8 Tips and Hacks to Reduce Screen Time

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From smartphones to TVs to laptops, screens became routine parts of our on a regular basis lives. Many of us get as a lot as scroll through social media and go to sleep watching our favorite TV show. Not to mention, the bulk of individuals now work on screens all day. The truth is, screens have taken over our lives and it’s important for us to discover balance again. If you really feel like you’ve been looking at a screen way too much, check out eight genius tips and hacks to reduce screen time.

Why Should You Monitor Your Screen Time?

  • Mental health. Too a lot screen time can be detrimental to your overall health. It’s been discovered that higher screen times have been linked to a higher risk of depression.
  • Poor sleep. Blue light from screens signals your mind to remain awake, which could make it harder to go to sleep and get a good night’s rest.
  • Eye strain. Too a lot screen time can trigger fatigue or discomfort within the eyes, in addition to dimmed vision. The glare on screens and the brightness of the show can additional pressure your eyes.
  • Addictive behaviours. Smartphones, and social media in particular, have been proven to result in addictive behaviours, such as thinking about the platform constantly and craving utilizing it, utilizing apps to enhance you temper and experiencing withdrawal signs if you’re unable to make use of your phone or apps.
  • Reduced bodily activity. Before technology, society was a lot extra active, spending extra time outside, taking walks, playing sports activities or engaged on projects. With extra time spent on screens, many individuals are living a extra sedentary lifestyle, which is directly linked to risk of weight problems and different well being problems.

How Much is Too Much?

Outside of work, you ought to ideally be keeping your screen time to lower than 2 hours per day. Limiting social media use to half-hour per day has been discovered to play a significant enchancment in well being. Another way to consider it’s screen time turns into an excessive amount of when it interferes with different actions you could be doing that are extra beneficial to your health. For example, are you skipping exercises since you get too distracted on social media? Are your kids staying home to play video video games rather than playing face-to-face video games with friends? If you’ve noticed screen time is taking a toll in your well being and impacting your overall health, it’s a big signal that it’s an excessive amount of screen time.

8 Hacks to Reduce Screen Time

1. Leave Your Phone Outside of the Bedroom

Many people go to sleep scrolling their phone and get up doing the same. This interferes with your sleep and will increase your daily screen time. Your bed room ought to be a spot of calm and relaxation. If you have your phone, you’re extra likely to check work emails or get riled up by one thing on social media. Leave your phone in one other room and use an alarm clock to get up instead.

2. Use Screen Time

If you have an iPhone, Screen Time lets you entry real-time reports showing how a lot time you and your loved ones spend in your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. It helps you make knowledgeable decisions about how to make use of your devices and permits you to set limits on what number of hours per day you can be in your screens. You can create a devoted passcode to safe settings, so solely you can extend time or make changes. Simply go to Settings > Screen Time and faucet to show it on.

3. Exercise Instead of Scrolling

Changing up your daily routine can assist you reduce screen time and lead a extra healthy lifestyle. If you get up and instantly begin checking emails and scrolling Tiktok, replace your scrolling sessions with a brisk morning stroll outside. If you spend your lunchtime watching Youtube videos, why not do a noon yoga session or bootcamp at your native gym? Your thoughts and physique will thank you.

4. Give Yourself Limits

On the weekends, it may be easy to get misplaced in movies or binge Netflix shows to your heart’s desire. Instead of permitting your self to binge, give your self a restrict of watching 1 to 2 episodes per day so that you don’t exhaust your eyes. Spend the remainder of your time outside in nature, cooking, cleaning, studying a book or going out with friends.

5. Turn Off Social Media Notifications

If you’re constantly getting notifications each time there’s a brand new social media exercise in your accounts, this can result in distraction, anxiety and decreased productivity. Turning off notifications can assist with your phone/social media addiction and additionally permits you to be extra in management of when and the way a lot you pick up your phone.

6. Consider Deleting Social Media Apps Off Your Phone

The best way to spend much less time on social media and as a result, your phone? Delete your social media apps off your device. You can nonetheless check your accounts occasionally on a pc and also you can add the apps again onto your phone everytime you want, however when you really feel like you’re hooked on social media and your days are worse off due to it, get rid of the distraction.

7. Avoid Eating In Front of a Screen

If you typically watch TV or scroll social media whereas consuming your meals, it’s time to cease this habit. This will give your eyes a break, particularly if you spend your workday on a computer. Eat meals with your partner or family, or if you’re single, spend mealtimes with a book or journal or listen to music. It will be extra healthy and extra enjoyable.

8. Pick Up an Off-Screen Hobby

Hobbies have been proven to reduce stress levels, enhance bodily health, enhance sleep, increase social interactions and boost happiness. Consider becoming a member of a dance or Pilates class, reading, studying a brand new language, becoming a member of a leisure sports activities league or teaching your self calligraphy. Anything that doesn’t require a lot screen time is a win.

If you really feel like you’ve been spending way an excessive amount of time staring at screens, we hope you discover these tips and hacks useful!

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