Can’t Concentrate? 9 Tips to Improve Focus When You’re Stuck

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If you’re looking for tricks to enhance focus, you’ve come to the proper place!

I’m an organized, Type A private by nature, and productiveness is my jam. I love discovering methods to create order out of chaos, however when I’m being completely honest and transparent, the worldwide pandemic had a significant impact on my ability to pay attention and focus for large periods of time. Between assembly my work deadlines, keeping my daughter motivated and on track whereas she ping-ponged between in-person and digital school, and staying on top of all of the home stuff I could no longer outsource, I discovered myself feeling…stuck.

Simple duties took me forever to complete, and I was no longer the motivated go-getter who labored forward and felt accomplished on the finish of the day. I had a serious case of pandemic fatigue and wanted to discover a way to get again on track.

These tricks to enhance focus have always been my go-to when I really feel stuck, and I hope they assist you as a lot as they’ve continued to assist me!

9 Tips to Improve Focus

When we take into consideration the best tricks to enhance focus, we have a tendency to zero in on issues like planners, to do lists, and different hacks to maintain us organized. All of these issues are extraordinarily helpful, however we have a tendency to forget the significance of taking care of our our bodies and our minds. If both of these issues are out of balance, it may be actually tough to pay attention and provides our all to no matter task we’re working on.

If focus is one factor you struggle with, make sure you’re taking care of yourself. Here are some tricks to consider:

  • Prioritize sleep. Adults ought to get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep every night so as to operate correctly and carry out at peak productivity, however when life will get busy, sleep is often the very very first factor we let slip. We sacrifice sleep to assist us keep on top of all of the issues that are pulling at us for attention, and whereas this may lower emotions of stress and overwhelm within the short term, sleep deprivation actually makes it harder for us to focus and cope with stress over time.
  • Eat a well-balanced diet. When lift will get busy, we have a tendency to attain for sugary, fatty, and quick meals and snacks. They are convenient, style good, and provides us a lift of energy, however as soon as that preliminary excessive wears off, we inevitably crash, making it actually hard to concentrate. If you’re looking for tricks to enhance focus, restrict your sugar consumption and fill up on fruits, vegetables, and lean protein to fuel your mind and keep you feeling full and satiated.
  • Drink small quantities of caffeine. A cup of tea or espresso can provide the jolt you want to focus within the morning and/or when the notorious afternoon slump hits. Just watch out to not drink an excessive amount of caffeine because it could make you really feel nervous and jittery, which can negatively impact your concentration.
  • Exercise regularly. Working out on the common isn’t simply good for your bodily health. It promotes mind health, reduces stress, and improves our moods as well. Make sure you’re moving your physique for at least half-hour a day.

Learning when you are at your most productive and taking full benefit of that point could make an enormous distinction in your ability to focus on important duties for lengthy periods of time. We have a tendency to get caught up within the concept that we’re supposed to do our most urgent items very first factor within the morning, however when you discover you’re extra efficient after lunch or within the late within the evening, organize your schedule in such a way that you use that point wisely!

If you’re looking for tricks to enhance focus, you probably already know that eradicating distractions is key. Some of these may appear like no-brainers, however oftentimes we can use a little reminder of all of the little issues we can do to maximise our concentration!

  • Create a devoted work area
  • Turn off social media
  • Close down your email program
  • Wear noise-cancelling headphones
  • Cancel pointless meetings
  • Side apart time to reply to emails and calls in a single go
  • Delegate wherever possible

Have you ever heard of the ‘Zeigarnik Effect’? It’s a psychological phenomenon that describes our tendency to recollect duties that are incomplete rather than duties we’ve finished. The analysis surrounding this phenomenon is fairly insightful and means that if we’re engaged on a task and suddenly have to stop, it’s harder for us to fully focus on one factor else.

Of course, we can’t always follow a task from begin to complete in a single sitting, so we have to discover methods to offset the negative impact these interruptions have on our ability to switch gears when we want to. A nice way to do that is to maintain ‘to do’ lists. Writing down all of the duties you didn’t have time to complete on the finish of every day, after which assigning a completion date for every merchandise can assist take away emotions of stress related to incomplete tasks.

If you’re looking for tricks to enhance focus, many individuals swear by the Pomodoro Technique, which follows a sample like this:

  • Identify the duty you want to work on
  • Set a timer for 25 minutes (aka, one Pomodoro)
  • Work solely on the duty you’ve chosen for the duration of these 25 minutes
  • Take a 5 minute break
  • If the duty isn’t complete, set a timer for one other 25 minutes and work solely on that task again
  • Take a 5 minute break
  • Once you’ve completely 4 Pomodoros, take an extended break (aim for 15-30 minutes) after which begin again

Breaking your work into small, manageable chunks of time permits you to hyper-focus with out distraction, making you a lot extra productive and effective. Give it a try!

While it feels nice to knock a million items off your never-ending list of issues to do every day, multitasking can actually make you much less efficient with your time. The key to productiveness is to do fewer issues for extra impact instead. Focusing on ONE task at a time permits you to be extra efficient, and enables you to give 100% of your effort.

Batching is one of my favourite productiveness hacks, and I use it in each my private and skilled life. The time period ‘batching’ refers to grouping relevant duties collectively and tackling them in a single go rather than splitting them up over the course of some days. For example, you may schedule a block of time to do all of your administrative duties at work every week like catching up on emails, returning phone calls, filing, etc., and additionally put apart a night or two to deal with senseless family duties like cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, and meal prep. You will be amazed at how a lot your productiveness will increase when you roll up your sleeves and tackle similar duties collectively in a single go rather than constantly breaking your focus and borrowing time for these items all through the week.

The ‘Touch It Once’ technique has been life-changing for me, and if you’re looking for tricks to enhance focus, I extremely recommend you give this a try. The idea is simple: when you ‘touch’ a task, you deal with it then and there so it’s taken off your plate, rather than ‘touching’ it a number of times and permitting it to take up extra energy and psychological space. If a task can’t be accomplished in a single go, make a agency decision on subsequent steps and take motion to maintain issues moving forward. The ‘Touch It Once’ technique will assist you realize what number of times you look at and ruminate over the identical issues with out actually taking action. You’ll knock issues off your ‘to do’ list a lot faster, which will make you really feel extra accomplished and fewer likely to procrastinate.

The final merchandise on my list of tricks to enhance focus is to schedule common breaks all through the day. This may sound counterproductive, especially when you have a million various issues pulling at you on the identical time, however the time away will assist you clear your thoughts and gain perspective, permitting you to really feel extra relaxed and in management so that you can prioritize and focus on the important stuff. Walking round your neighborhood, calling a friend, or having fun with a heat cup of espresso whereas looking out the window can all assist you recharge and re-focus when you’re discovering it hard to concentrate.

I hope these tricks to enhance focus assist you discover methods to not solely focus for lengthy periods of time, however additionally allow you to make use of your time extra productively so that you have extra time to do the issues you enjoy with these you love most!

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