9 Tips and Tricks to Help You Stay Calm in a Stressful Situation

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If you’re looking for tricks to assist you keep calm in a stressful situation, we’ve got 9 ideas to help. Whether you’re navigating a very difficult situation, or you’re going through a phase in your life the place a number of life stressors appear to be pulling at you all at once, we’re sharing our greatest short-term calming methods in addition to sensible ideas for keeping stress at bay over the lengthy haul.

How to Stay Calm in a Stressful Situation


A small but often overlooked tip that may assist you keep calm in a stressful situation is to easily breathe. Deep breathing is one of many most efficient methods for anxiety relief, and whereas it takes practice, it can assist you center and floor your self in difficult times. To start, discover a chair to sit down in and put your arms on the armrests. Take a deep breath in through your nose, lasting for about 5 seconds, maintain your breath for three seconds, and breathe out through your mouth for 7 seconds. Repeat 10 times, and as you get extra comfortable with the technique, you can repeat as a lot as 20 times.

If you discover it difficult to calm your breathing in your own, the Headspace app has tons of nice mini-meditations for moments of panic, stress, and a anxiety. Give it a try!


If you’re stressed or anxious, acknowledge the ideas and feelings you are having, after which ask yourself: is there something I can do proper now to make this better? If the reply is yes, take action! Do the issues you want to do to gain management over the situation and reduce your anxious ideas so they don’t fester. If the reply is no, give your self permission to let go. Remind yourself that no quantity of remorse can change the past, and no quantity of worrying can change the future, and channel your energy into one factor extra productive instead.


Another nice tip that may assist you keep calm in a stressful situation is to do a mind dump. It can be very easy to become overwhelmed when feelings are high, and taking 5-10 minutes to write down all of the issues that are competing for your time and consideration can be so helpful. Identify which items want to be addressed today and which of them can wait till tomorrow, and consider which items can be tabled for one other time or deserted altogether.

If you’re struggling to remain organized and focused, think about utilizing a tool like The Productivity Planner to assist you identify your most important duties and keep accountable with out feeling overwhelmed.


If you want to know how to remain calm in a stressful situation, one other useful tip to try is to get into the behavior of difficult anxious ideas as quickly as they occur. When you really feel these acquainted feelings of stress and anxiety creeping up, ask yourself:

  • Are my worries based on fact or speculation?
  • Are these ideas and feelings serving to or hurting me?
  • Will this matter a week, month, or year from now?
  • What is the worst that may happen?
  • If the worst did happen, could I cope with it?
  • What ONE factor can I do proper now to really feel extra in control?


If you want to know how to remain calm in a stressful situation that you have little to no management over, it could also be actually useful to set time limits in your worries. Whether you’re anxious about one factor that’s happening inside the present, or stressing about one factor that may occur inside the future, it can be actually useful to set some boundaries for yourself. Set a timer in your phone, and be deliberate with the way you use that time. If you’re attempting to decide about something, write a list of pros and cons. If you’re obsessing over one factor that’s making you anxious, use the time to problem your negative thoughts. The level is to restrict the time you spend overthinking issues outside of your control, and to make use of that level brainstorming options and/or placing your thoughts at relaxation so that you can transfer ahead rather than getting stuck.


Yup. I’m serious. If you’re attempting to determine how to stay calm in a stressful situation, sometimes the best factor you are able to do is allow your self to take a break. This might sound counterintuitive, particularly if you’re feeling overwhelmed and as if you have a million various issues pulling at you, however the time away will assist you clear your mind, permitting you to really feel extra relaxed and rested so that you can focus on the issues that matter.

Keep in thoughts that taking a break doesn’t want to be an olympic event. Walking round your neighborhood, calling a friend, or having fun with a heat cup of espresso whereas looking out the window can all assist you really feel extra grounded.


If you are prone to feelings of stress and anxiety, you probably have a behavior of attempting to do all the things in an effort to distract your self and really feel extra in management over your situation. This is a actually regular coping mechanism, and whereas it could also be useful inside the short-term, it can trigger you to really feel burnt out and overwhelmed over time. If this sounds like you, I problem you to designate a few of the items in your never-ending list of issues to do to others. Assign age-appropriate chores to your kids (CLICK HERE for a list of ideas by age!), outsource the issues you don’t have time for, and cease sweating the small stuff.


While I’m not actually one to write my feelings down on paper for all of the world to see, The Five-Minute Journal has been a life-changer for me. It’s a easy but extremely effective tool you can use to coach your mind to begin and finish every day with feelings of gratitude, and if you’re attempting to determine how to stay calm in a stressful situation, I extremely recommend it. It solely takes 5 minutes to complete, and it forces you to see the positives even when issues are difficult and stressful.

You can learn extra about The Five-Minute Journal and why I rave about it a lot RIGHT HERE.


As a lot as these ideas can assist you keep calm in a stressful situation, there may come a time when you’re so overwhelmed with fear that you simply cannot cope with your feelings in your own. And that’s okay! If you’re struggling, I urge you to get help. Talk to your physician about your concerns and ask if she or he can recommend a therapist to assist you discover methods to alleviate stress inside your means. As scary as this may sound, it’s important that you learn how to deal with yourself, and it could also be extraordinarily therapeutic to unload your worries onto a stranger.

If you’re attempting to determine how to remain calm in a stressful situation, I hope the tips and ideas on this post show useful to you. Remember to practice deep breathing to calm your mind, to management the issues you can and let go of the issues you can’t, to problem anxious ideas and practice daily gratitude, and to take a break and speak to a skilled if and when you want to.

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