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Fact or Fiction: 11 Food Myths Explained

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Food is a main a half of everyone’s life, so it’s important to get the facts straight when it involves meals myths. You could be leaving issues out of your diet that are important to your health, or consuming issues you think are wholesome however actually aren’t, due to common misconceptions about food. Today’ we’re debunking eleven common meals myths and telling you what the facts are instead.

11 Food Myths Explained

Myth #1: Coffee is Unhealthy

Due to the excessive caffeine content material espresso has, there’s a false impression that it’s unhealthy. However, espresso is wealthy in antioxidants and may assist fight sure well being conditions like Altzheimer’s, coronary heart illness and stroke. Coffee additionally boosts your metabolism, improves reminiscence and will increase fats burning. Coffee that’s filled with sugar and cream on the opposite hand, probably isn’t doing you any favours.

Myth #2: Red Meat is Bad For You

Although it’s true that a diet excessive in red meat can result in cardiovascular disease, it’s wholesome to eat lean beef in moderation. Red meat is packed with important vitamins together with vitamin B12, iron, zinc, and selenium, and is especially important for these that have iron deficiency anemia.

Myth #3: Gluten-Free Food is Better For You

Unless you have a gluten intolerance or have been diagnosed with celiac disease (in which case you ought to definitely eat a gluten-free diet), gluten-free meals is not essentially higher for you. Those who aren’t able to digest gluten have to remain away from rye, wheat and barley, however the remainder of the inhabitants can profit from the fibre and different vitamins present in these foods. Also keep in mind, commercially-prepared gluten free snacks are typically excessive in refined carbs, sugar, fats and salt.

Myth #4: You Shouldn’t Eat Eggs Because of Their Cholesterol

Yes, eggs do have cholesterol, however they’re actually fairly wholesome for you when eaten in moderation. They’re extremely nutrient-dense, containing zinc and iron, vitamin D, and antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin. Egg yolks are additionally wealthy inside the brain-boosting chemical choline, which is additionally important for muscle function. One whole egg or two egg whites a day can be a half of a wholesome diet.

Myth #5: Eating Carbs Will Make You Fat

The truth is, there are different types of carbohydrates and whether or not a carb will result in weight gain relies upon entirely on what type of carb it is. If you eat tons of creamy pastas or snack on sugary scones from Starbucks, then these carbs will pack on the kilos if not loved in moderation. However, wholesome carbs like quinoa, oats, beans and legumes are important and necessary for throughout health.

Myth #6: Sugar-Free and Fat-Free Are Better For You

People often go for sugar-free and fat-free meals because they think they’re higher for them, however that couldn’t be farther from the truth. If one thing is labeled sugar-free, it means the sugar is removed, however it’s changed with dangerous chemicals. Fat-free meals often goes through a course of that removes all of the dietary fats and typically replaces it with lots of dangerous sugars.

Myth #7: Nuts are Junk Food

Quite the contrary, actually. Nuts are an excellent supply of protein and different nutrients. They’re full of coronary heart wholesome polyunsaturated fatty acids and minerals like calcium and potassium. When eaten regularly, nuts have been discovered to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease. Keep your servings to a handful and you’re all set!

Myth #8: Carrots Can Improve Your Eyesight

Although it would be nice if consuming carrots could enhance your eyesight, that is a common misconception. Carrots are wealthy in betacarotene, an orange pigment that our our bodies can convert into vitamin A. Vitamin A is important for good eye health, however consuming extra of it will not enhance your eyesight. Along with betacarotene, carrots are additionally excessive in lutein, and each are antioxidants that may assist prevent eye damage from free radicals. A excessive count of free radicals can result in eye diseases. So carrots can assist protect your eyes, however don’t expect to magically not want glasses anymore due to them.

Myth #9: Alcohol Will Help You Sleep Better

While many individuals think a glass of wine or scotch will relax you and assist you drift off to sleep, drinking alcohol earlier than mattress can disrupt your sleep cycle and trigger wakefulness and insomnia, in addition to aggravate breathing-related sleep problems. Even although it may assist you go to sleep at first, you’re extra likely to get up inside the center of the night and have trouble falling again to sleep.

Myth #10: Frozen Fruits and Veggies Are Less Nutritious Than Fresh Ones

Fruits and greens are an important a half of a nutritious diet and also you ought to eat them as a lot as you can, whether or not they’re fresh or frozen. There are solely a few vitamins that are deactivated when these meals are frozen and a few vitamins disappear when cooked, however overall fruits and veggies are tremendous nutritious and also you ought to get them as you can.

Myth #11: Nighttime Eating Leads to Weight Gain

You’re certain to have heard this one time and time again, however it’s actually extra about what you eat than when you eat. Our our bodies retailer any extra energy as fat, so in case your calorie enter exceeds your calorie output, you’re extra likely weight gain it doesn’t matter what time of day you eat. If you eat inside your daily calorie needs, you won’t gain weight, however, research have discovered that late night eaters make poorer meals choices and eat extra calories, which in flip can result in weight gain and is probably going the place this myth comes from.

Debunking these meals myths is certain to change your consuming patterns for the better. We hope you learned one thing from this post and could make any necessary changes moving forward.

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