200 Reasons Why I Love You List For Adults & Kids (Free Printable)

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Do you want inspiration to current somebody you care? Use these 100 + causes why I love you! The free printable on the finish works well for partners, however is additionally an adorable way for a kid or parent to express love too.

You can use it for:

  • fun for Birthdays
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Anniversaries
  • Mother’s Day/Father’s Day
  • Or anytime you want to current love!

And if you don’t want to make use of the lovable free printable…

  • make a book out of your causes I love you.
  • make a easy list on a piece of paper.
  • Write a poem or love letter collectively with your favorites.
  • Write them on notes and stick them in a jar. Then, have your recipient pull them out one after the different for a current that retains on giving.
  • Or textual content your partner one of those every day. They’ll love when it lights up their phone.

Table of Contents

100 Sincere Reasons I Love You

These first statements are perfect for nearly anybody – partners, friends, loved ones, and kids!

1. I love you for sharing your dreams with me, and constructing extra together.

2. You always try your best, even when the situation is difficult.

3. I love that you assist me forget my fears.

4. You always give me the profit of the doubt.

5. I love that you listen when I speak.

6. You assist me when I want it.

7. You know what to do to cheer me up when I’m down.

8. I love that we can talk about meaningful, deep things.

9. You assist out in our home.

10. I love you for making me try new things.

11. I love that you perceive me higher than anyone.

12. You repair issues when I have no idea what to do.

13. I love that you current me the positive side of things.

14. You motivate me to be better.

15. You take excellent care of me.

16. I love that you’re a tough worker.

17. You are always there when I want you.

18. You are always up for an adventure.

19. I love that you always consider my opinions and wishes.

20. You make me really feel ________________ (beautiful, amazing, like a superhero, etc.)

21. I love the way your thoughts works.

22. I love that you dream big.

23. You are affected person when I don’t know how to do something.

24. You know how to make me smile.

25. I love that you maintain my hand when I least expect it.

26. You will decide when I don’t want to.

27. You make me believe that our future is brighter.

28. I love that you have taught me a lot about ____________.

29. You always forgive me.

30. You support me even when I doubt myself.

31. I love you because I know I’m blessed and fortunate to have you ever in my life.

32. You have a uniqueness that’s solely you.

33. I love your corny jokes.

34. You find time for what’s important to you.

35. I love that you ask how I’m doing.

36. Your smile makes me happy.

37. I love that you’re regular and agency in times of chaos.

38. You know how to calm me down when I’m flustered.

39. You have a way of making me laugh when I want it.

40. I love that you give me tough love when I want it.

41. I really feel strong when I’m with you.

42. You have the braveness to go after your dreams.

43. You let me in and open your self as a lot as me.

44. I love that you’re prepared to take dangers with me.

45. I love you for always wanting to do issues right.

46. I love the way you are my best friend.

47. You make boring issues interesting.

48. You always keep your promises.

49. I love that you search me for support.

50. I love that you ask about my day.

51. You take care of yourself.

52. You say one thing thoughtful, simply when I want to listen to it.

53. I love that you cheer on my accomplishments as your own.

54. You pick me up when I fall.

55. I love that you let go of my mistakes.

56. You make me take into consideration life in a different way.

57. You give me compliments and imply them.

58. I love that you’re affected person with me when I’m angry or moody.

59. You love nature.

60. I love that you have a __________ personality. (charismatic, down-to-earth, etc.)

61. You are connected to your family.

62. You always want to know what I take into consideration big things.

63. You know what good ____________ is. (food, entertainment, reading, style, etc.)

64. I love that you respect my boundaries.

65. Your laugh is contagious.

66. I love that you keep away from negative sources.

67. You always forgive me.

68. You encourage me to be independent and strong.

69. You aren’t afraid to dance in entrance of me (or do foolish things).

70. I love that you listen when I want to vent.

71. You always come up with creative solutions.

72. I love that you appreciate me.

73. You light up when I give you a compliment.

74. I love the way you make me really feel cherished.

75. You are truthful with me.

76. You mannequin high quality and care in your life.

77. You ____________ actually well. (cook, bathe the kids, deal with conflict, etc.)

78. I love when you inform me I’m beautiful.

79. You deal with your friends with love and kindness.

80. You teach me how to perception extra in others.

81. I love that I can be open, honest, and bizarre with you.

82. You make an effort to be current with your loved ones.

83. You take excellent care of me when I’m sick.

84. I’m proud of the methods in which you contribute to ____________ (our family, your purpose, etc.)

85. I love feeling that you’re home for me.

86. I love that you worth studying and growth. (or integrity, truth, etc.)

87. I love that you worth kindness and generosity.

88. I love you due to the way you’ve dealt with hardships alongside me.

89. Your voice soothes me when I’m anxious or nervous.

90. I love the unwavering perception you have in me.

91. You love me, even when I’m hard to love.

92. You are passionate about the issues that you care about.

93. You encourage me to pursue my passions.

94. I love that you always make an effort on my birthday (and different holidays).

95. I love when you go collectively with my craziness (even knowing that it’s crazy).

96. I admire your ___________ (courage, kindness, compassion, etc.)

97. You care about my happiness.

98. I love how one can diffuse a tough situation.

99. You stand up for what’s right.

100. I love that you share good and bad information with me earlier than anybody else.

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50 Reasons I Love You for Partners

This bonus part is nice so as to add to your causes why I love you for your partner.

1. I love the life we’ve constructed and are building.

2. You are an amazing dad/mom.

3. I love the way you would do something for our kids.

4. I cherish the amazing memories we’ve made together.

5. You have a nice bod! (And face too, of course!)

6. I really feel safe in your arms.

7. I love the way you smell.

8. You respect and make an effort with my friends and loved ones.

9. You always attempt to lighten my load when issues get tough.

10. I love feeling that we’re an unbeatable “team.” Equals in our contribution and support.

11. You are willing to each lead and follow.

12. I love when we lie collectively simply being.

13. I love the way your physique works.

14. I love that you’re truly my higher half.

15. I love how I really feel when you contact me.

16. I love when you look at me with love and intent.

17. I love when you order my favourite meals for me at a restaurant since you know.

18. I love when we talk for hours, about something and everything.

19. You teach our children so many superior things.

20. I love when you let me pick the movie.

21. You are always engaged on our (home, finances, adventures) wanting them to be better.

22. I love when you attain over to carry me.

23. You know me higher than I know myself most days.

24. I love how your intuition is always to take care and protect me.

25. I love waking you up within the morning.

26. I love the sound of you make when you are sleeping.

27. You always make me really feel better.

28. I appreciate that you take care of me and our household so well.

29. You make me really feel like something is feasible when we’re together.

30. Your laugh makes me happy.

31. I appreciate the way you listen intently, and keep an open mind.

32. I really feel truly blessed to spend every day of my life with you.

33. The memories we make collectively could by no means be replaced. I’m so grateful for them.

34. You assist me believe in myself more.

35. I love that you know how to bring me out of a funk.

36. I appreciate how affected person you are with me/the kids.

37. I love your ________ (hands, hair, etc.).

38. How you make me really feel like a cherished a half of your life.

39. I love how kind and giving you are to everyone.

40. I love when you inform me one thing and your face is so excited you can barely maintain it in.

41. You are my rock. My whole world.

42. I love how comfortable I really feel round you.

43. Our hardest moments have been shared together. There is a lot to be grateful for in that.

44. I love when you praise me, and it makes me really feel like a million bucks.

45. I love the way you kiss me after we have spent time apart.

46. I appreciate that you have given me new views and methods of thinking over the years.

47. I love when you wrap your arms round me.

48. I love the look you give me when we’re sharing an inside joke.

49. I love how the hard times have solely introduced us nearer together.

50. I know that it doesn’t matter what direction life takes us, we’ll embark on the journey together.

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List of Things I Love About You Ideas For Kids

This bonus part is ideal so as to add to your list of causes why I love my child.

1. I love when you play ____________ with me.

2. I love our cuddles.

3. I love studying together.

4. I love when you inform me tales at night.

5. I love that we have the identical ________ (socks, hat, book, etc.)

6. I love our secret handshake. (See different enjoyable household rituals HERE)

7. I love when you make me ____________ (pancakes, my favourite soup, etc.)

8. I love when you tickle me.

9. I love how a lot you enjoy telling jokes and riddles.

10. I love that you take care of me.

11. I love that you practice soccer with me.

12. I love that you love chocolate.

13. I love our hugs.

14. I love lazy Sunday mornings together.

15. I love your eyes when you are happy. (or your laugh, smile, etc.)

16. I love the way you sing. (Even whether it’s off tune)

17. I love when we’re together, simply the 2 of us.

18. I love when you inform me what you consider one thing important to you.

19. I love your freckles.

20. I love your boundless energy.

21. I love taking picnics with you.

22. I love your friends.

23. I love watching you _________. (work, run, cook, etc.)

24. I love seeing the amazing person you are becoming.

25. I love how we take walks together. (watch shows, learn books, go on bike rides, etc.)

26. Your smile brightens my day.

27. I love the way you fill our home with light and laughter.

28. I love your wit and humor – and the issues you say that make me laugh.

29. I adore how curious you are about the world round you.

30. I love cuddling on the sofa and watching a film with you.

31. You have a lot goodness inside of you.

32. I love what a kind coronary heart you have.

33. Making you smile is one of my favourite issues to do.

34. I love going to the library with you and sitting side by side studying a book.

35. I love the way you take care of your sister/brother when they want you.

36. I love how one can barely contain your pleasure sometimes.

37. I love watching you build, draw, and write one thing so creative.

38. I am grateful you listen well however additionally think your personal thoughts.

39. I love watching you’re employed hard at one thing that issues to you.

40. And then watching your face light up when you have achieved your goal.

41. I love that you teach me classes about life each day.

42. I love the way you remind me that life is actually about experiences and simple pleasures.

43. I appreciate how distinctive you are. You can be yourself.

44. I love the way your head feels on my shoulder.

45. I love watching you develop right into a strong younger man/woman.

46. I love when you assist me make dinner.

47. I love how a lot you search knowledge.

48. I love how you problem yourself, even when you know it will be hard.

49. You make our household whole and beautiful.

50. I am forever grateful that you got here into my life, as a ball of sunshine and love, to make everything better.

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