Stay Out of Debt and Avoid the Trap Set by 666

Religions love debt and those who are caught in it are desperate for help, so where do they go. It is an amazing thing that most of the debt counsellors and those prepared to help are religiously based. We think of St. Vincent de Paul, the Salvation Army, and so on. They are out there is assist and they generally do a good job. But the question is why do people fall into the trap set up by 666 in the first place. If you need to see where I am coming from Revelation 13:17 states that he runs the economy.

The question is who is he and how did he get to be in charge of the World Order? To explain that from my perspective is to know my background and how I came by the knowledge. To begin with I have memory of reincarnation and know that there is the Great Spirit of the Universe, who is the only real God.

Men have set up their own version of the Supreme Creator through the sun and moon, which are the celestial bodies most visible to us. The sun in all its glory added extra dimensions when its rays disperse through an object and the beautiful star of rainbow coloured moving rings appear. To the primitive and uneducated minds of ancestral humans this was an even greater god.

They called it Mary, which means ‘mother’s powerful eye’ and they made images of a woman based on it. They then through they could ‘marry’ Mary by rising up wards on the cross, which appears in the center of the star. From this beginning man’s progress into modern life began, but nothing could change regarding his ‘god’.

When Constantine established the Catholic Church in 325 he had to maintain the image or no one would have accepted it. He had the power, the means, and the cohorts to bring into effect tha new World Order based on what he laid down (Revelation 13:13-18). This included the economic system that uses coins or money to support trade.

The catch was always to make more than you spent by bartering and capitalising on other’s weakness. It remains the same today. To stay out of debt and avoid the trap then one should think before buying anything and check again whether or not it is necessary. Don’t sign contracts for things you knowingly cannot afford.

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