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7 Best Osteoporosis Exercises for Bone Health and Weight Loss

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Osteoporosis is a situation that thins and weakens the bones. While you might imagine it’s harmful to train when you have osteoporosis, train is definitely important to maintain your physique healthy. While there are sure types of train you ought to keep away from if you have osteoporosis, there are additionally exercises that will strengthen your body, relieve ache and keep you as wholesome as possible. Check out 7 of the best osteoporosis exercises for bone well being and weight loss.

What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a illness that causes bones to become weak and brittle. They become weak to the purpose the place they break easily, particularly the bones within the hip, backbone and waist. A fall and even minor movement such as bending over or coughing can trigger a fracture when you have osteoporosis. Just like different tissues in your body, your bone changes over time and your physique removes it and replaces it with new bone. If you begin eradicating old bone faster than your physique can replace it, osteoporosis can occur.

5 Signs of Osteoporosis

There are typically little to no signs of osteoporosis, however you ought to be careful for the next signs:

1. Loss of height over time (getting shorter by an inch or more)
2. Back pain, particularly within the decrease back
3. Change in posture (stooped)
4. Bone fractures and bones that break a lot extra simply than expected
5. Shortness of breath (caused by compressed discs created smaller lung capacity)

What Causes Osteoporosis?

Bone resides tissue that’s constantly being damaged down and replaced. Osteoporosis happens when the creation of new bone doesn’t sustain with the lack of old bone. When you’re young, your physique makes new bone faster than it breaks down old bone and your bone mass increases. This course of slows down after the early twenties and as you age, bone mass is misplaced faster than it’s created.

Women usually tend to develop osteoporosis than males and having a household historical past of osteoporosis makes you extra likely to get it. People who’ve smaller physique frames are additionally at a higher risk for osteoporosis as they may have much less bone mass to attract from as they age.

Some medical conditions and medications may additionally increase your risk of osteoporosis. These include overactive thyroid, bariatric (weight loss) surgery, organ transplant, celiac disease, kidney or liver illness and blood diseases such as a number of myeloma.

Lifestyle and consuming habits can additionally result in a higher risk. You’re extra likely to develop osteoporosis in case your physique isn’t getting sufficient calcium or vitamin D. Tobacco and alcohol use can additionally increase your risk, as can main a sedentary lifestyle.

Osteoporosis and Exercise: three Things You Need to Know

1. Exercise is Important
Exercising is tremendous important if you have osteoporosis since constructing your muscles helps protect your bones. Certain exercises can enhance your balance, which can assist prevent falls, whereas others can enhance your posture and assist relieve pain. It’s important to discover the safest, most enjoyable actions for you given your diploma of osteoporosis.

2. Avoid High Impact Exercises
Steer away from actions like jumping, running and jogging as these can result in fractures in weakened bones. Avoid jerky, rapid actions and instead, select exercises with slow, managed movements.

3 .Steer Clear of Bending and Twisting
Exercises the place you have to bend and twist on the waist ought to be avoided as they can increase your risk of compression fractures in your backbone if you have osteoporosis. These exercises and actions include sit-ups, golf, tennis, bowling and a few yoga poses.

7 Best Osteoporosis Exercises

1. Strength Training

Strength training, additionally known as resistance training, makes use of free weights, resistance bands or your personal physique weight to strengthen main muscle groups. It can assist maintain bone density and strengthen spinal muscles important for posture. Working with a private coach can assist you tailor strength coaching to your ability and tolerance. Proper form and technique are important for stopping injury.

2. Flexibility Exercises

Exercises that promote flexibility are excellent if you have osteoporosis. Moving your joints through their full vary of movement retains your muscles working well. Stretches work best as soon as your physique is warmed up, so be certain to stretch after your train routine or after a 5 to 10 minute heat up for best results. Avoid stretches which have your bending on the waist, twisting or flexing your spine.

3. Stability and Balance Exercises

Stability and balance exercises assist you maintain stability and make it much less likely for a fall to occur. Tai chi and yoga are nice for improving stability and balance, as are easy exercises such as standing on one leg or strolling whereas you alternate knee lifts with every step. Note that when doing yoga, sure positions may not be safe for these with osteoporosis. A bodily therapist can assist you learn which exercises are safe for you.

4. Weight-Bearing Aerobic Activities

Weight-bearing cardio exercises include walking, dancing, hiking, low impact aerobics, elliptical coaching machines, and stair climbing. These types of exercises work directly on the bones in your legs, hips and decrease backbone to slow mineral loss. They’re additionally nice for your cardiovascular system.

5. Osteoporosis Exercises Beginners Core Strengthening Workout via Michelle Kenway

Led by bodily therapist Michelle Kenway, this tutorial takes you thru exercises that safely strengthen your core and spine. Core exercises are essential if you have osteoporosis. They support and stabilize the spine, assist you with your upright posture and assist with your pelvic floor. You won’t want any equipment for this routine – solely a train mat.

6. Osteoporosis Exercises – A Routine for Stronger Bones via Jessica Valant Pilates

This routine is excellent for anybody who has been diagnosed with osteoporosis. She demonstrates safe exercises so that you can do and additionally educates you on exercises to keep away from and why. The exercises on this tutorial will assist you strengthen your bones and muscles to make you stronger and assist prevent your situation worsening. All you want is a pair of sunshine dumbbells and you’re prepared to get started!

7. Exercises for Osteoporosis – Safe Abdominal and Spine Strengthening for Osteoporosis via Carol Michaels Fitness 

This train routine will assist you strengthen the muscles round your backbone and core. You’ll do a series of exercises utilizing resistance flat bands to assist you really feel extra wholesome and stronger. Note that a few of the exercises may want to be modified for your distinctive well being issues.

If you have osteoporosis, we hope these exercises assist you get stronger and really feel extra wholesome all around!


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