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Fact or Fiction? 8 Exercise Myths Explained

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We’ve all heard them and have probably believed at least one of these train myths. There’s a lot information on the market about exercising and dealing out, however not all of it’s accurate. For example, lifting weights won’t bulk you up, you shouldn’t solely focus on cardio for weight reduction and spot coaching isn’t a thing. In this post, we’re busting a few of the hottest train myths and telling you what the facts are. This will completely change your train game and make you healthier, stronger and extra fit!

8 Exercise Myths Explained

Myth #1: You Should Stretch Before You Workout
It’s generally believed that stretching loosens up your muscles pre-workout, will make you good and limber and reduce the chance of muscle pulls and tears. However, analysis has discovered that not solely does stretching cool muscles not offer any benefits, it can actually do extra hurt than good. It can reduce efficiency and result in injury. Instead, do a series of heat up exercises that increase blood flow to your muscles for five to fifteen minutes earlier than your main workout. This prepares them for train and lowers the risk of injuries.

Myth #2: Lifting Weights Will Bulk You Up
Lots of individuals think that if you lift weights you’ll get big and cumbersome and it’s merely not true. There are methods to get cumbersome by lifting weights with particular training, however weight coaching in general doesn’t result in bulk. It’s important that this myth is busted because there are many well being advantages to lifting weights regularly. It can enhance your coronary heart health, keep your tendons and joints lubricated, boost your metabolism, increase your energy and decrease your risk of on a regular basis injuries.

Myth #3: You Should Only Focus on Cardio for Weight Loss
While cardio does assist you burn fats and lose weight, it shouldn’t be the one factor you flip to for weight loss. Doing all cardio and no strength coaching not solely will get boring, it additionally burns fewer energy overall. Strength coaching builds lean muscle mass, which will increase your metabolism and reduces fat. The extra muscle you build, the extra energy you’ll burn, which is why strength coaching is so important for weight loss. Strength coaching exercises that double as cardio are a few of the most efficient you can do.

Myth #4: You Can Get a Six-Pack by Doing Crunches
Ab exercises are key for constructing your core muscles and firming up. However, if you don’t follow a nutritious diet together with core workouts, it’s nearly impossible to get a six pack. If you have a thick layer of fats surrounding your stomach you won’t be able to see the indentations that create the six pack, no matter what number of crunches you can do.

Myth #5: If You Don’t Feel Sore the Day After You Workout, You’re Not Training Hard Enough
If you consistently really feel sore the times after you workout, it could be an indication that your body’s not receiving the support it wants out of your core. Pushing your self to do tough exercises can leave you hobbling throughout the subsequent day and that is probably going due to over-training your global muscles, that are the bigger muscles in your physique like your quadriceps and biceps. There are additionally the native muscles (the core), that are accountable for supporting the mobility of the body’s movement. Try cross coaching with core development strikes to enhance your exercises and reduce next-day pain.

Myth #6: Doing Cardio on an Empty Stomach Will Burn More Fat
Fasting earlier than your train is not a good idea, plain and simple. Your physique wants energy and the large muscles that energy you thru cardio rely closely on carbs and fats for energy. When you run or bike on an empty stomach, your physique turns to the carb and fats fragments in your bloodstream and muscle stores, rather than the fats in your fats cells to energise your workouts. Fuel up ninety minutes earlier than your train with one factor light and easy to digest, like whole wheat toast with almond butter and bananas. Drink one or two glasses of water too!

Myth #7: You Can Focus on Losing Fat From Different Body Parts
Spot coaching isn’t an precise thing. Fat cells are distributed throughout your entire body, so if you wish to lose fats from a particular spot, you have to focus on losing overall physique fat. High depth interval coaching (HIIT) is amazing for this. Even when your train is over, your physique is nonetheless burning energy at relaxation because it will keep drawing oxygen at an accelerated rate. Strength coaching is additionally a good way to hit your weight reduction goals, and mixing HIIT with strength coaching is ideal for weight loss.

Myth #8: Your Workouts Should be At Least An Hour
Research has discovered there’s actually no profit to doing an hour train versus a half hour train when it involves losing weight and fat. Those who train for half-hour can get the very same outcomes as these that train for an hour, and sometimes their outcomes are even better. This could be because these that train for longer probably eat extra throughout the day or the truth that half an hour of train is very doable so people have extra energy to do extra bodily exercise after their train session.

We’ve probably all believed at least one of these train myths at some point. We hope you discovered this post informative and are able to make efficient plans for your exercises moving forward.

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