Caffeinate and Conquer: 25 Whipped Coffee Recipes to Try at Home

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A espresso shop-type drink you could make at home, whipped espresso is all anyone’s speaking about when it involves caffeine these days. Both aesthetically pleasing and easy to make, this scrumptious drink is made with simply three ingredients that you probably have already got in your cupboard. Popularized by the social media platform TikTok, the whipped espresso craze is making waves throughout the world. Check out 25 whipped espresso recipes you could make at home!

What is Whipped Coffee?

Whipped coffee, additionally called Dalgona coffee, is a creamy two-toned espresso drink made by whipping instant espresso with sugar and water. The result’s a butterscotch-hued foam that you spoon over milk. It recently went viral on TikTok, becoming one of many biggest social media actions the espresso world has seen in a while.

The whipped espresso trend began in South Korea, however quickly became popular in North America as well. And whereas it could additionally be a brand new “trend” gaining popularity, whipped espresso itself is nothing new, and many have been making it at home for years. In India, they’ve what’s called Beaten coffee, and in Greece it’s known because the frappé, which is a frothier model of whipped coffee. There are additionally variations that are shaken with egg whites and served with condensed milk.

How to Make Whipped Coffee at Home in four Steps

Step 1: Combine 2 tablespoons granulated instant coffee, ½ tablespoon sugar, and 2 tablespoons water in a medium-sized bowl.

Step 2: Whip both by hand or with an electrical mixer till it turns from foamy to frothy to creamy. You’ll know it’s done when you’ve formed peaks on the whisk.

Step 3: Fill a glass with milk and ice. (Note: If you need a hot drink, use heat milk instead).

Step 4: Spoon the fluffy, creamy combination over the milk and combine!

Tips for Making Whipped Coffee

1. Make Sure to Use Hot Water
While chilly or room temperature water will work for whipped coffee, hot water will provide the best results. It works faster and whips up nicer, giving you that aesthetically pleasing espresso store look we’re all attempting to achieve.

2. An Electronic Mixer Will Help
Whisking your whipped espresso by hand is doable, however it will go a lot faster if you use an electrical mixer. Not solely do your hands get drained after whisking for a few minutes, a mixer is a lot faster, and nonetheless takes about fives minutes. Give your arm a relaxation and let the mixer do the work!

3. Make Sure to Use Instant Coffee
You could additionally be questioning if you can use floor espresso rather than instant coffee, however the reply is unfortunately, no. Regular floor espresso must be brewed earlier than it turns into drinkable, so that you have to make use of instant espresso for whipped coffee.

4. Use a Bowl, Not a Mug or Jar
While sometimes it’s okay to combine issues in any type of vessel, whipped espresso ought to solely be made in a bowl (before you pour it into your glass of milk). Whipped espresso turns into fluffy and whipped through the combination interacting with the air, and a mug or jar won’t allow sufficient air to flow into around.

5. Mix Before Drinking
It could additionally be tempting to drink your whipped espresso as is after you pour the combination onto the milk – it simply looks so pretty! But, make certain to combine it with a spoon or straw earlier than drinking it. This way you’ll fully incorporate the flavour and have the most scrumptious drink!

6. A Word on Sugar
Whipped espresso works best with granulated sugar, and there are different types of granulated sugar you can use – white sugar, brown sugar, cane sugar, coconut sugar and uncooked sugar. You can use as a lot or as little sugar as you want in your whipped coffee. You can use as a lot as two tablespoons or skip the sugar altogether, and also you can additionally use a sugar substitute such as Stevia, simply keep in thoughts it won’t lighten or fluff up as much.

7. Get Creative
Whipped espresso is a basic recipe with three ingredients, however that doesn’t imply you can’t get creative! Feel free to make use of dairy substitutes like soy or almond milk and add in additions such as cinnamon, caramel and chocolate! However you want your whipped coffee, there’s a recipe for you!

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Ready to caffeinate and conquer? These recipes will have you ever whipping up whipped espresso each single day!

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