Awesome Aubergine! 40 Easy-to-Make Eggplant Recipes

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Eggplants, additionally known as aubergines, are full of flavour and brimming with well being benefits. Known for his or her purple pores and skin and distinctive texture, eggplant makes an superior addition to meals like stir frys and curries and is the star of dishes like eggplant parmesan and eggplant tacos. Eggplants even have a similar texture to meat so they’re a nice meat alternative for anybody following a plant-based diet or these that do meatless Mondays. Peruse our favorite eggplant recipes to begin cooking with this tasty veg.

What Are The Health Benefits of Eggplant?

1. Improves Digestive Health
Eggplants are wealthy in fibre, which is important for sustaining a balanced diet and a nice way to enhance gastrointestinal health. Eating eggplant on a common foundation will assist everything transfer alongside easily so that you really feel higher overall.

2. Balances Blood Sugar
Eggplant’s excessive fibre content material can additionally assist keep your glucose ranges in check. Fibre lowers blood sugar by slowing the speed of digestion and the absorption of sugar. Slower absorption retains glucose ranges balanced and additionally prevents spikes and crashes.

3. Boosts Brain Health
Eggplant’s purple pores and skin is roofed with a highly effective antioxidant called nasunin that protects mind cell membranes and assists within the transport of vitamins and the removal of waste. It’s additionally been discovered to prevent neuroinflammation and increase blood flow, which could assist enhance memory.

4. Improves Bone Health
The pure plant compounds that create eggplant’s purple color have been linked to reduced osteoporosis, stronger bones and elevated bone density. Additionally, eggplants contain iron and calcium, that are essential to improving and preserving overall bone health.

5 Tips and Hacks for Cooking with Eggplant

1. Peel Off the Skin (Sometimes)
Before cooking with eggplant, make sure your eggplant’s pores and skin is peeled. The pores and skin tends to be thicker and tougher to chew, particularly if it’s a bigger eggplant, so peel it off and dice it if you’re roasting or sautéing your eggplant. If your eggplant is smaller and tender, you can leave the pores and skin on for skillet frying or braising.

2. Don’t Use too Much Oil
When making eggplant parmesan, grilled eggplant or eggplant stir frys, be certain to not use an excessive amount of oil. Eggplants are like sponges and they absorb oil almost too well, which could make them soggy. Instead of including oil to your frying pan, brush the eggplant with oil so that you have extra management of how a lot you’re using.

3. Make Sure to Pre-Salt It
Eggplants have a spongy texture that completely absorbs fat and flavours, however solely when it’s dehydrated with a few sprinkles of salt. Salting and pat-drying eggplants will assist dry out extra moisture so they cook on the ideal texture, and it additionally helps season the eggplant from the within out. Whether you’re working with slices or chunks, season the uncovered space of the eggplant with salt and place them on a plate with paper towels to assist soak up the surplus moisture.

4. Give Your Eggplant Room To Breathe
You want your eggplant to be caramelized and crispy on the outside and completely tender on the inside. For this to happen, you want to give the cubes or slices sufficient room to brown whereas they cook. If they’re over crowded within the pan or baking sheet, they’ll steam rather than brown. Be certain to unfold the eggplant items out in a single layer in your cooking vessel so they’ve space to get crisp on the outside whereas the within cooks to perfection.

5. Don’t Drown It Out
Eggplant tastes scrumptious on its own, so make certain to not drown out the flavour with different ingredients. Whether you’re utilizing tomato sauce and mozzarella for an eggplant parm or sichuan sauce for a stir fry, use the ingredients sparingly to enhance the flavour of the eggplant, to not masks it.

40 Eggplant Recipes for Weight Loss

1. Miso Eggplant with Black Garlic | Pups with Chopsticks
2. Tomato Eggplant Zucchini Bake | Well Plated
3. Skinny Baked Eggplant Parmesan Melts | Simple Nourished Living
4. Vegan Eggplant and Sweet Red Peppers | Cook After Me
5. Kashke Bademjan (Persian Eggplant Dip) | Unicorns within the Kitchen
6. Sheet Pan Eggplant Parmesan | The Two Bite Club
7. Spicy Eggplant Stir Fry | Healthy Nibbles
8. Easy Mini Eggplant Pizzas | Wholesome Yum
9. One-Pot Greek Eggplant and Rice | OMG Food
10. Grilled Eggplant Tacos | Garden within the Kitchen
11. Roasted Eggplant Pasta | A Simple Palate
12. Sichuan Eggplant Stir Fry | Omnivore’s Cookbook
13. One-Pot Eggplant Chicken Dinner | Lexi’s Clean Kitchen
14. Brussels Sprouts Eggplant Buddha Bowl | Robust Recipes
15. Pressed Eggplant Sandwiches | Live Eat Learn
16. Spicy Eggplant Balls with Minty Yogurt Wrap | The Awesome Green
17. Chickpea, Tofu and Eggplant Curry | The Endless Meal
18. Tamari Ginger Meatball and Eggplant Casserole | Eating Well
19. Epic Baba Ganoush | Cookie and Kate
20. Roasted Eggplant with Zaatar | Feasting at Home
21. Soy Glazed Eggplant | Budget Bytes
22. Greek Stuffed Eggplant | Eating Well
23. Eggplant Green Curry | Simply Recipes
24. Eggplant Quesadillas | Love and Lemons
25. Baked Eggplant Marinara Sandwich | Blissful Basil
26. No-Noodle Eggplant Lasagna | Eating Well
27. Roasted Miso Eggplant Steak | Pepper
28. Honey Garlic Eggplant | I Am A Food Blog
29. Stir-Fried Eggplant with Basil and Chiles | Bon Appetit
30. Spicy Eggplant Mapo Tofu | Hip Foodie Mom
31. Grilled Eggplant with Pecan Pesto | Kara Lydon
32. Eggplant Caponata | Savory Tooth
33. Roasted Eggplant with Greek Yogurt and Walnuts | Lose Weight by Eating
34. Low Carb Eggplant Pizza | Eating Bird Food
35. Vegan Eggplant Sandwich | Yum Vegan Food
36. Vegan Eggplant Teriyaki | It’s a Veg World After All
37. Eggplant Arrabiata | Hurry the Food Up
38. Baked Eggplant Fajitas | Slender Kitchen
39. Garlic Eggplant Penne Pasta | Dish By Dish
40. Chinese Spicy Eggplant | Profusion Curry

Adding extra eggplant to your life is always a good idea. Try out these eggplant recipes for meatless Mondays or any different day of the week!

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