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14 Sleep Hygiene Tips for Anxiety to Help You Fall Asleep Faster

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Anxiety always feels extra difficult to show off, particularly at night. You anxiously wonder whether or not every passing hour will continue, and you’ll get up sleep-deprived the subsequent day with extra troubles and concerns. But thankfully, your anxiety doesn’t want to be a scary monster keeping you up at night. There are a few sleep hygiene tips for anxiety that will assist you gain management over your racing ideas and go to sleep extra peacefully. Let’s discuss how.

The Relationship Between Sleep and Anxiety

Anxiety and sleep have a strong relationship. But whether or not one causes poor sleep or poor sleep causes the opposite can be defined in a single reply – certain to both. For example, these prone to anxiety often struggle with falling asleep. When they’re anxious, a cycle of racing ideas causes physiological signs like an elevated coronary heart rate, sweaty palms, panic, and nervousness, amongst others. These signs make it difficult to sleep when their anxiety begins.

In fact, it’s so common that the diagnostic standards for a lot of anxiety disorders like generalized anxiety and panic disorder include “difficulty falling asleep”. Even more, if you expertise poor sleep, you can additionally expertise anxiety the subsequent day from sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation worsens anxiety, inflicting elevated negative ideas and fear of it re-occurring. Many lie awake worrying whether or not they’ll go to sleep and discover your self experiencing one other night of poor sleep – it’s an ongoing cycle that may really feel tricky to stop. But a few tips and habits will assist you lower the fear over time and prep your mind and physique for peaceable sleep.

14 Sleep Hygiene Tips for Anxiety

Factors that naturally enhance sleep

These are all tips that promote good sleep and ones to avoid.

1. Exercise daily however not too near the time you’re winding down for bed

If you forgot to work out throughout the day and really feel a bit guilty, rather than choosing a high-intensity workout, select to stretch it out through yin yoga or go for a mindful walk. Both choices are calming sufficient that they won’t set off your anxiety.

2. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, or any different stimulant

Stimulants will increase alertness and worsen your anxiety.

3. Setting the tone to optimize melatonin production

This tip includes keeping the lights low, turning off any electronics that emit unnatural light, and keeping your temperature between 60 and sixty seven Fahrenheit or 15 to twenty Celsius.

4. Limit screen time

You could additionally be tempted to catch up in your favourite TikTokers or influencers, however scrolling is a big no earlier than bed. Not solely does the blue light from the screen disrupt your pure melatonin production, however scrolling often units a comparability trap. Those prone to anxiety can often really feel triggered by the spotlight reel and may discover it harder to flee the web of anxious thoughts. Instead, cost your phone far out of your attain and full mood-calming anxiety like yoga, coloring, or a relaxing bubble path.

Prep your mind

These techniques will reduce your tension, nervousness, and panic related to anxiety. Therefore, examine to discover out what works for you and try a few earlier than going to bed.

5. Journal your thoughts

When your anxiety begins, rather than following the thought traps, take out your journal and launch the chatter. Writing down what you’re feeling will ease your anxiety. It will additionally present an alternative to revisit and rationalize your emotions from a different perspective throughout the day. Follow a few psychological well being prompts earlier than mattress for inspiration.

6. Guided meditations

Guided meditations are easy to follow and prep your thoughts for sleep. Through their calming effect, you’ll naturally reduce insomnia and pestering sleep troubles. Need to relax and unwind? Try a few guided meditations for sleep to prep your mind.

7. Wind down

Unfortunately, a half of anxiety is experiencing beliefs that may worsen falling asleep. For example, many fear the penalties of falling asleep, which drives a lot extra pointless anxiety, making a perpetual cycle of receiving poor sleep. But you may additionally expertise ideas that aren’t sleep-related. Finances, work stress, relationship problems, and well being points are all stressors that aggravate anxiety. So, as a lot as possible, attempt to wind down earlier than you sleep and full any work a few hours earlier than preparing for bed. Carving out this time to relax will assist you really feel extra in management of the subsequent day and can alleviate a few of that anticipatory anxiety that creeps in.

8. Visualization

This tip appears silly, however visualizing your self falling asleep can actually teach your mind to obtain the goal. And rather than focusing in your anxious thoughts, visualization distracts your thoughts by evoking positive and relaxing images.

9. Deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and mindfulness

These are all instruments that will reduce your anxiety. They are additionally particularly useful when your anxiety feels uncontrollable, and also you want a launch to really feel better.

Train your mind

These sleep hygiene tips for anxiety train your thoughts to affiliate bedtime with falling asleep rather than replaying anxious ideas and worries.

10. Create an evening routine

This routine may look like stretching earlier than bed, taking a hot bath, and rolling in your favourite important oils to calm your nerves. It will look different to everyone, relying on what works for you. Whatever you choose, make certain to stay with it. Your mind will habitually learn that over time, these actions in a row are a precursor for sleep.

11. Go to mattress and get up on the identical time every day

When you follow a set routine, you reinforce your circadian rhythm, and your physique will learn to obtain optimum sleep throughout your periods of sleep/wake.

12. Go to mattress solely when you’re tired

This tip aligns your physique to follow its pure sleep cues. When we’re young, we’re fairly in tune with our sleep signals. But unfortunately, over time, sleep turns into complicated by behaviors like work and stress that teach us to fight sleepiness rather than succumbing to it. So, if you’re feeling sleepy, start preparing for bed. It’s your cue to wind down. If all goes well, you ought to fall quick asleep.

13. Don’t study, work, or use your computer in your bed

It’s so important to separate your work life out of your winding down time. Therefore, keep away from working in mattress to enhance your overall sleep quality. When you’re employed in bed, you start to coach your thoughts to affiliate your place of sleep with stress, working, and staying in active mode. And when you attempt to fall asleep, you may replay work stress and discover it harder to really feel tired. If you’re employed from home, create a designated work space separate out of your bedroom.

14. Don’t lie awake

If you’ve tried everything on this list, it’s okay to get out of bed. But be proactive about the exercise you choose. For example, rather than watching TV or scrolling in your phone, which will solely worsen your anxiety, full a sleep meditation, journal your racing thoughts, learn a book, or lay out your work outfit for the subsequent day. Choosing low-engagement duties is much less likely to set off your anxiety and have a greater chance of calming your mind.

If you struggle to go to sleep due to anxiety, consider practicing these sleep hygiene tips for anxiety. And remember to be kind to your self throughout the process. You may really feel compelled to punish or blame your self for not falling asleep, however this behavior solely results in extra anxiety. Therefore, bathe your self with love and forgiveness, and know that, over time, you’ll train your thoughts and physique to go to sleep extra peacefully.

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