30 Day Social Media Detox Challenge: How To and Benefits

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Last year, I was frustrated about not discovering time for the issues I desired to do.

And yet, my weekly screen time report on my phone was ridiculously high.

So, I determined to take a 30 day social media detox challenge.

The results?

  • I noticed extra on a common basis moments with out my phone to distract me.
  • I learn an entire book in a week.
  • And I felt extra content material with my life overall.

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Is it good to detox from social media?

6 out of every 10 people on the planet have a social community account (source.) Social media helps us keep connected, get information out to a large audience, and network. Plus, all these likes and hearts make us feel good.

So how do we all know when we have to take a break? And how do we actually accomplish one?

Benefits of a Social Media Detox Challenge

First, reflect in your screen time habits. Ask yourself:

  • How do I really feel after scrolling?
  • Is social media taking time away from actions that I enjoy?
  • Is it making me much less current with my household and friends?

It’s okay to shift your focus and take a break when your social media utilization has become too extreme. And the advantages of a social media detox problem are numerous.

Improved psychological health

Lower ranges of social media usage boost psychological health.

  • Studies have linked social media use with elevated ranges of depression, anxiety, and isolation.
  • It’s easy to compare your life to others when scrolling through social media, resulting in emotions of insecurity, envy, and low self-esteem.

Dr. Danielle Kelvas, doctor and psychological well being expert, recommends unplugging completely from social media. She additionally says, “take common breaks away out of your phone. Community heals anxiety and depression – true, genuine relationships. Spend extra time with people you love, and fewer time on screens.”

Improved bodily health

Most of us are sitting down when we scroll on social media. This extra sedentary time (in addition to the time we’re already sitting to work) is not healthy.

It can additionally result in neck and again ache in addition to eye pressure and migraines.

By taking a social media break, we have the chance to extend train and time outdoors. Both of which improve overall bodily and psychological health.

Improved relationships

Putting down our devices permits us to reconnect with significant others, household members, and friends.

I was recently at a vacation gathering with people I don’t get to see often. I noticed that with any lull inside the conversation, people instantly checked out their phones. It was hard to really feel connected with the group and the dialog didn’t flow.

Phubbing or phone snubbing is when you ignore these round you so as to look at your phone.

Furthermore, posts on social media pages can have unintended consequences. Comments, hyperlinks and misplaced jokes can result in hard feelings.

Better Sleep

Artificial light from our telephones can have an effect on our pure sleep cycle. We like to scroll in mattress and a few of us are compelled to be active on social media in any respect hours of the night.

Refrain from reaching for your phone inside the center of the night if you can’t sleep. Also, aim to get off all screens at least half-hour earlier than you go to bed.

More Free Time and Increased Productivity

The common daily utilization of social media is 2 hours and 27 minutes. (source) That is over 37 days a year that you’re spending in your phone!

We can’t deny that this significant amount of time interferes with productivity, hobbies, and different excessive impact actions we could be doing in our free time.

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Better Mornings

I have often wasted as a lot as 20 minutes of my morning scrolling through social media earlier than getting out of bed.

65% of adults under 35 look at their phone inside 5 minutes of waking up.

Set the tone and intentions for your day by utilizing that point to maneuver your body, learn a motivating book, or enjoy quiet time with a hot cup of coffee.

Read here for extra fast morning ideas that elevate your day.

Lowered risk of cyberbullying

Many people, particularly younger adults and children have been victims of threats and different negative activities. In fact, 59% of teenagers declare to have suffered from some sort of cyberbullying. (source)

Rumors unfold simply on a social media platforms and this has result in depression, low self-esteem and in some situations, suicide.

You will take again management of social media habits

I know I want a break from social media when I am compulsively picking up my phone every chance I get.

By finishing a 30 day detox problem from social media, you refocus your habits. After, you’ll discover that you won’t really feel like leaping again into the period of time you were spending before.

How To Do a Social Media Detox Challenge

A 30-day social media detox is a full disconnect from all social media. This includes all platforms: from Tik-Tok and Snapchat to Pinterest and Facebook.

Here are easy steps and tricks to get you started. I promise that it’s completely doable!

1. Delete social media apps

Yep, I’m asking you to quit chilly turkey for this 30 day challenge. Remember, it’s not permanent. You can always reinstall an app if you want it.

By deleting your apps, you won’t be able to open social media when you aren’t thinking about it. You may even discover that you don’t want to place the app again in your phone.

2. Figure out what apps you are utilizing the most

Apple’s Screen Time feature tracks your time spent on apps and in your phone overall. Android customers have a similar option of their settings.

Or obtain an app like Moment (for Android or iOS) that additionally helps you see how a lot time you are spending on every app.

This helps you determine precisely how a lot time you are devoting to social media apps (which will now be free time) in comparison with email and different work and private phone use.

3. Involve a friend

Find a friend or member of the household that would like to full a social media cleanse with you. This accountability will make you extra likely to maintain to your personal goals for the challenge.

I accomplished my first social media detox throughout the season of Lent, a time the place many individuals decide to surrender one factor of their lives as a sacrifice and a test of self-discipline.

This made me really feel extra assured and motivated in my decision because I knew others were making a similar sacrifice.

4. Keep your phone in one other room

Whether you are having fun with time with your loved ones or attempting to get some rest, it’s a good suggestion to maintain your phone in one other room.

Set up your charging station out of attain out of your bed. And decide to place your phone in one other room throughout household meal times.

5. Put a reminder, positive affirmation, or quote in your phone screen

Set your lock screen in your phone to remind you of the problem in addition to a reason why you are finishing the challenge. This could be an image or a phrase reminder.

Another idea is to set a positive affirmation in your lock screen. A positive affirmation can motivate you to full the challenge.

  • I love the person that I am and the person I am becoming.
  • I am brave and brave for trying, even when it’s hard.
  • I am able to overcoming difficult challenges.

A positive growth mindset quote would even be one other excellent visible reminder.

“Doing the best at this second places you inside the best place for the subsequent moment.”

– Oprah Winfrey

6. Let people know you’ll be taking a social media break

FOMO (fear of lacking out) performs a main role in why we’re hesitant to take a social media break. We fear we will miss important updates, events, activities, or news.

Let people know you’ll be taking a break. Either post this to social media or ship a textual content material to these important to you.

It can be hard when we really feel like we will be out of the loop. But remember, if one factor is important enough, you’ll hear about it.

7. Be in contact with the people you’ll miss out on connecting with

Focus on placing extra effort into sustaining relationships outside of social media.

Spend a few extra minutes a day to call, text, email, and even write household members throughout this time. Boost your social calendar and make a plan to see friends face-to-face.

8. Create a separate enterprise social media account

If you are involved about taking a social media detox since you use these platforms for enterprise purposes, create a separate enterprise account.

Use the problem to completely detox out of your private account. Then, solely use the enterprise account for methods in which will profit work.

9. Plan new methods to spend your extra time

Hands down that is the best a half of a social media detox. But, it can even be the toughest half at first. We are conditioned to seize our telephones whenever we have a free minute.

So, what will you do with your extra time?

  • Try a 30 day self care challenge -this is the perfect time!
  • Read a book (bring a book with you wherever you go!)
  • Practice meditation
  • Journal
  • Text or name a friend
  • Watch a film or TV series
  • Garden
  • Take a stroll or spend time exercising
  • Complete a project
  • Play video games with your kids
  • Try a studying challenge- Join together with ours here! ⬇️

10. Replace your digital behavior with a productive one

If your life lends itself to periods of downtime when you are ready for your kids or ready at appointments, replace scrolling through social media with a productive digital habit.

  • Download e-books to your phone and learn
  • Listen to podcasts or audiobooks
  • Journal in your phone
  • Take an on-line course
  • Listen to music you love
  • Declutter your email

After a 30 Day Social Media Detox Challenge: What’s next?

Looking to set new boundaries for your social media utilization after you have accomplished your challenge?

Set social media app time limits

My husband units a time restrict on his phone the place he can solely spend quarter-hour on social media every day. He has discovered that he often doesn’t even use up all this time after many months of this routine.

Setting app limits can be simply done inside the settings in your phone. On iPhone you can additionally set Downtime which permits solely apps that you select to be available.

Create a social media folder in your phone home screen

Putting your social media apps right into a single folder may make you much less likely to click on and open them with out thinking.

Reflect On Your Results

You’ve accomplished your social media detox challenge! Congrats!

Take time to mirror in your results.

  • What will you do differently with social media use moving forward?
  • Did the detox have any profound outcomes on you? What were they?

I discovered that I was overall happier. I was no longer evaluating my life to others. I additionally had extra free time to do issues I love and spend time with the people I love. I felt extra current in my life.

As a result, I determined to not put my social media apps again on my home screen and to restrict my social media use to fifteen minutes one time a week.

To Consider With the Detox Challenge From Social Media

There’s nothing wrong with spending time on social media. The important factor is to proceed to mirror on how it’s impacting your life. It’s likely you’ll discover that after you full the 30 days detox challenge, you won’t want to fall again into your old routine.

My hope is that you really feel calmer, happier, and extra content material after finishing your challenge.

Let me know if you full this 30 day social media detox and what your outcomes were!

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