10 Step-By-Step Candle Making Tutorials for Beginners

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Did you know that candle making has been proven to enhance your psychological health? The easy act of melting and pouring the wax can be very soothing. Plus, there are such a lot of alternatives to be creative.

Learning how to make candles can appear like a frightening task, however with the proper instruments (and loads of practice!), you can be a professional in no time!

Get began with candle making with our list of 10 step-by-step candle making tutorials for beginners.

7 Candle Making Essentials to Invest In

Before you get started, you’ll want to make investments in these 7 candle making essentials.

  1. Heat gun – Using a warmth gun can assist with uneven edges or bubbles on top of your candles. Always begin on the bottom setting and transfer it in a round motion. A warmth gun can be your ally when you’re attempting to obtain the smoothest floor possible.
  2. Big pitcher – You can discover large pitchers designed solely for candle making that maintain as a lot as 4 kilos of wax and permit for quick and easy pouring in addition to cleaning.
  3. Double boiler – A double boiler is the perfect way to soften your wax. It will assist to soften it slowly so that you don’t burn the wax and can simply monitor the temperature.
  4. Food thermometer – Using a meals thermometer all through the method will assist make sure you always have the proper temperature. It will assist you to know when so as to add the perfume and when to pour your wax.
  5. Stirring spoon – When stirring the wax, you’ll want to have the proper kind of spoon. Wooden spoons or silicone spoons are your best choice.
  6. Kitchen scale – A kitchen scale is a handy tool when it involves candle making since it will allow you to have correct measurements of all of your ingredients.
  7. Parchment paper – Using parchment paper will assist to guard the surfaces in your kitchen. It will additionally assist to make clear up a breeze.

4 Candle Making Tips for Beginners

We’ve gathered some easy-to-remember tricks to assist you go from newbie to pro!

  1. Take notes – If you take notes as you go, you’ll see higher results, sooner. Writing down what you do step-by-step will assist you decide what works and what doesn’t and can assist you obtain the identical outcomes every time. Note the type and quantity of every provide you use. You’ll additionally want to take note of temperature: room temperature, soften temperature of the wax, the temperature of the wax when you added fragrance, and the temperature of the wax when you poured it.
  2. Stick to a recipe – As a beginner, you’ll up your chances of success by sticking to a standard recipe. Over time, it will all become muscle memory, however to begin out you’ll want to follow a recipe to make sure you have the proper measurements and temperature points.
  3. Test your fragrance – A little perfume goes a lengthy way. You’ll want to make certain to check your perfume percentages and experiment to discover the proper ratio and perfume throw when your wax is chilly and hot. Cold throw is how a lot perfume your candle has when it’s not lit. Hot throw is the quantity of perfume when the wick is lit.
  4. Practice patience – Candle making is an artwork form and requires a lot of patience. Each step of the method takes time. Even when your candle is done, you’ll nonetheless want to permit time for it to cure. You’ll additionally want to check your candles in different seasons to see how they carry out within the cooler and hotter months.

10 Step-By-Step Candle Making Tutorials for Beginners

YouTube is your friend when it involves studying how to make candles. These 10 step-by-step candle making tutorials for beginners are a nice place to start.

How To Make Soy Candles DIY Candle Making Tutorial | Pro Candle Supply

This video will get straight to the purpose and makes the entire course of really feel easy. You will learn step-by-step how to make a soy candle that’s strong and burns perfectly.

Candle Making Tutorial | Sunshine Soap & Candle Company

This easy and complete tutorial makes it easy, even for beginners. Plus, you’ll get hyperlinks to all of the ingredients and provides used within the video.

How to Make Scented Candles | Standley Handcrafted

Get began making your personal scented candles with this introductory tutorial. Learn how to decide on the proper wax, wicks, and jars in addition to tips that will assist you have extra confidence in your candle-making skills.

A Beginners Guide to Making a Candle | Cosy Owl

This easy beginner’s tutorial will get you began making candles at home. The video is brief and candy and hits simply the factors you want to know with none complicated extra steps.

How to Make a Candle | HowToMakeCandles

This video is designed to make candle making each easy and fun. You’ll get clear and concise explanations and simple-to-follow directions together with some distinctive ideas.

How to Make Soy Wax Candles | Bramble Berry

A candle-making expert takes you thru the steps to make your personal soy wax candle. You’ll learn how to decide on the best merchandise and the way to troubleshoot any issues you may have.

Candle Making Tips for Beginners | LadyCIMMONE Candle Co.

If the considered candle making leaves you feeling overwhelmed, this video is ideal for you. Start your candle making journey with tips, tricks, tools, and supplies.

Making Candles at Home | Clayton Candle Co.

In the beginning, you want somebody to assist you decide the place to start. Make your first batch of soy candles with a teacher that shares all her wisdom, from prep all of the way to pouring.f

How to Make Soy Candles at Home | Timber Ridge Gifts

This video is made for beginners who want to learn how to make a soy candle. Links are offered all through the video providing extra tips and in-depth explanations to get you in your way!

Candle Making for Beginners | Sophie Hannah

Not solely is that this video easy to follow, however you’ll additionally get detailed steps that are made for beginners. Learn how to prep the molds, soften and pour the wax, and the way to complete your candles.

Now you’ve got the tips and instruments to get began in your candle-making adventure!

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