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7 Ways to Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself and Improve Your Life

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If you’re looking for a little inspiration to assist you get out of a funk and cease feeling sorry for your self so that you can live your best life each day, this post is for you!

While all of us undergo periods in our lives when it feels as if the entire world is against us and we can’t appear to do something right, it turns into problematic when we get caught on this way of thinking. Self-pity can be extraordinarily self-destructive, and can negatively impact not solely the way you feeling about yourself, however the relationships you have with others. It can additionally sabotage your goals, and the longer you play the self-blame game, the harder it’s to pull your self out of it.

If you want to know how to cease feeling sorry for your self as quickly as and for all, these tips and ideas are for you!

7 Ways to Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself

If you want to cease feeling sorry for yourself, a good first step is to determine what’s inflicting you to really feel this way inside the primary pace. Write down all of the negative issues you say to your self over the course of some days or a week. You’ll probably discover a common theme alongside the way, and the idea is to identify the one overarching negative assertion you inform your self (i.e. ‘I’m not capable’, ‘no one likes me’, ‘bad issues always happen to me’, etc.) so that you have a good beginning place.

Once you’ve recognized the space you struggle with most, create an affirmation that’s the precise opposite. Remember to make use of factual, positive, and present-tense phrases (this list of confidence affirmations for women might encourage you!), and repeat this affirmation every time your inner critic begins playing thoughts video games with you.

Another good technique to try if you wish to cease feeling sorry for your self is to get into the behavior of difficult self-deprecating ideas as quickly as they occur. Of course, this could additionally be difficult to do inside the moment, however when you’ve already taken the time to record your negative thought processes over a number of days (as recommended in level 1 above), you can use this as practice. If you problem your self to reframe every of the self-pitying ideas in your list, you’ll become extra comfortable and acquainted with the process, making you higher equipped to refute self-sabotaging ideas as they happen inside the future.

Once you’ve figured out WHY you’re feeling sorry for your self and gotten into the behavior of difficult self-pitying ideas and beliefs, spend a whereas setting new, short-term goals to assist lift your self out of your funk. For example, if you retain getting handed up for promotions at work, you might enroll in a category to enhance a particular skill set, offer to tackle additional duties to assist groom your self for new responsibilities, and/or search out the assistance of a mentor to debate different alternatives you could additionally be missing. Setting small, achievable targets that could additionally be tracked and measured over time is a good way to remain motivated, particularly for individuals who have a tendency to really feel discouraged and overwhelmed inside the face of larger, extra complex goals.

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I’m obsessive about my Peloton bike, and that I enjoy sharing all of the motivational and inspirational issues my favourite instructors preach whereas I’m slaying my rides. They always appear to know precisely what I want to listen to every time I clip into my bike, and final week Alex Toussaint said one factor that actually caught with me. He said that one of his goals this year is to be extra mindful of how a lot he permits negativity to affect his day. He gave himself a rule whereby if one factor negative happens, he’ll solely allow it to take up a most of 60 minutes of his day.

If you want to cease feeling sorry for your self all of the time, consider giving this technique a try. Each time you really feel your self engaging in self-sabotaging ideas or beliefs, allow your self a set period of time to work through your feelings, after which let it go. Imposing a time restrict will force you to deal with your feelings inside the second rather than permitting them to management your temper for the remainder of the day.

Another good way to cease feeling sorry for your self is to get into the behavior of writing down 3-5 issues you’re grateful for every day. I love to do that very first factor inside the morning as I discover it helps to set the tone for the day ahead. You can write your gratitude list on a piece of paper or inside the notes app in your smartphone, however when you want a bit extra structure, I actually love The Five-Minute Journal. It’s a easy but highly effective tool you can use to coach your mind to begin and finish every day with an attitude of gratitude so that you can learn how to be a happy and positive person. And it solely takes 5 minutes to complete! It helps to begin the day on a positive note and encourages you to create change from inside whereas additionally reminding you to count your blessings and resolve conflicts earlier than the day is done. It’s a highly effective tool you can use to shift your focus and focus on the positives rather than the negatives, which is key for these that are attempting to cease feeling sorry for themselves all of the time.

Find out extra about The Five-Minute Journal here.

Our lives are a direct results of the people we spend our time with, so if you’re attempting to cease feeling sorry for yourself, you want to be mindful of how your interactions with others impact you. Misery loves company, and if you discover a household member, friend, or co-worker contributes to (or causes) your feelings of self-pity, you might want to restrict the time you spend with them. Of course, we can’t always keep away from the individuals who set off us to really feel badly about ourselves, however we can discover coping methods to make sure we don’t allow their negative energy to take up an excessive quantity of residence in our minds and spirits. Going for a walk, speaking to a friend, and writing in a gratitude journal can assist offset negative interactions.

If you want to know how to cease feeling sorry for yourself, my final tip is to hunt out alternatives to do good issues for others. Showing kindness can do wonders for your soul, and has been proven to spice up self-esteem and feelings of self-worth. Giving somebody a compliment, paying for someone’s morning coffee, sending an encouraging textual content to a friend, holding the door open for a co-worker, sending flowers to a household member, and providing a heat smile are all easy examples of methods you can present kindness all through your day. Remember that the act doesn’t want to be huge, however it does want to be intentional!

If you’re looking for tricks to assist you cease feeling sorry for yourself, I hope the ideas on this post encourage you! Remember to problem negative thoughts, undertake an attitude of gratitude, encompass your self with the proper people, and discover a way to sprinkle a few random acts of kindness into your day for good measure!


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