14 Homemade Swedish Meatball Recipes Worth Trying

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During the colder months, a plate of Swedish Meatballs is a must have consolation food.

A scrumptious mixture of juicy meatballs and creamy gravy, they’re surprisingly easy to cook at home, making them a good option for an easy weeknight dinner. And most of the ingredients can be present in your pantry. It’s a meal your whole household will love, and your kids will have enjoyable serving to you make it.

Get prepared to find your favourite with our list of 14 Swedish Meatball recipes!

What Are Swedish Meatballs?

Smothered in a wealthy gravy, Swedish Meatballs, or kottbullar, are a meat dish that was introduced again from Turkey by King Charles the XII of Sweden within the 18th century. They quickly became a half of each conventional vacation meals and on a regular basis home cooking in Sweden. IKEA, the Swedish big field retailer, then introduced them to the masses in 1985 when they started promoting their very personal Swedish Meatballs to guests of their stores.

Unlike their bigger Italian counterparts, Swedish meatballs are a lot smaller, about the size of a golf ball. The gravy is typically roux-based with the addition of beef or bone broth, onions, and both heavy cream or bitter cream. Then spices like nutmeg, cardamom, allspice, floor ginger, or white pepper are added.

They’re typically served with fluffy mashed potatoes, or over rice or buttered egg noodles. And if you’re being traditional, you’ll add a side of lingonberry sauce or pickled cucumber. Their size makes them a good appetizer – you can simply pick them up and eat them with a toothpick.

10 Tips to Make the Perfect Swedish Meatballs

  1. Choosing the proper meat – The recipe you select may name for a number of types of meat. Ultimately, you can decide which meat or mixture of meat you need to use. However, the mixture of floor pork and floor beef meatballs are the best recipe for moist and tender meatballs.
  2. Using cream – When the recipe requires cream, it’s important to not substitute it with half and half, because it may separate. However, if you prefer to not use the full quantity of cream, you can replace a few of the cream with bitter cream, which will give the sauce a scrumptious tang.
  3. Rolling your meatballs – Make certain to roll your meatballs tightly so they don’t find yourself falling aside within the pan when you cook them. Dipping your hands in water whereas you roll them will keep them smooth. And take note of the size. You need them to be about the identical size as a rounded tablespoon. A small cookie scoop can assist you get the size simply right. If they’re too large, you risk undercooking them.
  4. Spread them out – Don’t attempt to cook all of your meatballs on the identical time. Instead, cook them up in batches. Spread your meatballs out within the pan and rotate them with a fork in order that they brown evenly on all sides. If they’re packed too tightly, they will steam instead, and also you need them brown all around.
  5. Reduce calories – This is a historically high-calorie dish – which is what makes it so delicious. However, you can reduce the energy by changing heavy cream with reduced fats cream. You can additionally reduce your carbs by changing breadcrumbs with almond meal.
  6. The proper jelly or jam – Although a side of lingonberry jam is the conventional way to go, you can add different jellies or jams to your plate or on to the sauce whereas cooking. Some good choices include raspberry jam and red currant jelly.
  7. Bread vs. breadcrumbs – Some recipes name for bread, whereas others name for breadcrumbs. So, what’s better? Breadcrumbs are easy to make use of and retailer in your pantry. Fresh bread takes a little extra time to prepare, however they assist make your meatballs extra soft.
  8. Baking vs. pan frying – Different recipes name for various cooking methods. Some begin with pan frying after which ending within the oven. Others pan fry the meatballs exclusively. One good profit to pan frying is that the meatballs get good and crispy. Plus, including the pan juices greatly enhances the flavour of the sauce.
  9. Make them ahead – If you plan to make your meatballs in advance, you can retailer them in your fridge or freezer till you’re prepared to make the sauce. Just be sure that you’ve cooked all of them the way through. If you are making each the meatballs and the sauce, you’ll need to retailer them separately. Before freezing them, cool the meatballs and the sauce completely earlier than placing them in a freezer-safe container. You can then thaw them safely within the fridge.
  10. Reheat right – If you occur to have leftovers, they’re easy to reheat. Place the meatballs and sauce in a covered, oven-safe dish and place them in a preheated 350-degree oven for about 10-15 minutes. Then spoon the sauce over the meatballs and serve. You can additionally reheat the meatballs on the stovetop, heating the sauce separately, including the bitter cream or jelly proper earlier than serving.

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You’ll need to try each single one of those 14 homemade Swedish Meatball recipes.

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