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15 Easy and Tasty Queso Recipes You’ll Wish You Tried Sooner

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There’s always a reason to eat queso. This cheesy, flavorful dip is easy to make and is completely irresistible.

It’s popular at summer barbeques, household gatherings, tailgating parties, or simply about anytime.

Whether you’re already a queso lover or you’ve by no means tried it before, these 15 easy and tasty queso recipes are assured to please.

What Is Queso?

Queso is fairly actually what it interprets to – cheese!

This world-famous cheese dip has its roots in Mexico, made from chiles and melted cheese. The recipe made its way to the United States within the 1930’s and 40’s. It grew popular in Texas and got an American twist, becoming a mixture of processed American cheese and canned tomatoes. Although the Tex-Mex recipe is nonetheless popular today, cooks and residential cooks took it up a notch, switching out processed cheese and canned items for extra traditional, fresh ingredients.

Every recipe makes use of a different mixture of ingredients to obtain that signature smooth finish. Some choices include utilizing a roux, made from flour and water, some use a mixture of actual cheeses and bitter cream, and others mix cheese with evaporated milk and cornstarch.

Queso is wonderful because it’s completely forgiving, making it a nice choice for beginners. You can add different ingredients or toppings to make it your own. Kids will have enjoyable stirring the cheese and serving to so as to add the ingredients.

And it’s not solely for dipping tortilla chips. Try dipping fresh veggies, add it to eggs, mix it in rice, smother a burrito or brisket, pour it over potatoes or burgers, or use it to make over-the-top nachos.

Have enjoyable trying different queso recipes to discover which one you want best. Before you get started, check out 9 tricks to make the perfect queso.

9 Tips to Make the Perfect Queso

  1. Cook with butter – Instead of vegetable oil or olive oil to cook your veggies, try a little butter. Yes, queso is already wealthy in dairy, however cooking your jalapenos or onions in butter earlier than including them solely makes them extra scrumptious and your queso that a lot better.
  2. Fresh tomatoes matter – If the recipe requires tomatoes, otherwise you want so as to add them as a garnish, select fresh tomatoes over canned. Varieties like grape tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, or Roma tomatoes are sweeter and are a nice complement to the queso. Whichever tomatoes you choose to use, add them on the finish to maintain them from getting mushy.
  3. Don’t over salt it – Before you add salt or extra seasonings, be certain to style test it with the chips you’re serving it with. Many tortilla chips are already fairly salty, so tasting it first will keep you from oversalting it.
  4. Keep it low and stir– Be certain to cook your queso on low to medium heat. When a cheese dip will get too hot it can lose its texture and become grainy. Keep stirring as you add ingredients. This will allow the cheese to remain creamy and soften perfectly.
  5. Make it thicker – If you discover that your queso is too runny, including a little cornstarch or flour will assist to thicken it up. To thicken it quickly, add cornstarch. To thicken it slowly over time, add flour. Flour has higher taste overall, however it must be cooked with your queso for fairly a while in order that it doesn’t come out gritty. If your dip is the reverse – too thick – add a splash of milk a little at a time till you attain your required consistency.
  6. Avoid clumping – If you’re utilizing fresh cheese, shred your personal rather than utilizing pre-shredded cheese. Pre-shredded cheese is roofed with an additive that helps to prevent clumping, so it won’t provide the creamy texture you desire.
  7. Remove from the warmth – Once your queso is done cooking, you’ll want to take away it from the heat. If you don’t, you’ll risk overcooking it. Because of this, it’s always best to cook your queso proper earlier than you plan to serve it. However, if you want to maintain it warm, you can transfer it to a slow cooker and set it on warm.
  8. Make your personal chips – Nothing enhances homemade queso greater than some homemade tortilla chips. Making your personal is easy and takes solely a bit time. The result’s worth it! Here is a nice homemade tortilla chip recipe.
  9. Store it right – You can retailer queso within the refrigerator, covered, for 3 to 4 days. If you want to reheat it, you can warmth it up on the stovetop or within the microwave. You can additionally add a little milk if you’re utilizing the stovetop to hydrate it and bring again the creaminess. Just be certain to not overheat it.

15 Queso Recipes We Love

Forget the jarred stuff, these homemade queso recipes win each time.

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Packed with flavor, queso is amazingly addicting. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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