Chill Out When Filing Bankruptcy

While no one really wants to file for bankruptcy sometimes it’s necessary. To be successful in a bankruptcy filing attention to details is very important. When a bankruptcy attorney tells her client to do something, it’s not an option, just do it. A person should always pay close attention to what they receive in the mail. Typically, when a person is filing for bankruptcy, they might throwaway just about everything that comes in the mail. At that point in time there is no good news that comes in the mail. When a person is filing bankruptcy many times the court will send important information regarding their case. Not opening the mail can possibly cause damage to the case and even risk losing the bankruptcy discharge. There could be a document deficiency sent out that could be easily rectified, but because the mail is not opened it gets overlooked.

The bankruptcy filing isn’t completed overnight and an individual needs to be patient and just chill out. Just because the bankruptcy petition has been filed it doesn’t mean that it is over. The whole process takes 4 to 6 months to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy and around five years for a Chapter 13. Patience is necessary to make sure the individual doesn’t drive the bankruptcy attorney nuts. Coming up to a bankruptcy filing is a terrible time in one’s life. Most people feel the stress of financial failure. Some deal with it better than others, but many completely fall apart. The decision that leads to filing bankruptcy will usually take some time with many financial mistakes along the way. There are many emotions during this time and that’s why in most circumstances it’s best to be represented by a bankruptcy attorney. An experienced bankruptcy attorney will be able to calm the fears of the individual and fend off creditors that continue to harass the individual. After the bankruptcy petition is filed, the person needs to calm down and understand that they are under the power of the automatic stay. All financial attacks will stop and there is no longer any reason to worry about phone calls and letters.

The last thing is to be prepared. Organization is very important to have a successful bankruptcy discharge. For someone that is unorganized it is time to change. The bankruptcy court will require a list of documents to be submitted. They won’t accept a box of papers in no specific order. All the documentation should be organized and submitted in the proper order. Most of the time, a bankruptcy attorney will stop working on a person’s case that is unorganized. They will wait until they gather all the documentation to complete the bankruptcy petition and then file it. People need to remember, the faster they get all the information in, the faster the bankruptcy will be completed.

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