimenopause is extra regular than you think, however when you wish to prevent or fight it, follow our tips above!

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