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40 Homemade Electrolyte Drinks to Help You Rehydrate Quickly

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Homemade electrolyte drinks are healthy, hydrating and easy to make with ingredients you probably have already got in your kitchen. You get the advantages of a sports activities drink like Gatorade, with out the added sugars, dyes and synthetic ingredients. The purpose of electrolyte drinks is to rehydrate you, whether or not that’s after an intense workout, throughout chilly and flu season or after an evening of a little an excessive quantity of partying. Check out our favorite electrolyte drinks you could make at home to assist you rehydrate and really feel good.

What Are Electrolyte Drinks?

Electrolyte drinks contain water, electrolytes (usually sodium and potassium) and sugar. Electrolytes are basically salts – particularly the ions in salts. They assist you rehydrate and regulate a number of your body’s most important functions, together with nerve signalling, pH balance and muscle contraction (including your heart). Signs of electrolyte loss or depletion include nausea, headaches, fatigue, low blood pressure and muscle cramping.

The main electrolytes your physique makes use of to hold out these vital functions are sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, chloride and bicarbonate. Daily electrolyte and fluid losses occur naturally through sweat and urine, however sure actions such as heavy train and spending time in intense heat, plus vomiting or diarrhea can boost the quantity of electrolytes you lose, making electrolyte-rich drinks a must.

8 Benefits of Electrolyte Drinks

1. Control your fluid balance
2. Regulate your blood pressure
3. Support nervous system function
4. Help with muscle contraction (including your heart)
5. Maintain the correct acidity of your blood (pH)
6. Improve train performance
7. Rehydrate you throughout illness, such as chilly or flu
8. Prevent warmth stroke

How to Make Homemade Electrolyte Drinks

While sports activities drinks like Gatorade and Powerade are popular amongst athletes, they’re additionally excessive in sugar and calories. Making your personal electrolyte drinks is actually easy and offers a extra wholesome alternative to those you can purchase on the shelves. There are three main components to homemade electrolyte drinks:

1. Water
You can use common water for your electrolyte drinks, however you can additionally use coconut water, which contains a hefty dose of potassium and helps replenish the vitamins your physique looses throughout a moderate to intense workout. Hydration is one of many main goals with electrolyte drinks, so water is of course, important to homemade electrolyte drinks.

2. Electrolytes
If you use coconut water, you’ll be getting your potassium, however you may additionally want so as to add one other electrolyte such as sodium to the mix. Sea salt is wealthy in sodium, which is one of many key electrolytes that’s misplaced throughout heavy exercise. Opt for unrefined choices such as Himalayan pink salt, which contains additional electrolytes like calcium and potassium, plus hint minerals.

3. Natural Sweetener
Use a pure sweetener such as honey or maple syrup in your homemade electrolyte drinks. Sugar helps increase water absorption, which speeds up how quickly you become rehydrated. While an excessive quantity of sugar could make your drink unhealthy, uncooked honey and maple syrup are each wealthy in minerals and simply digestible sugars, which can be utilized for energy. If you’re wanting to rehydrate after a moderate workout, you don’t want so as to add an excessive quantity of sugar – probably round 2 tablespoons.

Customize Your Electrolyte Drink
On top of the three main ingredients for electrolyte water, you can additionally customise your drink with your favorite flavours. From lemon and lime, to watermelon juice, fresh orange juice, strawberries and mint, you can get creative with the flavours you add to your electrolyte drinks. This will make your beverage a lot extra enjoyable and additionally add extra well being advantages to assist you recover and really feel higher faster.

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If you haven’t tried making your personal electrolyte drinks yet, we hope you bought some inspiration from these tips and recipes! Make them your self at home to remain wholesome post-workout and through chilly and flu season.

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