28 Mindful Morning Routine Ideas for Kids

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Mindfulness isn’t solely for adults – it’s for kids too. In fact, by age four, children are able to learn skills that assist teach them to extend their well-being, handle stress, and construct self-compassion. But as a parent, you may really feel barely overwhelmed or misplaced on the place to start, particularly within the mornings. And that’s okay. Mornings can be extremely stressful. But this text will teach you what you want and supply a number of mindful morning routine ideas for kids. Let’s dive in!

12 Benefits of a Mindful Morning Routine for Kids

Mindfulness has a number of advantages for everyone, collectively with children. Here are a few to assist you increase your consciousness and ignite your motivation to current children how to follow a mindful morning routine.

  1. Increased focus
  2. Reduced stress
  3. Classroom participation
  4. Increased compassion
  5. Decreased ranges of depression, anxiety, and outbursts
  6. Improved academic performance
  7. Increased ability to resolve conflict
  8. More self-control
  9. Higher self-esteem
  10. Improved ability to regulate emotions
  11. Improves communication skills
  12. Develops a positive outlook on life

8 Mindful Morning Routine Essentials for Kids

Every child is different, and what mindfulness activities they like will be distinctive to their personality. However, there are a few necessities to get began to spark and maintain their interest.

  1. Yoga mats will aid meditation, gentle yoga, and breathing exercises and instill a quiet place to current calmness.
  2. Blindfolds are nice for teaching mindful consuming and permitting them to attach to their senses.
  3. Balloons and bubbles are two instruments to current breathing and textures.
  4. Journaling is a mindful technique for self-expression that will work higher with older children. 
  5. Creative instruments like coloring books, pinwheels, or toys can facilitate focused attention.
  6. Select the proper time to practice mindfulness. For example, pick a quiet time throughout the day with no distractions. Yet as they learn and stick to it, they will uncover how to be current even throughout periods of stress or chaos.
  7. Patience is key. The goal of mindfulness is to attach to the present, reduce stress, and increase positive emotions. Therefore attempt to be affected person and current them that it’s a skill that wants time to adopt.
  8. Charts assist everybody keep organized, particularly children who’re prone to anxiety. If they’ve a chart that particulars their morning routine and what they should follow, they will really feel much less stressed and extra relaxed. 

8 Mindful Morning Routine Ideas for Kids

1. Restful sleep

The key to a profitable mindful morning routine begins with adequate sleep. Think about it. When we’re tired, we really feel agitated, grumpy, and unfocused – it’s the identical with children. Therefore, follow a constant bedtime to assist them obtain the 10-12 hours of sleep they need. If they’re struggling to float off, follow a guided meditation earlier than bed.

2. Prepare the night before

It’s simpler to be mindful if everything is organized and ready the night before. You’re additionally much less likely to run into obstacles or expertise a temper tantrum if everything is calm. For example, you could make lunches, discover shoes, organize their backpack and books, and check the climate and their homework. You can additionally delegate their assist in decision-making to current company and trust, such as letting them select their garments the night earlier than (if appropriate).

3. Reserve time to connect

When your kids wake up, spend a couple of minutes connecting. Use this short window to bond and teach them the lesson of valuing time rather than rushing from one stressor to the next. For example, join by hugging and teaching them to focus their consideration on the smell of your perfume, the heat of the hug, or the really feel of your clothes. Or you can take a few moments to mindfully breathe and stretch together. This time will allow you to obtain mindful contact earlier than the day begins.

4. Mindful chores

Making the mattress or brushing their teeth are excellent alternatives to squeeze in some mindfulness and even a game. For example, make the mattress collectively and play a sense game. And as you fold the blanket over the bed, sign in and ask how they’re feeling. Practice your feeling phrases and say, “Right now, I really feel happy, upset, sad, or relaxed”. Next, teach them how to brush their teeth with mindful awareness. Ask them how the bristles really feel throughout their teeth, the style of their toothpaste, etc. Every chore can be mindful and enjoyable if you get creative.

5. Mindful eating

While mornings have a tendency to be fast and chaotic, particularly with children, take full benefit of moments the place you can slow down. Breakfast time is one of these opportunities. As they sit down for breakfast, teach them how to engage all of their senses with their meal. For example, ask them to explain what the meals smells like, looks like, maybe feels like of their hands (if possible), and of course, the way it tastes.

6. Gratitude

After you eat, you have an alternative to current your kids how to practice gratitude. You can take turns saying what you’re grateful for and turning it proper into a playful game. For example, I am grateful for my meal, my favourite shoes, etc. Gratitude is a temper changer that may uplift a rocky morning and current them the worth of being appreciative of the world round them.

7. Check-in

Mornings are not always peaceful, let’s be honest. And it’s extra often than not that our children will expertise a temper tantrum or two. When this happens, use the chance to sign in and practice their feeling words. Once they’ve calmed down, use a second to play the heartbeat game. 

  • Have them sit down and place a hand over their heart
  • Instruct them to shut their eyes and focus solely on their heartbeat
  • Ask them, “How does it feel? Can you hear it?” 

This train teaches children to focus and create a mind-body connection. It’s additionally useful for extra superior mindful actions like yoga, physique scan, or deep breathing. 

8. Keep calm

Children usually have a tendency to attach to the current second if their environment is calm. But parenting is certainly stressful and challenging, so don’t beat your self up if you lose your cool. Take a few breaths and return to the current moment. You can additionally talk to your kids utilizing “I feel” to mannequin emotional regulation and expand their emotional vocabulary. Additionally, if you’re feeling actually stressed, pull out your favourite important oil and current your child how aromatherapy can assist you really feel calmer and extra relaxed. Teaching mindfulness to children is all about layering actions collectively and creative batching.

Mindfulness offers a number of alternatives to attach to the current second and destress even within the mornings. But remember, don’t force it. As children develop and grow, so will their interests. Keep pivoting and shaping your actions to match their pursuits and ages. Over time, if practiced consistently, they’ll learn to like these mindful morning routine ideas for kids, and some will become habitual.

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