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7 Effective 15-15-15 Workouts for Weight Loss

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Are you looking to switch up your exercises in a enjoyable and motivating way? 15-15-15 exercises might be proper for you. The 15-15-15 exercise plan was coined by Jennifer Anniston in her cowl story interview with InStyle magazine, the place she shared that she spends quarter-hour biking on a stationary bike, quarter-hour on an elliptical machine and quarter-hour jogging or running on a treadmill. There are many advantages to various it up between different cardio routines in a single exercise and we’re sharing precisely how to take advantage of out of those exercises below.

What Are 15-15-15 Workouts?

The basic premise for this cardio exercise plan is to spend quarter-hour spinning, quarter-hour on an elliptical machine and quarter-hour running. However, you can simply substitute any cardio exercises into 15-15-15 exercises relying on the equipment you have and your exercise preference.

Switching up your cardio each quarter-hour can keep you from getting bored with your exercises and is extremely doable. It’s much less intimidating mentally, and bodily you’re not doing the identical repetitive motion at a excessive quantity for a lengthy interval of time. The problem with simply doing one cardio workout, like running or biking is that you’re extra likely to get an overuse injury. It’s additionally simpler to persuade your self to do one thing for quarter-hour than it’s for forty five minutes or an hour. It helps boost your motivation to get your exercise done!

What Are the Benefits of 15-15-15 Workouts?

  1. Boosts your cardio and coronary heart rate
  2. Burns a nice deal of energy and helps you lose weight
  3. Strengthens your respiratory system
  4. Not intimidating and really convenient
  5. Reduces boredom all through workouts
  6. Helps with motivation
  7. Decreases your risk of an overuse injury
  8. Lifts your mood

7 15-15-15 Workouts for Weight Loss

Since 15-15-15 exercises can be done with your choice of cardio, right here are all our ideas for a nice cardio exercise below. Mix and match them as you see match all through your 15-15-15 workouts!

1. Jump Rope

Jumping rope is a full physique exercise that gives you a nice calorie burn and is an excellent choice if you don’t have equipment like a stationary bike or elliptical at home. All you want is a jump rope and a few space and you’re good to go! Check out the tutorial below for an superior 15 minute jump rope routine. She takes you thru 15 jump rope exercises that get your blood pumping and coronary heart rate soaring.

15 Minute Cardio Jump Rope Workout | Fit & Strong at Home | Sydney Cummings Houdyshell

2. Running

Whether you have a treadmill or enjoy running outside, running makes use of your glutes and legs, that are bigger muscle groups, serving to you burn extra calories. Running is additionally nice for your coronary heart and helps you construct endurance. Try running on an incline (on your treadmill or up a hill) to get your coronary heart rate up higher and burn energy faster. You can additionally try mixing up the depth of your run to make it extra challenging.


HIIT (high depth interval training) exercises boost your weight reduction efforts because they assist you burn extra energy in a brief quantity of time. HIIT produces EPOC (excess post oxygen consumption), which means you retain burning energy even when the exercise is over. Whether you do an HIIT exercise with dumbbells or bodyweight, it’s a nice way to mix cardio and strength coaching for your 15-15-15 workouts. We love the routine below!

15 Min At Home HIIT Workout | No Equipment, No Noise, No Impact | Natacha Oceane

4. Power Walking

Power strolling is a low-intensity cardio exercise you can both do at home if you have a treadmill or outside. Power strolling is a nice alternative to running if you have joint points or injuries, and is ideal if you’re simply getting into working out and discover extra intense exercises intimidating. If you want to make strolling extra challenging, add a set of ankle weights for your outdoor walks, or stroll on the treadmill with the incline all of the way up.

5. Cycling

Cycling is one other exercise that will increase your cardio, builds muscle strength and helps you burn calories. You can cycle on a stationary bike or cycle outside if you personal a road bike. Cycling can be low or excessive intensity. If you have a stationary bike, try including light weights if you’re looking for extra of a challenge.

6. Kickboxing
Kickboxing is one of many best cardio exercises you can do. It’s a full physique exercise that burns mega calories. It engages each muscle group in your body, with a strong focus in your core and combines endurance, speed and energy coaching all in one. It boosts energy and will increase blood flow all through the physique and is overall one of many most efficient methods to burn fat. Check out the video below for an superior 15 minute cardio kickboxing class!

15 Min Cardio Kickboxing Workout | No Jumping | High Intensity | fitbymik

7. Kettlebells

Kettlebell exercises are an superior type of low-impact cardio that assist you burn a ton of calories, construct muscle and boost your metabolism. It’s a type of strength coaching that makes your physique burn energy even post-workout as it’s an all-in-one total physique conditioning tool. There are tons of kettlebell exercises on Youtube and we’re sharing one of our favourites below. All you want is a kettlebell!

15 Min Full Body Kettlebell Shred Workout (At Home) | MadFit

15-15-15 exercises are an superior way to get your cardio in and never get bored of your workout. Combine your choice of exercises above for an superior forty five minute exercise that will get your coronary heart pumping and assist you lose weight.

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