10 Filling DIY Snack Mixes for Weight Loss

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Snacking has come to have a fairly bad rap. Mostly since it has become synonymous with sweets and unhealthy eating. People snack out of convenience, which makes chips, cookies and pastries common go-to’s. However, making your personal snack combine is one of many best methods to make sure your snacks are wholesome and nutritious. DIY snack mixes, made with nuts, seeds, and dried fruits are loaded with wholesome fats, antioxidants, protein and fibre to maintain you satisfied and assist you lose weight. Take a glance at our favorite homemade recipes below!

4 Ways to Make DIY Snack Mixes Healthier

1. Add Nuts

Nuts are packed with protein and are additionally a good supply of wholesome fat. They’re loaded with antioxidants, together with polyphenols that may fight oxidative stress by neutralizing free radicals. And though they’re considered excessive in calories, they can actually assist you lose weight since they’re excessive in protein and fibre and make you really feel full for longer.

2. Don’t Forget Seeds

They could additionally be small, however seeds are wholesome little powerhouses that pack a serious dietary punch. They’re excessive in protein, iron and magnesium, together with an array of different dietary vitamins and minerals. They’re a good supply of plant-based, wholesome fat and are additionally excessive in antioxidants and fibre.

3. Opt for Sun Dried Fruit

Since it’s excessive in sugar, dried fruit is a good way to spice up your low blood sugar after an intense workout. Just watch out when picking the dried fruit for your snack mix. Look for solar dried fruit that isn’t coated in sugar and is unsulfured for the healthiest choice.

4. Choose Dark Chocolate

There are loads of packaged snack mixes that contain white and milk chocolate, that are each tremendous excessive in sugar and calories. Dark chocolate, on the opposite hand, is a highly effective supply of antioxidants and wealthy in minerals like iron, magnesium and zinc. Although it’s nonetheless excessive in energy and ought to be kept to about 1 ounce per day, darkish chocolate may additionally play a role in controlling appetite, which can assist with weight loss. Be certain to decide on 70% cacao or higher for the most benefits.

10 DIY Snack Mixes for Weight Loss

1. Healthy Trail Mix | The Healthy Maven

This combine features a good mixture of wholesome ingredients together with uncooked pecans and cashews, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and unsweetened cherries and raisins. It additionally contains 82% darkish chocolate, together with sea salt, cinnamon and nutmeg. This combine is ideal to eat after excessive bodily activity, when you want energy, fast!

2. High Protein Trail Mix | Plant Based Cooking 

This excessive protein snack combine will assist keep you satisfied between meals so that you don’t blow your wholesome diet. It includes dry-roasted soy beans, pistachios and almonds, pumpkin seeds and freeze-dry berries. It additionally contains darkish chocolate oat clusters made with whole oats and cacao nibs.

3. Healthy Vegan Peanut Chex Mix | Veg Annie 

This combine is the perfect sweet, salty and nutty mixture that’s certain to please! It’s gluten-free, oil-free, low-fat and sugar-free, however so scrumptious that you’d by no means be able to tell! It contains rice Chex, mini pretzels and peanuts, covered in a wholesome peanut mixture, perfect for a noon snack or get together.

4. Popcorn Trail Mix | Good Life Eats

Air-popped, lightly seasoned popcorn is a wholesome snack and works good in a snack mix. It’s a excessive fibre whole grain that’s low in energy and can aid weight loss. Along with popcorn, this combine includes cinnamon, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, unsalted almonds, and dried cranberries and apricots. It’s crunchy, wholesome and delicious!

5. Superfood Snack Mix | Tastes Lovely

This superfood snack combine is loaded with antioxidants, plus contains wholesome fats, protein, fibre and different nutrients. It’s good and candy due to the goji berries and mulberries, which contain antioxidants and body-healing properties. And with almonds, cashews and sunflower seeds, you’re getting tons of protein, dietary vitamins and minerals.

6. Homemade Chex Mix (Slow Cooker or Oven) | Just a Taste 

This wholesome homemade Chex combine can be made within the slow cooker or in your oven. It consists of some cereals, pretzels, walnuts and peanuts, together with a spice combine that contains paprika, garlic powder and worcheshire sauce. This one is certain to be a hit!

7. High Protein Trail Mix | Don’t Waste the Crumbs 

This homemade path combine is excessive in protein and the perfect mix of salty and sweet. It’s made with easy and wholesome ingredients together with almonds, cashews and peanuts, dried coconut, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries and chocolate chips (just make sure they’re darkish chocolate!).

8. Paleo Tiger Nut Trail Mix | All the Nourishing Things 

This is the perfect snack to tackle a road journey or to eat after a exercise or hike. It’s packed with resistant starch from tiger nuts, together with nourishing soaked and dried cashews and Brazil nuts. Resistant starch acts as meals for beneficial intestine bacteria, making tiger nuts good for your gut. The combine additionally contains dried cranberries, raisins and chocolate chunks.

9. Delish Healthy Snack Mix | How Sweet Eats 

This wholesome snack combine contains a bunch of flavourful ingredients, from banana chips and flaked coconut, to almonds, pecans, hemp hearts, chia seeds and more. It’s sweet, savoury and tremendous crunchy and there are many different textures too. It’s an ideal make-ahead snack that will keep you satisfied!

10. Healthy Cinnamon Popcorn Mix | Eating Richly 

If you’re searching for a substitute for your buttery popcorn at household film night, look no further. This cinnamon popcorn is candy but healthy. You get whole grains from the aired popcorn, protein and fibre from the pecans and vitamin C from the apples. Not to mention, antioxidants from the cinnamon. It’s additionally dairy free and vegan thanks to the coconut oil!

These DIY snack mixes are wholesome and delicious. Reach for them everytime you really feel the munchies approaching for a nutritious and weight conscious snack!

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