48 Delicious Macedonian Recipes for Every Meal

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Cooking and consuming are common pastimes in Macedonian culture. Macedonian recipes include aromatic stews, fresh salads and meat dishes, and flaky, melt-in-your mouth pastries. With Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences, you’re certain to acknowledge many of the conventional Macedonian dishes, from ajvar, a roasted eggplant and red pepper spread, to baklava, kebabs and stuffed grape leaves.

Macedonians put a lot of care and love into their meals and also you can really feel it of their recipes. Read on to discover out extra about conventional Macedonian meals and get scrumptious recipes from breakfast to lunch, dinner and dessert!

Introduction to Macedonian Food

You’ve probably tried Macedonian recipes even when you don’t realize it. Macedonia is a area that features North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia, Kosovo and Greece and its recipes are influenced by all these places. Northern Macedonia is a small, vibrant nation located within the centre of the Balkan peninsula. The region’s recipes are rich, vibrant and vibrant, with many conventional dishes dating again centuries.

Macedonian delicacies combines simple, wholesome Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cooking with a spicy influence. Due to the comparatively heat local weather in Macedonia, the area experiences excellent conditions for rising a number of fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs, permitting Macedonian delicacies to be fairly diverse. Tomatoes, cucumbers and red peppers are the most favorite greens in Macedonia and located abundantly all through their cuisine.

Most Macedonian dishes mix natural produce, high quality meat and dairy, and pastries are a key staple in Macedonian cuisine. Bread is eaten with almost each dish. It’s worth noting that many Macedonians are orthodox Christian and in Orthodox Christianity, meals on Friday ought to not contain any meat. Tavce Grace is Macedonia’s nationwide dish, made of kidney beans, red peppers, veggies and spices. It’s a Friday staple, a consolation meals and a nice choice for vegetarians and vegans. In fact, Macedonia is wealthy in scrumptious vegan dishes.

One of the hottest parts of of Macedonian delicacies is meze. Typically served on the beginning of the meal, meze is a unfold of chilly greens dips, cooked till soft and hand blended with herbs, spices, onions and garlic. Some of the hottest are roasted eggplant and red pepper unfold (ajvar) and a dip made of yogurt, cucumber, walnuts and garlic (tarator). Eaten with pita bread, stuffed vine leaves, native cured ham and parmesan, meze is a half of Macedonian delicacies to not be missed.

If this sounds like it’s proper up your alley, check out a few of the hottest Macedonia recipes to make your self at home. From wealthy stews to scrumptious fried breakfast and pastries, meat dishes, veggie dishes and more, these recipes are certain to be a hit!

12 Macedonian Recipes for Breakfast

1. Fried Doughnuts (Mekici) | Chocolates and Chai
2. Simit Pogaca (Sesame Bread) | Baking with Eda
3. Kacamak/Cornmeal Porrige | The Balkan Hostess
4. Baba Tala’s Kozinjak (Sweet Bread) | Taste
5. Macedonian Shakshuka | Diethood
6. Fried Peppers with Tomatoes, Eggs and Cheese | The Bossy Kitchen
7. Big Macedonian Breakfast | Village Feast
8. Easy Croatian Burek | Chasing the Donkey
9. Przeni Lepcinja (Cheese Toast) | SBS
10. Vegan Zelnik | Gratefully Vegan
11. Greek Omelette with Feta Cheese | My Greek Dish
12. Macedonian Plum Dumplings | All Recipes

12 Macedonian Recipes for Lunch

1. Stuffed Grape Leaves | Nomad Paradise
2. Tavce Gravce | The Food Hog
3. Stuffed Bell Peppers (Piperki Polneti) | Macedonian Cuisine
4. Roasted Red Pepper and Eggplant Dish (Ajvar) | Nomad Paradise
5. Tripe Soup (Shkembe Chorba) | The Food Hog
6. Chicken Kacamak | Turkish Style Cooking
7. Tomato and Red Pepper Spread (Pindjur) | 196 Flavours
8. Macedonian Macaroni | Food 52
9. Pork and Egg Pastrmajlija | Yep Recipes
10. Kachamak/Bakardan | Bet You’re Hungry
11. Zelnik with Spinach and Onions | Bon Apeiti
12. Serbian Urnebes Salad | Bon Apeti

12 Macedonian Recipes for Dinner

1. Traditional Moussaka with Eggplant | My Greek Dish
2. Macedonian Pizza (Pastrmajlija) | Diethood
3. Macedonian-Style Vegetable and Meat Stew (Turli Tava) | Petit Chef
4. Phyllo Stuffed Pie (Zelnik) | The Food Hog
5. Balkan Beef Sausages (Cevapi) | Wander Cooks
6. Selsko Messo (Balkan Pork and Peppers) | Slurrp
7. Kompir Mandza (Potato Stew) | Macedonian Cuisine
8. Traditional Croatian Goulash | Chasing the Donkey
9. Chicken Stew in a Bread Bowl | Macedonian Cuisine
10. Greek Chicken Gyros with Tzatziki | Recipe Tin Eats
11. Gourmet Pork Knuckles | Macedonian Cuisine
12. Macedonian Kebapi (Kebabs) on the Grill | Diethood

12 Macedonian Recipes for Dessert

1. Tulumba | Macedonian Cuisine
2. Baklava with Walnuts and Honey | My Greek Dish
3. Macedonian Chocolate, Fig and Nut Roll | Taste
4. Easy Homemade Kourabiedes | My Greek Dish
5. Baklava with Sour Cherries and Poppy Seed | Macedonian Cuisine
6. Balkan Rice Pudding | Whisk
7. Greek Halva (Semolina Pudding with Raisins) | My Greek Dish
8. Ravanija (Dough Covered with Syrup) | Macedonian Cuisine
9. Croatian Easy Eggless Apple Cake | All That’s Jas
10. Ekleri (Eclairs) | Macedonian Cuisine
11. Easy Greek Vegan Pumpkin Cake | Olive Tomato
12. Crepes with Banana and Nutella | Macedonian Cuisine

If you’ve been wanting to try your hand at Macedonian cooking, try these recipes and tell us what you think!

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