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16 Sidewalk Chalk Activities and Obstacle Courses for Kids

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I was first impressed to curate a list of sidewalk chalk actions for kids about 10 days into the 2023 pandemic when an old colleague of mine shared a video on Facebook that includes an outdoor impediment course he had created for his kids. It was nonetheless pretty chilly outside, which can be difficult when you’re looking for outdoor actions for little ones, so he created an impediment course on his again patio utilizing nothing however sidewalk chalk. He kept it pretty easy by drawing a number of large squares with chalk and writing an exercise inside of each, and the enjoyment on his kids’ faces was priceless. I instantly ordered a few boxes of sidewalk chalk, and have slowly been collecting a list of activities, artwork projects, and impediment course ideas for my daughter to enjoy on sunny days.

From adorning driveways, to practicing letters, numbers, spelling, and basic math, to creating sidewalk chalk impediment courses, we’ve curated easy and creative ideas for all ages and stages to maintain your little ones entertained inside the nice outdoors!

9 Sidewalk Chalk Activities

1. Self-Portrait
If you’re looking for sidewalk chalk actions that are easy to setup and keep kids busy for an prolonged interval of time, that is a nice one to consider. Have your child lie on his or her again and hint the define of his or her body, after which allow your little one to create a life-sized model of him or herself full with a face, hair, and clothes!

2. Hopscotch
There are so many methods you can switch up a good old game of hopscotch. Have your child solely jump on odd and even numbers, ask him or her to switch from leaping with 2 legs to one leg, instruct him or her to jump backwards after which forwards at different intervals, and yell out random numbers to leap to in an effort to get your child guessing and engaged.

3. Number/Alphabet Hop
Write the numbers 1-20 and/or the letters of the alphabet in chalk in your driveway or again patio, after which randomly name out different sequences to see how quickly your child can jump from one to the next. This is a nice way to maintain kids moving to allow them to burn off some energy!

4. Life-Sized Board Games
Another one of my favourite sidewalk chalk actions is to create life-sized board games. You can simply sketch out tic tac toe, checkers, chess, and tornado game boards on the pavement, offering hours of enjoyable and leisure for the entire family!

5. Long Jump
If you’re looking for sidewalk chalk actions that get kids moving, consider creating your personal lengthy jump station. Measure various distances in your sidewalk and mark them off with a little chalk, after which problem your child to see how far she or he can jump.

6. DIY Sidewalk Chalk Mosaic Art
A list of sidewalk chalk actions wouldn’t be full with out some sort of artwork project ideas, and this idea is ideal for these that aren’t artistically inclined. To make your personal sidewalk chalk mosaic art, all you want is a few masking tape and an open mind. Start by taping off a big form (i.e. a square, rectangle, or triangle), after which create smaller sections with tape inside that shape. Next, having your kids color in every part in various colours utilizing sidewalk chalk, after which take away the tape to disclose your final design! It’s such a easy way so as to add a little color and personality to your driveway, and retains kids happy and entertained!

7. Sidewalk Smoke Bombs
If you’re not against your kids getting soiled and want to create one thing enjoyable with them, these sidewalk smoke bombs on Growing a Jeweled Rose are an superior idea. They are surprisingly easy to make (all you want are empty egg shells, powdered paint, child powder, tissue paper, and glue) and they’re one of my favourite sidewalk chalk actions for summer playdates and birthday parties!

8. Target Practice
If you’re looking for outdoor actions to assist your little one develop his or her throwing skills, you can simply create a goal practice utilizing chalk and a set of bean bags! Simply draw one large circle with a number of circles of various sizes inside of it, after which task your child with coloring in every layer with a different color of chalk. Next, have your child stand an appropriate distance behind the circles and see what number of times she or he can throw the bean bag and have it land inside the center circle. You could make this extra enjoyable by including factors for every layer of your target, and problem one another to see what number of factors you every accumulate as you practice!

9. Sidewalk City
Ask your child to seize a few toy cars, mini figures, and a miniature metropolis play set and work with her or him to create your very personal sidewalk city! Sketch out roads and have your little one add buildings, houses, trees, etc. Once your metropolis has been built, she or he can create tales and enjoy racing cars!

7 Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Courses

1. Follow The Line
When it involves sidewalk chalk impediment courses, it doesn’t get a lot simpler than drawing a lengthy line for your child to navigate. Make the road straight, then zig-zagged, then circular, and repeat! Next, ask your child to follow the road in various different methods – walking, running, jumping, hopping on one foot, etc.

2. Activity Stations
For an added twist on the idea above, draw a circle or sq. in between every different type of line, and write a different exercise in each. Jumping jacks, leg lifts, running on the spot for 60 seconds, hula hooping, and jump rope are all nice ideas to get your kids moving!

3. Bike Course
When I first learned to ride a bike, my dad used to create impediment programs out of chalk for me, and it was a lot fun. We had a lengthy and wide driveway, and he would write START at one finish and STOP on the other, after which he would merely sketch out a path for me to follow with my bike. The path would require me to navigate my bike through zig zag lines and in circles, serving to me to practice sustaining my balance. Give it a try!

4. Mini Golf Course
Another one of my favourite sidewalk chalk actions that doubles as an impediment course is to create your very personal mini golf course! This post on Crayola will encourage you to create different stations in your driveway or alongside the sidewalk in entrance of your home for your kids to practice their placing skills.

5. Math Course
If you’re looking for sideway chalk actions which have an academic component to them, setup a math impediment course! Write the numbers 1 through 20 in your driveway, roll a pair of dice, and problem your child to leap to the sum of the two numbers. It’s an easy way to get kids leaping and moving, and helps them practice their addition skills to boot!

6. Spelling Course
Another learning-inspired sidewalk chalk impediment course is to write the letters of the alphabet in chalk in your driveway, after which ask your child to spell phrases by leaping from letter to letter.

7. Animal Walk Course
My final idea for these looking for sidewalk chalk impediment programs their kids can enjoy is to attract a lengthy line with a series of zig zags and circles, after which ask your child to ‘walk’ alongside the road from one finish to the opposite as different animals. Have them stroll on their hands and feet like a bear, hop like a frog, stroll like a crab, slither like a snake, and hop like a kangaroo. This is a nice way to assist kids practice their motor skills whereas burning off a little energy!

I hope these sidewalk chalk actions for kids encourage you to discover new and creative methods to get your little ones outside on heat climate days!

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