14 Easy and Creative Melted Crayon Crafts Your Kids Will Love

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If you’re looking for easy actions to do with your kids that double as vacation decorations and significant keepsakes, this assortment of melted crayon crafts is certain to encourage you. From solar catchers, to candles, to ornaments, to jewelry, you’ll be amazed at what you can create with damaged items of crayons!

3 Simple Ways to Melt Crayons

Whether you’re melting crayons so that you can paint with them or pour them into moulds, there are three simple, mess-free strategies you can use.

Remove the wrapper from round every crayon and divide them by color. Break or cut the crayons into small items and put them into separate microwave safe cups. I like to make use of small paper cups so I can toss them out afterwards! Microwave your crayons on excessive warmth till melted. I discover 4-5 minutes is ideal, however every microwave is different and timing can additionally rely on the variety of crayon items you’re attempting to melt.

To soften crayons on the stovetop, you’ll want a big pot and smaller heat-proof jars to place inside. Mason jars are a nice option, however recycled tin cans additionally work! To begin, fill your pot with about 2 inches of water, after which place your jars or cans into the pot, ensuring no water will get inside them. Place your pot on excessive warmth and bring the water to a boil. Once your crayons are free from their wrappers and have been divided by color and damaged into smaller pieces, place them into the jars/cans and permit the warmth from the boiling water to soften them.

You can additionally soften crayons within the oven! Start by preheating your oven to 275F, after which take away the wrappers out of your crayons and break them into smaller pieces. Next, organize them into small oven-safe dishes, utilizing one dish per color (or mixture of colours if you prefer). Place your dishes onto a cookie sheet and place into the oven till your crayons have melted. I discover it takes about 6-8 minutes for crayons to soften utilizing this method, however again, it will rely in your oven and what quantity of crayons you’re working with.

If you want to soften crayons directly into moulds, check the labels to see in case your moulds are microwave or oven safe. If they are, you can place your damaged crayons directly into the moulds and permit them to soften inside. And remember to use warning when eradicating melted crayons out of your microwave, stovetop, or oven. The containers you use to soften them in will be extraordinarily hot, as will the melted crayons. Use oven mitts and keep children a secure distance away so they don’t burn themselves!

6 Melted Crayon Craft Essentials

Before you dig into the list of melted crayon crafts for kids below, make sure you have the provides you want handy. You can double check the list of provides you’ll want for every craft, however I suggest investing within the next upfront:

1. Crayons
I realize that is obvious, lol, however desired to level out that Amazon sells boxes of crayons in a single color. If you’re engaged on a project that wants just one or a few colours and also you don’t think you have enough, you can likely purchase what you want rather inexpensively.

2. Paper cups
If you plan on melting your crayons within the microwave and don’t have small microwave safe dishes, small paper cups are a nice option as you can toss them within the rubbish as soon as you’ve finished.

3. Bamboo Skewers
You will want one thing to stir your crayons as they soften to make sure the warmth is evenly distributed and to take away any lumps. And if you are combining 2 or extra colors, bamboo skewers will allow you to create cool swirls for a little extra pop!

4. Moulds
When it involves melted crayon crafts, it doesn’t get a lot simpler than making your personal crayons utilizing enjoyable shapes. Amazon sells tons of nice silicone moulds that are perfect for this kind of project!

5. Wax Paper
Wax paper is a should when making melted crayon crafts so make sure you have some handy. Check out the wax paper solar catchers below – they’ll encourage you to make tons of beautiful artwork projects with your kids!

6. Hair Dryer
Some of the melted crayon crafts below, such because the melted pumpkins and canvas artwork ideas, require a hair dryer to create ‘drips’ of crayon.

14 Easy Melted Crayon Crafts for Kids

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Whether you’re looking for easy boredom busters to maintain your kids from climbing the partitions on bad climate days, or beautiful homemade gift ideas for household and friends, I hope this assortment of melted crayon crafts for kids inspires you!

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