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9 Step-by-Step Amigurumi Tutorials for Beginners (10 Free Patterns!)

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If you want to learn how to crochet miniature dolls, animals, fruits, vegetables, and desserts, this post is for you! We’re sharing everything you want to know below – arigurumi necessities and newbie basics, plus 9 step-by-step amigurumi tutorials for beginners and tons of free patterns. Arigurumi is such a enjoyable craft you are able to do by yourself or with your kids to unwind on the finish of a lengthy day, and the designs we’ve curated make fantastic gifts and keepsakes for household and friends!

What Is Amigurumi?

Amigurumi is a well-liked type of crocheting and knitting small, stuffed items out of yarn.

The phrase ‘amigurumi’ is a compound of two Japanese words:

Ami: crocheted or knitted
Nuigurumi: stuffed doll

Amigurumi has been round for many years in Japan, however it didn’t gain popularity across the world till the early 2000s.

9 Amigurumi Essentials to Invest In

1. Crochet hook set
The hooks you’ll use for the amigurumi tutorials for beginners below will rely on the sample and type of yarn you are working with, however a good rule of thumb is to decide on a hook that’s 2 sizes smaller than your yarn. A smaller hook will make smaller stitches, which will result in smaller holes in your design, making it much less likely that your stuffing will present through. This set of crochet hooks is a nice set for beginners because it includes 12 different sizes to decide on from.

2. Yarn
There are many different types and weights of yarn you can select from, and if you are following a pattern, it will likely inform you which type of yarn to use. If you’re unsure, many of the amigurumi tutorials for beginners we’ve shared on this post recommend acrylic yarn, however really feel free to mess round with different choices till you discover one you really feel most comfortable with.

3. Yarn cutter
Yes, you can use standard scissors, however a yarn cutter will give you a extra exact cut. Yarn cutters are additionally simpler and safer to move if you plan on crocheting on the go as they arrive with a lid!

4. Yarn organizer
There are lots of stylish yarn organizers to select from relying in your style in addition to whether or not you intend on touring with your amigurumi provides or keep them at home. I love this one!

5. Stitch markers
As you start branching out to extra superior amigurumi tutorials, you’ll definitely want a set of sew markers!

6. Embroidery Thread
Whether you’re stitching your amigurumi design together, or creating particulars like eyes and eyelashes to bring your creation to life, you’ll want some sort of thread. I recommend stranded embroidery cotton thread (aka ’embroidery floss’) because it comes with 6 strands that are easy to separate based in your needs, and also you can buy it in so many colours pretty inexpensively.

7. Needles
You can use any kind of needles so as to add the ending touches to your amigurumi designs. I like these large eye needles as I discover them tremendous easy to thread!

8. Stuffing
This probably goes with out saying, however make sure you have some stuffing handy earlier than trying the amigurumi tutorials for beginners below!

9. Plastic Safety Eyes and Noses
If you plan on trying the doll and animal patterns within the amigurumi tutorials for beginners we’ve curated, this set of plastic security eyes and noses is a nice funding because it will allow you to simply personalize your creations.

Amigurumi Basics for Beginners

The best way to learn amigurumi is to leap proper in and provides it a try, and this tutorial by Ollie + Holly is a nice one to assist you get started. You’ll learn how to make an arigurumi ball together with tons of nice tips and tricks.

9 Step-by-Step Amigurumi Tutorials for Beginners

And now for the enjoyable part! These step-by-step amigurumi tutorials for beginners include a mixture of various designs that are pretty easy and oh so cute!

Crochet Amigurumi Flower Keychain | Hooked by Robin

Amigurumi Crochet Kawaii Octopus | Hooked by Robin

Mini Crochet Doughnuts | HappyBerry Crochet

How to Crochet Stuffed Animals | Amigurumi Puppy Dog & Kitty Cat! | kirrilalia

Sushi Crochet Tutorial | Amigurumi Food | Ami Amour

Amigurumi Unicorn | Alan Craft Crochet Diy

Mermaid Doll Amigurumi Chibi | Crimson & Wool

French Macaron Crochet Tutorial | AFarmhouseFull

Amigurumi Ballerina | Círculo S/A

10 Free Amigurumi Patterns for Beginners

In addition to offering a assortment of step-by-step amigurumi tutorials for beginners, I desired to share a list of free patterns you can use to create designs in your own. But earlier than we dive into those, I thought it would be useful to share a nice tutorial by NVkatherine that will teach you how to learn amigurumi patterns.

There are TONS of free amigurumi patterns for beginners (and beyond) online. Here are a few of my favourites!

Little Pig | Hainchan
Amigurumi Bunny | Once Upon a Cheerio
Unicorn Pig | Law-Gurumis
Amigurumi Crochet Elephant | Supergurumi
Bubble Seal Amigurumi | I Crochet Things
Octopus Amigurumi | Moogly
Rainbow Cake Slice | Genuine Mudpie
Dinosaurs Amigurumi | Stringy Ding Ding
Clownfish Arigurumi | Natalina Craft
Ice Cream Arigurumi | Furls Crochet

You can additionally buy arigurumi sample books with particular themes, and I’ve linked to a few nice ones below!

Mini Amigurumi Animals: 26 Tiny Creatures to Crochet
Adorable Fruits & Vegetables to Crochet
Stylish Succulents to Crochet
Kawaii Crochet: forty Super Cute Crochet Patterns for Adorable Amigurumi

If you’re attempting to learn how to crochet miniature masterpieces, I hope this assortment of amigurumi tutorials for beginners proves useful to you!

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