15 Essential Period Care Package Ideas to Show You Care

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Whether you have periods your self or watch your family members undergo them all through that point of the month, you know what a struggle they can be. Menstruating is a pure a half of life, however it can seriously suck a lot of the time. A interval care package is one of many best methods to present the ladies in your life you care and are thinking about them, particularly in the event that they expertise extreme PMS symptoms. On top of female merchandise like tampons, pads and panty liners, right here are 15 interval care package ideas for the ladies in your life.

5 Period Care Package Ideas for Your Daughter

1. Dessert Bath Bombs
Having a shower is a pleasant way to relax and soothe your cramps all through that point of the month. To make your daughter’s baths extra fun, gift her these bath bombs designed as desserts. With eight different scents, every one is filled with important oils to moisturize the pores and skin and promote relaxation.

2. Cosmetics Pouch
Although periods are nothing to be ashamed of, your daughter may not want to hold tampons and pads loose of their backpack. Add a fairly cosmetics pouch that matches these items into her care package so she can carry her female merchandise round in style. She can simply throw the pouch into her knapsack for school or into her purse when she goes to the movies or mall with her friends!

3. Welcome to Your Period! Guide
Getting your interval the primary few times can be overwhelming and confusing. This frank and humorous information gives preteens all they should grasp and celebrate menstruation! It’s a taboo-free information packed with honest recommendation and big-sisterly knowledge on all issues girls want to know about their periods. It includes case studies, first-person accounts and questions from actual teens, because, really, who is aware of better?

4. Reusable Water Bottle
Staying hydrated is tremendous important when you’re in your period. Include a reusable water bottle in your daughter’s care package to assist guarantee she will get sufficient water all through the day. She’s extra likely to maintain refilling and drinking from it if it’s cute, right?

5. Stylish Sweats
Comfort is key when you’re menstruating. Gift your daughter with a pair of cozy, stylish sweatpants she won’t want to take off. These come in a bunch of various colors so that you can pick her favourite, plus they’re lightweight, breathable and tremendous comfortable to wear!

5 Period Care Package Ideas for Your Girlfriend or Wife

1. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea
Raspberry leaf tea is known for its cramp-calming effects. It’s caffeine-free and made from the leaf of raspberry plants, serving to to alleviate PMS signs like vomiting, nausea and diarrhea. Raspberry leaf tea additionally contains anti-inflammatory properties to assist reduce the ache that comes with that point of the month.

2. Hot Water Bottle
A hot water bottle (or heating pad) can present serious relief all through that point of the month. If your S.O. experiences bad menstrual cramps, a hot water bottle is an amazing gift so as to add to their care package. Cramps often floor due to muscle tissue missing oxygen and a heating pad will assist stimulate blood flow.

3. Essential Oils
Certain important oils work to reduce the ache of interval cramps. These include lavender oil, cinnamon oil, rose oil and clove oil, which work particularly well together with one another. Massaging the oils into the affected space appears to be the best approach. Let her know to combine her oil(s) of choice with a carrier oil such as coconut oil or almond oil and therapeutic massage a small quantity onto the stomach as soon as a day for one week earlier than the beginning of her period.

4. Fluffy Slippers
Comfort is queen all through that point of the month and plush, fluffy slippers are a good way to let your girlfriend or spouse know you care. These ones are made from soft fake rabbit fur to maintain your feet heat and comfortable, plus, the excessive density reminiscence foam offers marshmallow like texture that helps relieve ache and pressure from being in your feet.

5. Dark Chocolate
When you’re PMSing, there’s nothing fairly like a good dose of chocolate. Add some to your care package to immediately light up your S.O’s face. Dark chocolate will hit that craving, plus it’s actually been discovered to alleviate interval cramps and pain. 70-85% darkish chocolate is your best bet for ache reducing effects!

5 Period Care Package Ideas for Your BFF

1. PMS Sweets
If your BFF suffers from PMS signs such as bloating, cramping, nausea and migraines, these peppermint-flavoured sweets are perfect for her care package. They’re candy and handy for on the go ache relief and include vitamin B6 to reduce temper swings and interval symptoms.

2. Face Masks
Face masks are perfect for relaxing and treating yourself. Plus, the pores and skin goes through a lot when your physique goes through hormonal changes. Many people expertise acne and breakouts all through their time of the month, so a face masks is ideal so as to add to your care package. This bundle includes eight masks for all pores and skin types to revitalize, purify and hydrate the skin.

3. Kindle Book: Everything’s Trash But It’s Okay By Phoebe Robinson
Books are a good way to take your thoughts off the wrath that’s your period, particularly one that’s utterly hilarious. Gift your BFF with this comedic masterpiece by best promoting author, podcaster and comic Phoebe Robinson. Written in her trademark witty and unfiltered style, it’s certain to get her through even the most depressing days.

4. Yoga Mat
While relaxing is good all through your period, exercising is one of many best methods to alleviate cramps, boost your temper and really feel higher all around. Yoga is one of many best exercises to do whereas in your interval to calm your thoughts and take care of your body. Adding a yoga mat to your BFF’s care package is tremendous thoughtful.

5. Faux Fur Throw
Cuddling up on the sofa with a cup of tea and a film is sometimes all you want to get you thru a tough interval day. And it’s a lot higher with a big, cozy throw blanket. This soft, plush throw is everything they’ll want and need.

That time of the month can be a serious struggle for a lot of women. Show them you care with a interval care package that spoils them with love and comfort!

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